Obama World lovefest for O’Rourke is growing – TheHill

if the Democrats are going to win the White House in 2020 they must be pragmatic. I think that Beto O’Rourke would fit the mold for a lot of those people who would be uncomfortable, maybe because of their racism, with a person of color at the top of the ticket. I would love to see Carmela Harris as president but I fear that she would polarize the right into Ville coming out in voting and Rose. I believe the right learned our lesson with President Obama and have now mobilized as a feverish voting Bloc. They don’t seem to have Trump fatigue, which baffles me. So yes, a young man, a Kennedy like like figure would be a great choice.

Very unscientific polls of Democrats on Twitter have him in the lead, they don’t work checks a lot of boxes for voters. He’s fully bilingual, he is an amazing speaker and most importantly he makes you feel good when you hear him. And he also tells the truth which would be such a refreshing difference from what we have right now in the White House.

During 2004 Democratic Convention I had some friends over watching the keynote speech by then Senator Obama. After we finished I said he’s going to be our president and everyone in the room started chuckling and told me I was delusional. For some reason, I get the same feeling from Beto O’Rourke.


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Beto O’Rourke, photo credit Esquire magazine

FACT CHECK: Was Obama Ranked ‘Worst President Since World War II’ in a New Poll? – Snopes

The hatred that the right has four former president Obama is unparalleled. They make up stories left and right trying to besmirch his Flawless record. Do you remember what was what it was like to have a President Who did not violate the constitution on a daily basis?

In fact, the poll shows, that Trump is the worst president we’ve had in the last 40 years. There is no doubt about that. There is empirical proof something that Trump supporters don’t believe in. They only want to believe in their truth.

The far-right lives in a bubble. It’s a bubble that believes fake news, fake polls but above all has come in pellucid hatred for President Obama. President Obama had eight years without a single scandal. Michelle Obama in an interview said that they have to be better than the other presidents because they were being judged buy a difference measure because they were African American. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have Donald Trump act like Barack Obama for one day. That’s not going to happen and that pivots to presidential Behavior he’s an impossibility in this demagogue that we call our president.


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Email snafu reveals White House outreach to Obama and Clinton alumni – POLITICO

First we have a President who doesn’t want to use security protocols on his phones and refuses to tweet on anything that has any kind of security on it. He says it’s too inconvenient.

And now the irony of ironies, White House emails coming out. An email scandal involving Trump? Oh you must mean Hillary Clinton? Know it is Trump, and Karma is truly something else.


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When it comes to selling President Donald Trump’s Iran strategy and other foreign policy initiatives, the White House has been blasting out its talking points to an uncharacteristically inclusive list of foreign policy heavyweights. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Inside Obama’s midterm campaign plans {and his plan not to energise Trump base} – POLITICO

Will President Obama energize the Democratic base or energize the Republicans that hate him so much. In my experience President Obama is the kind of guy who plays three-dimensional chess. He will choose which states he will go to and who you will endorse so that it does not bleed into those who have this weird hatred for him. President Obama kept us out of depression I wonder what it’s going to be like in 4 years after this inept Administration. So at the end of the day I believe the Democrats are going to have a wave election and President Obama will be unimportant reason for people to come out and vote.


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Barack Obama is determined not to become the foil that he can see President Donald Trump clearly wants, and resist being the face of the Resistance for his own party. | Martin Bureau/Getty Images ( From POLITICO)

Trump demanded Obama’s records. But he’s not releasing his own. – The Washington Post

Donald Trump’s hypocrisy is second to none. In 2012 he was the leading voice in criticizing Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns while running for president. Now that Donald Trump is running for president, he claims that because he’s on there that he is not allowed to release them. The IRS has said several times that there is no rule that says that someone under audit cannot release their tax returns. That coupled with the fact that Hillary just released her tax returns showing that she paid almost 35% of their income in taxes makes his claims even more unbelievable. What is Donald Trump hiding? Perhaps his checkbook may be as small as his hands.



President Obama takes on ‘Trumpism,’ reaches out to disaffected Republicans – MSNBC

It’s been a few hours since I saw President Obama give that amazing speech to the Democratic National Convention. The thing that I remember the most about the speech what’s the fact he made such a point of that we are a nation that can work together. No one man can do it all for us. His motto was yes we can and not yes he can. Trumpism is a disease that is spreading across the globe. Nationalist movements are appearing all over Europe Asia and anywhere that there are free elections. The rest of the world is under the Iron Fist of a dictator or group of dictators. I don’t want this for our country and I believe that Donald Trump will lead us down that path. You know today he made what was an outrageous request to the Russian hackers. Honestly if you were not running for president I think that he would have been visited by Homeland Security. Yet unlike the Republican convention the Democrats were yelling jail him. Maybe that’s why he’ll win but I don’t want to live in a country where that kind of rhetoric wins.

If you click on the link below you can watch Rachel Maddow discuss this with Republican strategists.



Melania Trump speech appears to plagiarize Michelle Obama – TheHill

One of my best friends, Andrew  Thomas, called me to tell me about this plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech. To be honest I’m not watching the Republican convention. I have low blood pressure and I want to keep it that way. That the Trump campaign did not run her speech through a plagiarism site makes no sense to me. Routinely every school teacher or professor in the United States runs their students work through anti plagiarizing software. It makes me and many others wonder whether or not Donald Trump wants to be or in actuality should be president.
Looking over other potential first lady speeches at their respective convention is the norm. But copying is not. Mrs. Trump has a life story that is different from most politicians wifes. Why she did not use that to her best advantage is beside me. Plagiarizing from someone that her husband has been villainizing is inexcusable. When asked by Matt Lauer earlier today about the speech on Donald Trump’s plane Melania said ” I read over the speech once but I wrote it with as little bit and help as possible so I’m good.” I did not realize she was friends with Michelle Obama who helped her on her speech if you are to believe Melania’s words. 

Both Trump and his wife should not be anywhere near the White House.



Trump vows to undo Obama’s climate agenda in appeal to oil sector – Reuters

If you could take all of the issues that I am 4 and find a candidate who is diametrically opposed to them then Donald Trump would be that abomination. Of course he’s all about making money and who cares who gets hurt even our planet. Even people who are in the energy business realize that it’s time for us to start looking at how to mitigate what we are doing to our planet. And yet this idiot who is running for president thinks that he wants to roll back all the good that President Obama has done over the last 8 years. It was not that long ago that Donald Trump said we needed to do something about climate change but now this self-serving as seems to want to kowtow to whatever special interest he can get money from. There goes the self funding of his campaign I guess.
That alone should be reason enough to want him defeated. But I have so many more reason for him to be defeated that Pikewood half used up my blogs allotment of storage to tell you about them.