Mike Pompeo Gets Drawn Deeper—Way Deeper—Into the Ukraine Scandal – The Daily Beast

Being a member of the Trump administration is reminiscent of being an orchestra member on the Titanic. He takes people’s careers and sinks them. Case in point, Mike Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo had a respectable, for Republican, career end Congress. And that’s when he made his fatal error by tying himself to Trump. But let’s be honest you can’t force people to commit crimes. You have to have a toe in the water of larceny to commit a crime as big as the ones that are being committed in the name of Donald J Trump. I keep saying this over and over again but this movie has played before. Watergate took a lot of people down with Nixon. Two attorney generals went to jail, the White House lawyer famously went to jail, and a slew of other people now relegated to the annals of History also went to jail. we don’t seem to be in a send people to jail mode anymore. How come nobody went to jail after fleecing the United States of America during the great recession? There was a scandal back in the day that ended the savings and Loan institutions in our country and people went to jail.

So I’m not convinced that people are going to jail but obstruction of justice buy a lawyer like Pompeo is Big Time. He claims that he wanted to protect State Department officials but they are coming out of the woodwork in droves to testify against Trump. Some of them have actually resigned from decade-long careers in the state department in order to be unshackled and be able to testify.

The guy behind Mitch McConnell and all of those press conferences of Mitch McConnell’s Senator Thume set today that if what came out from yesterday’s testimony is correct it’s bad for Trump. Well it’s equally bad for Pompeo.


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Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice – Salon

Lying is but a gateway drug for Republican politicians. They then move on to cheating in elections, then violate people’s civil rights and the name of the party and finally help elect the worst president the country has ever had.

I’m 65 years old and I’m not a Democrat because I blindly follow the Democratic party but rather because I have seen the Republican party lie and cheat its way to power. Look the Democrats are not perfect but they certainly don’t fall down to the level that the Republicans do.

The GOP, the grand old party of Lincoln, Lincoln would not recognize it and would not want to be part of it. The scam artists that are the Republican hierarchy like Mitch McConnell make me want to puke. they don’t care about the country they care about their power base and getting enough money to get reelected and the only way they can do that when they are catering to just 1% of the population is to lie to the other 99%. And they’re very good at it. Look at the almighty Reagan that the Republicans seem to want to worship went behind President Jimmy Carter’s back and made a deal with Iran 2 release hostages that were being held. Nixon went behind the back of President Johnson and told the North Vietnamese that if they held on and did not work out a piece with President Johnson that he Nixon would give them a better deal. not only was that a betrayal of the American people and the number of young men and women who died but it was a lie because Nixon never came to the table to negotiate and we had to pull out like cowards from Vietnam. Leaving behind our allies to be tortured and killed and imprisoned.

Now we have the Kurds who we have abandoned for the second time. by the way the first time the cards were abandoned was also by a republican George Bush the first.

I hope that the impeachment of trump weakens him enough that he loses in a landslide in 2020 because if not we are going to be one sad country if it’s a close election.


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Chuck Todd’s Biden-Ukraine Take Shows Press Learned Nothing From Trump 2016 – Esquire

It’s rare that a national news anchor quivers or shows emotion in his or her voice when on the air. The time that I remembered the best was when Matt Lauer first realize what was happening on September 11th hand how his voice changed. I was living in France at the time but when Walter Cronkite announced the death of President Kennedy you got the same emotion in the voice. Today was one of those days. Chuck Todd sounded alarmed. Look, I have not been one of his biggest fans of late but he did his job today.

Yesterday at the end of my last blog post I jokingly asked China to find the 20 minutes of missing transcript from the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. Who you that Trump would ask China today, right in front of everyone to hear, 4 dirt on Joe Biden. I guess the no collusion no collusion while truck is out the window and now they’re going for the no quid pro quo. He’s colluding in plain sight.

Turns out this is a republican thing. Nixon contacted the North Vietnamese, the country we were at war with before the 1968 election and told them that if they stopped negotiating with President Johnson he would give them a better deal when he became president. At the same time the Soviet Union approached Hubert Humphrey who ran against Nixon in 1968 but Humphrey, a Democrat, went right to the FBI the way you’re supposed to act when a foreign country tries to get you to collude with them.

more cracks in the armor are appearing today. Judge Napolitano stood outside of Fox News and went through all the reasons why what Trump has done is not only impeachable but he should be removed from office, that’s on Fox News!

I had to go back to my Netflix pablum of shows because I can’t at this point watch too much of this stuff without it’s affecting me. My poor cats gets scared when I start screaming at the television like a mad men. but when you see the president of the United States betraying everything that you truly believe in it’s hard.

At the end of the day, I believe that Trump and his cohorts are Miss judging the American electorate. His use of profanity has to have an effect on moms who don’t want their kids growing up with a foul mouth. we all use profanity but he’s the president of the United States and has to be held to a higher standard. Young people are going to go out and vote this time because I really believe that they see an earth falling apart around them and they are angry at my generation and those that came before them for ruining the planet. I have hope as we all must have because without hope there’s no point and waking up the next morning.


