Trump disavows ‘send her back’ rally chant, many Republicans alarmed – Reuters

When the late John McCain was running against President Obama a woman in the audience asked him if President Obama was a Muslim and whether or not he had not been born in this country, John McCain rightfully said no ma’am he is not a Muslim he is a good Christian I don’t agree with all of his use but he’s a good man.

last night Trump lead the cheers of send her back. He started it in a tweet saying to send back people who are born in this country and are naturalized citizens. so his trying to disavow what happened last night is very much what a dictator would do or a character in 1984. Don’t believe your lying eyes is what they’re telling us.

My favorite was when Mitch McConnell was asked about his wife and he ignored the questionof how he would feel if someone would tell his wife to go back to Taiwan as she is also a naturalized citizen. He completely went the other way and said basically her Wikipedia page.

Republicans lie for a living. It’s the only way they win it’s by cheating. They turned John Kerry from a war hero to the Swift boat person that everybody now thinks of. They tried hard 2 bring down President Obama but they could not. Unfortunately the lies they told about Hillary Clinton stuck. it’s funny how the Clinton foundation did good and there is never been a single whisper that money went into other people’s pockets. On the other hand Eric Trump is being charged with stealing money from a non-profit cancer organization!


Believe your eyes and believe your ears and don’t let this avalanche of misinformation distract you, our democracy depends on it.


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Does this look like a man disavowing the chants of send her back?

Screenshot from Reuters News Service

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Why (the hell) is offshore drilling again banned in Florida? {Well, it’s a red state} –

Destroying the planet seems to be on his agenda. He’s trying to destroy our government and its system. He’s trying to destroy our values. And foremost he seems hell-bent on destroying the

I live in California, I also lived most of my life in Florida. Honestly, California has much more touristic value Onnit Shoreline than Florida does. And yet California drilling has been opened but Florida seems to be special to this hypocritical president.

One by one Republicans like Daryl I said today have said they’re not running for reelection. There are not running for reelection because they won’t win. This President is digging himself into a hole that’s going to be incredibly difficult to get out of.


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Hand in this photograph appears much larger than it is in reality.

Supreme Court Blocks Stricter Voting Rules in North Carolina – Wall Street Journal

On a day that’s Donald Trump filled the news media with Spam, this should have been the headline. Donald Trump could go flying to the Moon and back but he will not win if voting is not restricted by Republican laws aimed at minority communities. Even a supreme court with only eight members saw how long these voter ID laws are. This election is going to be won at The Ballot Box and not in Trump’s media extravaganzas.

Today was a day that will be more pivotal than Trump’s speech and trip because people will be able to vote against him.


North Carolina Governor Tries to Step Back From Bias Law – NYTimes

Way too little and way too late. If the governor of North Carolina thinks that he’s half measures are going to help his fate become whole again he is so wrong. The pressure will be kept on him and the legislature who voted in this terrible law that discriminates.


Cuomo Bans Most State Travel To NC Over Transgender Bathroom Bill«CBS

I have to disagree with the headline of this story. This is not just about transgender bathroom rights but about LGBTQ rights in North Carolina. I applaud Governor Cuomo for his courageous stance and hope other state leaders will follow his suit.


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#StandWithCharlotte — Don’t Give In to Hate!

What has taken place in North Carolina is a National Disgrace. I believe that this will hurt North Carolina much more than they expected. Gays are no longer villainized as they were 50 years ago. People everywhere have coworkers, friends and relatives who are part of the lgbtq community and play an important part in society. North Carolina will come to regret this.


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North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Based On a Total Lie

North Carolina lawmakers would be better off as members of the Spanish Inquisition. I hope they realize that corporations are going to be boycotting the state that relies heavily on convention business. These people are complete idiots and should not be leaders. And not to blame only the Republican party for this 12 Democrats voted for him also. How do you say they needed to cater to their constituency.

The governor of North Carolina whose name I will not post

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