Skeptics Urge Bevin To Show Proof Of Fraud Claims {Warning Of Corrosive Effects} – NPR

Since this blog only has four days left this may be my last time to say this. Republicans win by cheating. Whether it’s gerrymandering States into unrecognizable congressional districts or using tactics like voter voter suppression of voter ID or just like this loser’s claim that there is some sort of fraud. It’s amazing Republicans never say there’s any fraud when they win. Only seems to be fraud when Democrats win. Eventually this gets really old. This unlikable human being is going to cost the state of Kentucky money for a useless recanvass of the votes. He may even ask the Republican state legislature to intervene on his behalf. So far it seems that the Republican state legislature is not going to but again Republicans seem to like cheating. It’s how they win.


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Devon and Trump, two peas in a pod

AG Barr expands mysterious review into origin of Russia investigation – NBC News

Since we have a so-called billionaire currently occupying the White House I assume he’s going to pick up the bill for this wild goose chase. this is like the Benghazi thing. They pick up a bone is a bone that’s been eaten and chews on and is no longer viable but they keep chewing on it. We had seven, seven Benghazi investigations and they all came up with the same results. So now here we go looking for the as our President says “Oranges”of the investigation in Russia.

I don’t understand when someone accused of a crime publicly says it’s them why do we need to look any further? Putin gleefully in front of Trump said yes he had meddled in our elections in 2016 and he plans on doing it again in 2020. The ads from Russia on Facebook or paid for in rubles that’s the Russian currency.

I think we need an Inspector General investigation into William Barr. I think William Barr should be disbarred because he is not doing the work of the American people he’s doing the work of the current occupant of the White House. They are radicals and are dangerous and as far as close to fascist without having that moniker put on them.

The impeachment is coming and Trump knows it so he’s going to try to muddy the waters as much as possible but unfortunately for him this is clear as glass and it’s going to be a bad day for Trump when the impeachment in the house begins.


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CBS News poll finds majority of Americans and Democrats approve of impeachment inquiry against Trump – CBS News

One of my best friends, John, sent me this article with the words bravo in the email. John lives on the other side of the country but we text continuously and talk often. He is one of the more astute political observers I know. And his cat Sassy ain’t too shabby either.

People are criticizing the fact that the House of Representatives went away on break for 10 days. I understand why they’re doing it, the Jewish holidays started tonight and Columbus day is huge on the East Coast. I worry that the Republicans will lie their way into changing people’s opinion about the impeachment inquiry.

I don’t watch Fox News and don’t live in that bubble. But I did find out today was rather shocking. Out of the 596 shows that Hannity is done in the last three years he has talked about Hillary Clinton’s email server on 590. So the people indoctrinated by Fox News truly believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong even though she’s been investigated and investigated and investigated and they never found anything wrong. So today, Mike pompeo and his corrupt state department, put out a letter to former State Department employees who worked under Hillary and said that they need to testify regarding her email server and documents that were not secret but then later on were made Secret. This is kind of like minority report looking for crimes that will happen in the future.

I watched Giuliani on George Stephanopoulos show today and he just was spewing lie after lie and I’ve never seen anybody sweat so much. George Stephanopoulos was annoyed at him and at one point told him that it was his show and he needed to answer the questions that he was posing. Giuliani ever did.

This is obviously a corrupt White House storing stuff they don’t like on servers that are not appropriate for that use but this is a White House and doesn’t care. Is it a white house that doesn’t care about anyone who didn’t vote for them and that’s the majority of the country. Eric’s wife put out the map of the electoral college on Twitter today, I blocked her after that, and she said impeach this. what she fails to mention is that they lost the popular vote by 3 million people. That’s the only way the Republicans will ever get the White House and it’s through the electoral college which needs to be abolished.

I think the American people are smart and I think the American people we’ll see the corruption, public opinion will shift against Trump, just like during Watergate, or they will vote Trump out of office. I just worry that he won’t leave.


