Saudi Arabia Says Iran ‘Unquestionably Sponsored’ Attack On Oil Facilities – NPR

Since my teenage years, and I am 65, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a thorn in the side of the world. I remember when they formed OPEC and then shut off the fuel supply to the United States. I remember standing in lines trying to get to my college classes type of hat the gas needed to get me there. They have been bad players from the beginning and they continue to be so. They are cruel to their people and let them live in poverty even though the royal family lives in luxury that most of us cannot even comprehend.

Let us not forget Mohammed bin Salman, the current Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of an American journalist, we will not forget khashoggi.

And so now in order to start a pot Saudi Arabia says that Iran definitely sponsored this attack on their oil facilities. Were they a name sponsor or just one that wanted to be in the credits? They can’t point to Iran as the launcher of the missiles because they were launched from Iraq granted Iran has a lot of reasons to do this to Saudi Arabia but it is not enough of a reason for us to jump into a war once again in the middle East and make more generations hate us well into the future.

this is hard for me to say because I really despise them haven’t but Trump is actually doing the more measured in response to this incident. we have oil reserves in the United States that are kept specifically for this kind of strategic need. Trust me the Saudi Arabian government is going to use all its wealth to rebuild a refined race. And in the meantime do United States is going to make some extra much-needed dollars on the foreign trade front.

The Saudi Arabians are well-known to say they will fight with a ran with the last American soldier’s blood.we have sent him so much in military prowess why aren’t they using it themselves? Why are they doing a proxy war in Yemen? Why do they want the United States to shed blood of our soldiers before they even put their toe into the pool?

The world right now is a tinderbox and resembles what history has shown us the world look like prior to Major Wars. I know I don’t have the appetite for a war and I am sure that the majority of the American people do not as well. If Benjamin netanyahu is actually taken out of office and Israel I see a little bit of the marched War slowing down because we might finally have a breath of fresh air from an election.


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Washington Post journalist Jamal khashoggi who was murdered by the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman

Trump vows to undo Obama’s climate agenda in appeal to oil sector – Reuters

If you could take all of the issues that I am 4 and find a candidate who is diametrically opposed to them then Donald Trump would be that abomination. Of course he’s all about making money and who cares who gets hurt even our planet. Even people who are in the energy business realize that it’s time for us to start looking at how to mitigate what we are doing to our planet. And yet this idiot who is running for president thinks that he wants to roll back all the good that President Obama has done over the last 8 years. It was not that long ago that Donald Trump said we needed to do something about climate change but now this self-serving as seems to want to kowtow to whatever special interest he can get money from. There goes the self funding of his campaign I guess.
That alone should be reason enough to want him defeated. But I have so many more reason for him to be defeated that Pikewood half used up my blogs allotment of storage to tell you about them.


Saudi Arabia cuts off relations with Iran, recalls diplomats in dispute over execution – LA Times

The Saudi regime seems to be in a self destruct mode. First it floods the market with cheap oil. Then it attacks Yemen and a Viet Nam style quagmire for themselves. And then this weekend they execute 47 people hoping that’s one of those 47 would be noticed. But he was one of the beloved and demons and repercussions are being felt throughout the Middle East.

Iranian demonstrators in Tehran on Sunday chant slogans during a protest denouncing the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent opposition Shiite cleric, in Saudi Arabia.

(Vahid Salemi / Associated Press)

Americans Choose the Environment Over Energy Development

It comes as no surprise to me that the American people are awakening to the effects that we are having on our planet. Climate change deniers keep saying that we don’t have enough power to make the changes happening these are cyclical. In fact it’s unprecedented then we have dug up so much of organic matter that has built up over the course of millenniums to burn in the last century and I think that this would cause problems. I’ve always said the American people are very smart and I believe that the GOP should watch out for these kind of opinions showing up at the polls.


April 13, 2015
by Andrew Dugan

Story Highlights

As gas prices fall, 49% say prefer environmental protection
39% say production of U.S. energy supplies is more important
Democrats more likely than Republicans to prioritize environment
WASHINGTON, D.C. — About half of Americans (49%) say that protection of environment should be given priority, even at the risk of limiting the amount of energy supplies, virtually unchanged from their sentiment last year. Fewer than four in 10 (39%) prioritize the development of U.S. energy supplies even if the environment suffers to some extent.

Energy Production vs. Environmental Protection

These results are based on Gallup’s 2015 Environment poll, conducted March 5-8. Another 11% of Americans had no opinion or could not choose between prioritizing energy or the environment.

The perceived trade-off between protecting the environment at the expense of accessing new energy sources has generated a great deal of debate in America for some time. The fight over the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport Canadian oil through the U.S. to refineries near the Gulf Coast, is only the latest example. Meanwhile many ongoing controversies — such as drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a fight that has been raging for decades, and proposed new rules limiting coal and oil-fired utility plant emissions — continue to flare partisan tempers with no mutually accepted resolution in sight.

Even as the plurality of Americans prefer environmental protection over development of U.S. energy supplies, the production of vital U.S. energy sources such as crude oil and liquid natural gas may this year hit a peak not observed since the 1970s, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts. The oil boom has likely contributed to the general fall in average gas price in the U.S., which currently stands at its lowest level since December 2010.

Perhaps because of lower gas prices, this year’s findings suggest that Americans have returned to their default position of picking environmental protection over energy development. Since 2001, when Gallup first began asking this question, and until March 2008 — just before the U.S. financial crisis — Americans generally favored environmental protection, and often by substantial margins. From 2009 until 2013, as the economy recovered from the Great Recession, the plurality of Americans often favored energy production. However, during that time period, in May 2010, as a damaged drilling rig leaked oil into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days, Americans strongly favored environmental protection.

Democrats More Likely Than Republicans to Favor Environmental Protection

As in previous years, Democrats strongly prioritize environmental protection (72%) over developing energy supplies (18%). Republicans are a near mirror image, with 27% prioritizing protection of the environment and 62% wanting instead to develop energy supplies. Independents are similar to the overall population, with 48% opting for environmental protection and 39% siding with energy development.

Environment vs. Energy Trade-Off, by Party Identification

Bottom Line

For the second year in a row, Americans are leaning more heavily in favor of protecting the environment than in developing energy supplies. President Barack Obama stepped into this debate by recently vetoing legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline, citing among several factors for his veto, environmental concerns. A majority of Americans say Obama is doing a “good job” of protecting the nation’s environment, suggesting this is an area of strength for the president.

But even as a plurality of Americans favor environmental protection over energy development, U.S. oil production is set to hit a 45-year high, benefitting many Americans in the form of lower gas prices. The process credited for much of this domestic oil production, hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is itself controversial, with just as many Americans favoring as opposing it. Generally, though, Gallup has seen a modest increase in economic confidence as gas prices have fallen, suggesting Americans are feeling real benefits from the drop in the cost of a tank of gas. But should gas prices increase substantially, Americans’ feelings on this issue could change.