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Senator King Suggests At Least 20 Minutes Are Missing From Trump Ukraine Call Transcript – Newsweek

I can’t be the only person wondering why this White House that has surpassed Nixon in stonewalling would voluntarily release this transcript. it’s like a little kid who only shows you a part of the mess they made hoping that when you find the rest of it you won’t be as angry.

Senator Angus King, who is an independent that caucuses with the Democrats did something very intelligent. He had his staff read the transcript in a normal voice and after repeated tries all they could come up with was 10 minutes but the actual phone call was 30 minutes long. Where are the other 20 minutes?

The performance today in the white house by this president was appalling. His use of profanity and his dismissiveness with reporters is tarnishing the office of the presidency. This kind of behavior may be okay with his red-headed sycophants but Independence, not so much. Soccer moms, not so much. I think he’s completely Miss judging the situation.

And he shows his ignorance every time he brings up treason. Treason only works if we’re at War and that the person helped the enemy. We’re in a somewhat cold war with the Russian federation so the person closest to having committed treason is actually Trump. But then again this president’s uses people 2 prop himself up. He’s attacked people of color in Congress and Jews in Congress and he knows that his base eats it up because…

China if you’re listening, find the 20 minutes missing from this conversation and you will be rewarded by getting rid of this idiot and his tariffs.


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Screen capture from Newsweek

CBS News poll finds majority of Americans and Democrats approve of impeachment inquiry against Trump – CBS News

One of my best friends, John, sent me this article with the words bravo in the email. John lives on the other side of the country but we text continuously and talk often. He is one of the more astute political observers I know. And his cat Sassy ain’t too shabby either.

People are criticizing the fact that the House of Representatives went away on break for 10 days. I understand why they’re doing it, the Jewish holidays started tonight and Columbus day is huge on the East Coast. I worry that the Republicans will lie their way into changing people’s opinion about the impeachment inquiry.

I don’t watch Fox News and don’t live in that bubble. But I did find out today was rather shocking. Out of the 596 shows that Hannity is done in the last three years he has talked about Hillary Clinton’s email server on 590. So the people indoctrinated by Fox News truly believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong even though she’s been investigated and investigated and investigated and they never found anything wrong. So today, Mike pompeo and his corrupt state department, put out a letter to former State Department employees who worked under Hillary and said that they need to testify regarding her email server and documents that were not secret but then later on were made Secret. This is kind of like minority report looking for crimes that will happen in the future.

I watched Giuliani on George Stephanopoulos show today and he just was spewing lie after lie and I’ve never seen anybody sweat so much. George Stephanopoulos was annoyed at him and at one point told him that it was his show and he needed to answer the questions that he was posing. Giuliani ever did.

This is obviously a corrupt White House storing stuff they don’t like on servers that are not appropriate for that use but this is a White House and doesn’t care. Is it a white house that doesn’t care about anyone who didn’t vote for them and that’s the majority of the country. Eric’s wife put out the map of the electoral college on Twitter today, I blocked her after that, and she said impeach this. what she fails to mention is that they lost the popular vote by 3 million people. That’s the only way the Republicans will ever get the White House and it’s through the electoral college which needs to be abolished.

I think the American people are smart and I think the American people we’ll see the corruption, public opinion will shift against Trump, just like during Watergate, or they will vote Trump out of office. I just worry that he won’t leave.


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Polls show Trump approval rating softening among GOP, independents – TheHill

I bring up Watergate on my blog a lot. It’s the only thing that I have to compare to the craziness that we’re going through right now. The one thing that I can tell you for sure is that John Dean’s testimony caused the downfall of Nixon.

At the time of his testimony in front of the Watergate committee Nixon had approval ratings in the mid-forties. Sound familiar? Within a year his approval ratings plummeted to 21%. just like a rats jumping a sinking ship the GOP followed suit. So reading that the GOP and independent voters are starting to soften on Trump is very telling.

I watched the whole testimony of Michael Cohen today in front of the House oversight committee.what was fascinating to me and two other observers of the body politic is that as much as the GOP members of the committee attacked Michael Cohen they never defended Donald Trump. You would think that allegation after allegation that were flung to the committee members from Michael Collins testimony would have been at least given some window dressing of making an attempt to defend the leader of the GOP. But nobody did.

Look, I am more than aware that politicians are politicians and you can’t ask a lepard to shed their spots. to me the reason that President Clinton was never convicted by the Senate was because his approval ratings were soaring. That’s not the case anymore for Trump. It never was the case for Trump to be honest. He has had the worst approval ratings of any president in his first year in office. And even worse he’s had historically high disapproval ratings.

Do I think today was the wooden stake in his heart, no. But it’s the beginning and with a democratically LED house we are going to see more and more of these hearings chip away at the fake veneer of this presidency.


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Trendline amongst Republican voters on Trump’s approval. Screenshot from thehill.com