The new Post-ABC poll shows just how badly Donald Trump blew his convention – The Washington Post

This morning I saw Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, say that Independents are flocking to Trump, if this Washington Post/ABC News poll is to be believed, that is not the case. The problem for Trump is that the next few weeks people are going to be watching the Olympics and much of the coverage on television is going to be about the Olympics. This period allows people’s feelings to cement.

Interviews at his rallies shows that even his ardent supporters are starting to ask that he become more stable. The temperament issues is a very big thing with the American people and their leader. 3 months is a long time in politics but Trump is starting to fall quicker than anyone I’ve seen before.



NBC News has confirmed that Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick

A vice-presidential pick is someone that you’re going to have to spend at least until November with and hopefully 4 or 8 more years. A vice presidential pick has to be able to take over if you are unable to do your job as president. A vice-presidential pick should come from your heart. Hillary Clinton has made the decision that Tim Kaine is who she wants to run with and we should support her in every way in this decision. This is who is going to be her partner hopefully for the next 8 years and it needs to be someone she wants and not who would help her win or get her a state.

Congratulations to Tim Kaine and his family and on to the White House with the Clinton Kaine ticket

Fox News boss Roger Ailes ‘has resigned’ but network won’t confirm | Daily Mail Online

I hope the reports turned out to be true . This could not have happened to a more deserving man. He has single-handedly taken the fourth estate which was always there to make sure the other three branches of government did their job and turned it into nothing but Trash journalism looking for the highest ratings. I hope this is the beginning of the decline of Fox News because they don’t deserve the tagline “news” in their name.

40 million dollars for a man who has destroyed American Media, if not the media across the world for Generations. This tabloid journalism will eventually come to an end I hope, but until then it all rests on the fat shoulders of Roger Ailes.

Something else to mare the already despicable Republican National Convention crowning of Trump. I wonder if Fox News is being told not to make the announcement about Roger Ailes until after the convention so that there will be no distractions.


Explosions Rock Istanbul Airport, Multiple Deaths Reported -NBC NEWS 

Turkey is a very popular destination for Americans during this time of the year. If you have any family or friends that it were or is going to be visiting the area please make sure that they contact their family to tell them they’re ok.


Bernie Sanders Admits He’s Unlikely to Flip Superdelegates – NBC News

A glimpse of reality is streaming into the Sanders campaign. Super-delegates support someone because they were supported first period Senator Sanders has raised $1,000 this year for Democratic candidates. Hillary Clinton has raised 15 million dollars. Which one do you think super delegates are going to be choosing? A long time Democrats or one who’s in it to become president?


Daily News Editorial Board: Vote Hillary Clinton in N.Y. – NY Daily News

The New York daily news editorial board said it best:
Clinton’s proposals are shaped for the world in which we live, not the world in which we might wish to live. 
I cannot agree with them more.
I know it’s considered a tabloid, it is a Democratic party meaning tabloid which has a loud voice and how New Yorkers think.


Anger Boils at Jews-for-Bernie Sanders Event -Israel News

There are two takeaways here. One is that Bernie Sanders has made statements that no American politician running for president have ever said regarding Israel. Two the Israeli press and most likely the government do not want Bernie Sanders to be president. This is ironic, has Bernie is Jewish as I am.
Hillary Clinton would clearly be the right choice to ensure that Israel is protected and that a peace agreement would be fair to both sides.


Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton Not ‘Qualified’ to Be President – NBC News

This is what happens when desperation comes into a presidential campaign. And this is what happens when one is truly not a Democrat. So comma this is the logical turn of events for the Bernie Sanders campaign that is looking at one after the other big state losses. It’s red meat to his followers. I say followers and not supporters. Supporter understands issues and support someone for those reasons. A follower follows blindly.
Bernie Sanders is not qualified to judge whether or not someone should be president, just read his New York Daily News interview and you’ll see the man doesn’t even know what he’s talking about on issues that he claims are important to him. Like how do you break up JP Morgan Chase?

Photo credit NBC News