Feinstein calls for hold on Kavanaugh consideration – TheHill

I keep hearing that the nomination and Confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees has become very polarizing. What I don’t hear is the fact that the Republican Party put oil on that partisan Fire by not even allowing a member of the Republican Senate to visit with Merrick Garland who was rightly nominated by President Obama. So calls for a Slowdown in this process and a rush to judgment to get this unfit nominee into a lifetime appointment is a travesty. The Senate used to be a place of allegiant consideration and now it is a thunder dome.

let’s take things slowly, it is a lifetime appointment and he is only 53 I don’t think waiting a few weeks for him to get on the Supreme Court is going to matter that much. First let’s start with an FBI investigation. Lying to the FBI is a crime. Ask that was already going to jail for lying to the FBI in the special council’s investigation of Russian collusion by the Trump for president campaign. Once we have a report by the FBI which to take no longer than a week or 10 days then we should have ordered and thoughtful hearings as to whether or not these allegations hold enough Merit to keep this man out of the Supreme Court. This is not a court of law. This does not have to be by no Reasonable Doubt. Ask Senator Al Franken about Reasonable Doubt.


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The battle to confirm Kavanaugh heats up with document fight -NBC News

Republicans only win when they cheat. And they are going to change the makeup of the Supreme Court for at least a generation because they cheated. George Bush did not win the election but his brother the governor of Florida make sure that he won and the republican-led Supreme Court gave him a victory when he lost the popular vote to vice president Al Gore. Donald Trump jr. Cheated by asking the Russians for help. It’s not collusion it’s just against the law because a foreign power can I help you in an election in America. So his Supreme Court nominations are fruit of the poisonous tree. 9 months before the election when Justice Scalia died unexpectedly Mitch McConnell decided that he would hold up the nomination of Judge Garland and again cheated. Now the cheating Republicans have nominated a right-wing idealog. Someone who thinks that the presidency has absolute power. Someone who thinks that minorities, immigrants, lgbtq community, and on and on and on do not deserve the backing of the justice system. So yes the Democrats put in the Supreme Court but unfortunately the cards are stacked against us very badly. We have two Democratic senators who are going to jump ship so even if the two Republican Senators who are not sure about this nomination vote with the Democratic Party it won’t be enough.


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Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Chairman Chuck Grassley, center, stand before empty boxes meant to represent more than one million pages of documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA

DNC headliners include Clintons, Sanders, Obamas but no Warren – NY Daily News

After being on the roster for a speech on Monday night of the Democratic National Convention comma Elizabeth Warren is no longer on the speaking list. I doubt it’s because she has lost favor with Hillary Clinton. I think it’s because Hillary is truly considering her to be named her vice presidential running mate.

I know there are pros and cons to Elizabeth Warren on the ticket. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. She will solidify the progressive side of the democratic party for Hillary. And let’s face it we need the women’s vote to come out inforce. Donald Trump picking Mike Pence as his VP makes things quite clear two women. You’re not our priority is being yelled at women from the Republican ticket, in fact we want control of your body is what they’re saying. Reading tea leaves is not my forte butt if one were to guess Elizabeth Warren is still in the running for VP.



Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VP – CNN 

On the surface Mike Pence may look like a reasonable man. Let’s let’s all think back to 2015 when Indiana passed the anti-gay legislation. He mishandled his role as governor of the state because he’s the governor of everyone. He allowed religion to go into places that it was never meant to go by our founding fathers. He is extremely religious and extremely anti-gay. But two White old man running as the Republican ticket is what is to be expected.



Hillary Clinton Wins California, Bolstering Claim to Nomination

Hillary Clinton’s win in California has cemented her nomination as president for the Democratic Party. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to think again. It’s time that we Unite and start defeating Donald Trump , a common enemy. President Obama needs to force Bernie Sanders hand by endorsing Hillary Clinton as soon as possible.
Congratulations man I’m secretary and our future president of the United States.


Hillary Clinton’s Road To The Nomination Was Paved By Other Women Who Ran : NPR

I will go one step further and say that every woman who decided that she was the equal of a man in every way shape and form has helped secretary Clinton become the nominee of the democratic party for president. In my mind Barbara Jordan stands out. Her incredible used of the spoken word and her gravitas made me at an early age wanting more women empower. I got to spend some time with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and she too formed how I see women in politics and how I prefer them to men.

Democrat Geraldine Ferraro waves from the podium after accepting the vice presidential nomination at the the Democratic National Convention in 1984.

Bernie Sanders acknowledges ‘narrow path’ to nomination | MSNBC

This is a preview of what Bernie Sanders will say in an exit interview. The path to his nomination is so narrow that it is an impossibility. I know that this is disappointing millions and millions of his supporters. I know exactly how they feel. I was there in 2008 and watched the death of a Thousand Cuts to the Hillary campaign. Now I hope that’s just as I did in 2008 the Sanders supporters will understand how important having Hillary Clinton in the white house will become once they hear what the Republicans have to offer. You know I heard Donald Trump say last week that he was in favor of letting transgender individuals go to the bathrooms of their choice and I think that’s about as much that he will give to the Progressive Movement as we’re going to hear from that man. He is not to be trusted, and we need a commander-in-chief not an Entertainer and chief.


Maryland Gov Hogan(R) To Consider Voting For Someone Else If Trump Gets Nomination«CBS

I think we all know who that other person will be. He’s a shrewd politician with a 61% approval rating in Maryland. And this is one of the many people that have said this or members of the Republican Party. I congratulate him on his good sense.

Republican Governor Hogan of Maryland

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