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Bizarre video of Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag while being seduced by Donald Trump resurfaces – The Independent

Just a little bit of a personal announcement, I got tickets to go to see Bill Maher live tomorrow. Is taping of real time should be very interesting.

On the subject of Bill Maher What he said about Rudy Giuliani and drag is too funny. he said Rudy in drag once is Halloween, twice it’s funny three times it’s a fetish.

This video was shot in 2000 wow Giuliani was supposedly America’s mayor. And now he has come full circle and is the clown that even Republicans are now moving away from.

Rudy giuliani’s last interview of the Atlantic is mesmerizing. He says how can the whistleblower be a hero when he is the hero in this story. A hero that Commits crimes for a sitting president is no hero in my eyes.

Giuliani is going to regret the day he met Donald Trump. Donald Trump destroys everything he touches and Giuliani is not immune.


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Trump’s Use of Pentagon Money for Border Wall Threatens Defense – Bloomberg

I am a firm believer in a non-dystopian future. Maybe that’s because I was raised on the likes of Star Trek. My parents always had a glass-half-full attitude about life and the future. I inherited that and for that I cannot be any more grateful to them. I say this because I am of the belief that sometime, and not too distant future, maybe 5 to 10 years from now, we will find out why Trump, and the Republican party fail under the grips of the Russians. On paper it makes absolutely no sense. Well Trump is a grifter so he’ll follow the money but the GOP? They have abandoned America first for this strange mish-mosh of fake nationalism coupled with oligarch threads running through them. Case in point they give a giant tax cut to the rich and leave the poor in our nation wanting for even more. Cutting back food stamps is there first step in cutting back on the deficit that they grew because of the tax cut to the rich. They will go after Medicare, medical or Medicaid depending on where you are and of course the Affordable Care act. Why does a party that is in theory voted in by people so anti people? I think the answer to that conundrum will come.

watching Trump divert billions of dollars from our military including construction at West Point, training AR military on use of advanced missile technology, Building bases throughout the world so that we can maintain a balance against Russia and China all seems to be the opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for and yet here we are.


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A clear and present danger to the defense budget.

Photographer: Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Nunes campaign drops lawsuit against constituents who accused him of being a ‘fake farmer’ – TheHill

The irony of it all. The Republicans that relish having dark money so they can use it like a trojan horse to confuse the electorate is now crying foul, or in this case crying moo.

The Republicans who have used dark money since the horrendous citizens united supreme Court ruling are now upset because it’s being used against them. if there is one thing that has ruined our body politic its citizens united and it’s unlimited flow of dark money which confuses the electorate into voting for things that are not in their best interest. Devin Nunes loves dark money but now he’s complaining about it.

I remember when the Republican party were against frivolous lawsuits and yet here we have the co-chair of the intelligence committee in the house suing constituents and Powell’s on Twitter. Talk about frivolous lawsuits.

Do your job Devin Nunez and stop suing people left and right, if you did your job right nobody would be suing you.

And by the way you are a fake farmer.


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Screen grab from The Hill

Mike Pence staying at Trump golf resort in Ireland despite all meetings happening on other side of country – The Independent

How do you say drink the Kool-Aid in Russian? Will Mike Pence has and I think that you can kiss his political future. He looks like someone who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Each time you see him standing next to Trump he looks like he’s about to do her hostage video. if you really don’t like your job would it not be the right thing to do but to quit for the sake of your country? He is obviously doing nothing to tamp down Trump’s weirdnesses.

Also, Pence almost starved people in Indiana who are on food stamps and on any kind of assistance because of his fiscal conservative nature. And here we are in 2019 watching him fly back and forth at taxpayers expense to stay at Trump’s hotel. who is reimbursing the taxpayers for this unnecessary expense? We know that Mitch McConnell is never going to be investigating this President because he’s Moscow Mich. The Democrats are basically impotent because of the stonewalling tactics of this white house so here we go again no forthright investigations into this matter. we the taxpayers have to foot the bill because this president wants his failing properties to be noticed.

How do you say emoluments clause in Russian?


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This is how our allies see our sitting president. makes you long for the days that the worst thing that happened during the Obama administration was his wearing a beige suit.

