Warren takes aim at Pence: He’s not a ‘decent’ man – TheHill

I beg to differ with vice president Joe Biden and his assessment of Mike Pence being a decent guy. Decent people do not point out groups of individuals for hatred and discrimination. under his regime in Indiana the lgbtqi community suffered greatly. He and his wife believe in trying to cure homosexuals from their homosexuality. That is absurd. It’s just a political ploy to give himself more power. He’s not a decent man and anyone who thinks he is is not worthy to be the President of the United States.

And this is something that seems to be forgotten by the media. When Chris Christie was fired from the Trump transition Mike Pence took over. Mike Pence was there and he said nothing about all the Russians that were running around the transition. He said nothing about the hundred and fifty Russians at the inaugural. He said nothing because he knew what was going on and he is just as crooked as Trump.


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This is not a decent man. Photo credit The Hill

Foxconn: It’s Not Building Wisconsin Factory Despite getting $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers

President Trump during the campaign said that the United States would be tired of all the winning that he would bring to the country. I am tired but it’s not because of the winning it’s because of all the losing. We put money out to these corporations and then one after the other day back down but keep the money. how about the carrier plant that he talked so much about when he was in transition. or the Ford factory, there’s no point in my going on and on.

He’s a terrible deal maker and everyone knows it except for him. Maybe he does know it and maybe Seth Meyers has something when he does that sticks about the small voice of insecurity in Trump’s head.

All I know is I’m tired of losing.



What a difference a year-and-a-half makes. Screenshot from my Google feed.

McCain’s inner circle planning on having Pence, not Trump, at funeral: report – TheHill

First and foremost I want to remember John McCain as the American hero he was. Captured in Vietnam and held for five years. He was offered a quick release by his captors because his father was an admiral but he said until his Conrad’s who had been captured were released as well he would not leave. He was tortured, beaten and brought to the edge of death more than once. I remember the day he came off the plane to a hero’s welcome. His body may have been broken but his Spirit was not.

To me John McCain has been fun enigma. His autobiography is called maverick and yet one here and against President Obama in 2008 he was anything but. He brought Sarah Palin to the four front and I believe that that has had a profound affect on our politics. He picked her the way Trump pics his nominees without knowing them. She was a long person for the job and she made a trump presidency more acceptable. So it’ll way I do blame cetera McCain for Trump.

Since Trump has been in office McCain has been a thorn in his side but an important votes like the tax plan he went along with the terrible ideals of this presidency. A tax plan that Republicans are walking back now because 1.5 trillion dollars would have easily paid for college for every single American who wants to go. And there would have been lots more left over from that. Instead we gave the rich a tax break and they are never going to spend the money. And the middle class has got a whopping $15 every two weeks in their paycheck!

In the end I wonder if Trump will be attending John McCain’s funeral. I hope not, he is a stain on our country and its institutions and should not be honored.


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Poll: Majority of Americans say they are not seeing change in paychecks due to tax cuts – The Hill

Surprise, surprise, $5 or $15 a paycheck is not making a big splash with voters. I bet you the millions that the billionaires are getting is making a huge splash. Senator Kennedy from Louisiana, a republican, said that the latest omnibus budget was Congress peeing down the leg of the voters. I will go one step further the only thing that’s going to trickle down from this tax cut to the average individual will be urine.

The Saint of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, coined the term trickle down economics. It did not work then it does not work now it will not work. Rich people keep every penny they get a tax cut they don’t spend it. They may buy a new house but it won’t make a blip in the economy. Poor and middle class individuals basically spent almost everything they get in their paycheck and when they get money it’s spent and it makes the economy grow. It’s why the Democrats always give the Republicans a great economy to ruin.


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Liberals pulverize Matt Lauer for not challenging Trump at presidential forum

I have a theory. In the lead up to the Commander in Chief forum Matt Lauer was being attacked by conservatives because of his work with the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is not a political entity. It does good work especially in Africa with people with AIDS. That Matt Lauer might have had some connection to the Clinton Foundation is not surprising. I give money to all kinds of charities and never think about how it would affect me in my work-life. So I do think that Matt Lauer was very hard on Hillary Clinton and very very easy on Donald Trump. He let Donald Trump’s lie after lie after lie slip by without once pushing back with the truth. Also the one hour format was ridiculous. By the time they sang The Star-Spangled Banner introduced the candidates there was perhaps 25 minutes on airtime for each candidate. And we’re supposed to make a decision on who is going to be our commander-in-chief in 25 minutes? I think this is something that should be done every four years but like everything it needs to be fixed since this was its first year. And yes Matt Lauer was way too easy on Donald Trump and spent 11 minutes of Hillary Clinton’s time on the emails.



At Alaska Republican Party picnic, some would rather not talk about Donald Trump – Alaska Dispatch News

From the state that literally spawned Sarah Palin comes news that they would rather not talk about Donald Trump at the Republican Party picnic. I wonder why the reluctance? Is it perhaps because of Donald Trump is embarrassing the Republican Party. Although you would think that Sarah Palin would have gotten that kind of emotion out of the way for them already. By the way, where is Sarah Palin? I remember how uncomfortable Donald Trump looked on stage with her when she endorse them way back when. But she hasn’t been around and was hey no show at the Republican National Convention.



Trump demanded Obama’s records. But he’s not releasing his own. – The Washington Post

Donald Trump’s hypocrisy is second to none. In 2012 he was the leading voice in criticizing Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns while running for president. Now that Donald Trump is running for president, he claims that because he’s on there that he is not allowed to release them. The IRS has said several times that there is no rule that says that someone under audit cannot release their tax returns. That coupled with the fact that Hillary just released her tax returns showing that she paid almost 35% of their income in taxes makes his claims even more unbelievable. What is Donald Trump hiding? Perhaps his checkbook may be as small as his hands.



Let’s narrow down which judges wouldn’t be demographically biased against Donald Trump – WashPost

Since Donald Trump is a narcissist he will think that anyone who is against him is biased. Read The Washington Post article below as they try to narrow down who could possibly not looked upon as biased by Donald Trump, the liar in Chief.


Paul Ryan not ready to endorse Donald Trump -CNN

Paul Ryan, a media whore, is making sure to milk the most press coverage out of this kabuki dance that he is doing with Donald Trump. I have no doubt that Paul Ryan will eventually endorse Trump. Paul Ryan is also looking at his future. He wants to run in 2020 if Trump loses. And he does not want to be looked upon as one of the architects of what could be a Monumental failure with Trump as the head of the Republican ticket. Paul Ryan is being a politician and that’s what he excels at and that’s about it.


Bernie Sanders choices for the Democratic platform committee proves he’s not a Democrat

There are few people that’s annoying me more than Cornel West. He attacks President Obama left and right even though he claims to be a African American activist. He calls every one brother and sister. That’s one of Bernie Sanders brilliant choices for the platform committee. Next comes James Zogby a pro-palestinian activist. He’s figuring out the best way for the Democrats to be defeated by alienating African Americans who support President Obama and the Jewish vote that supports Israel. I know platforms don’t have a lot of say on how the president elected on it behave. But this is going to be a great weapon for Trump to be using for the next 5 months. We might as well have a communist on the platform committee and just put some Nails into the coffin of the democratic chances to win the White House this year and for that matter the Senate. I think that Bernie Sanders is trying to destroy the Democratic Party from within. He is no Democrat
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