Photo credit screenshot from The Independent

Ryugyong Hotel: The story of North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ – CNN

When my good friends John and Sassy told me about the tower of Doom I thought that it was a joke. We were considering places where our current PRESIDENT could go once he left office I suggested that moving to North Korea would be ideal since he already has such a great relationship with Kim Jong Un.they are writing love letters to each other and it seems that Melania doesn’t mind, so what a perfect place for him to move to!

Best of all in our plan is that there is already a great hotel for Trump to put his name on. It’s called by the media the Hotel of Doom.

I envision the tRUMP Ryugyong Hotel to be the final stake in the Trump Empire. Originally built in 1987 during the Cold War it was meant to be part of a festival that was in competition with the Seoul Olympics. It was never completed and over the years it remained and still is the tallest unoccupied structure on Earth at 105 stories. Think of all the gold that could be least over this building to make it into a true Trump monstrosity.

This is a story that has to have a happy ending for both Trump and his love in North Korea.


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Trump has not built single mile of new border wall since taking office – The Independent

Today’s news is filled with reports that Trump is furious that the border wall hasn’t even been started and he is scared that with the economy on a downward spiral this is going to be his one saving Grace. He actually told government officials to break the law to build the wall and he would pardon them. There are so many things to unpack in this one paragraph.

first the wall was supposed to be paid for by Mexico. Just as the tariffs were supposed to be paid for by China. Sound like a pattern here? The border wall is not the answer to our immigration problems. It’s not even a Band-Aid. The problem with our immigration issues right now is the fact that we have removed any funding to the Central American Statesthat are the reason that people are fleeing. We need to help their governments get themselves back on their feet and we will stop the flow. have you noticed there are not any Mexicans coming across the border because over the last 10 years, Mexico’s economy has flourished and now there’s no reason to go to a strange country to put food on your table.

The pardon power. I don’t think the founding fathers thought that we would ever have a president telling people to break the law and he or she would then pardon these people. this is ridiculous and if it had been something that President Obama even had mentioned in a private briefing with his own advisers the Republicans heads would have collectively exploded.This is illegal and should be a reason for impeachment.

The hypocrisy of the Republican party is becoming more and more clear. Mitch McConnell is truly Moscow Mitch and his blocking everything is putting our country at risk.

This is illegal and should be a reason for impeachment.

The hypocrisy of the Republican party is becoming more and more clear. Mitch McConnell is truly Moscow Mitch and his blocking everything is putting our country at risk.

Vote blue no matter who it is.


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The unfinished wall, this part was built under President Obama by the way.

Photo credit The Guardian

‘It’s devastating’. End of GM in Ohio town as Trump fails to bring back midwest jobs – The Guardian

Empty promises

That may be the lasting epithet of the Trump administration.

I watched in disbelief as he campaign in 2015 and 2016 promising to reverse the closures of American Auto manufacturing plants in the US. Never taking into consideration market factors. First Ford announced it will no longer be making automobiles but rather focusing on SUVs and trucks and slowly but surely General motors is following suit.

An effective president of the United States can help veer the ship of State towards a direction but cannot make sure turns. The president of the United States of America is not a king or a dictator. And yet Trump thinks that he is.

Today in a tweetstorm which is not exactly the words you want to say about the leader of the Free World, he ordered, yes ordered, companies to stop doing business with China.two major takeaways from this. One he’s not the king or dictator and to he’s ignoring the fact that we are like heroin addicts addicted to cheap Chinese consumer goods and ordering away is not going to change things.

A normal president of the United States goes to Congress and makes deals by President Obama did when he in 2008 saved Chrysler and GM from going under. Can you imagine the cataclysm that would have occurred if those two giants of industry had disappeared from our midst. Now market forces are taking over again and as much as I’m a GM guy I’m watching General motors make cars that people don’t want. And that saddens me.

We need a leader not a dictator and went a new president takes over I hope there is still enough of the American fabric left to stitch together because at this point I’m watching the dismantling of what I have known all my life and it frightens me.


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