Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund – TheHill

I don’t wish harm on anyone. But I hope that the first responders who show up at Rand Paul’s home if it catches on fire have a long discussion as to whether or not there’s enough money in the budget to offset the cost of fighting his fire.first responders came to the World trade Center site without even a moment of hesitation about their well-being. And yet this supposed doctor doesn’t even want to give them the benefit of what they have earned in their service to our country.

Shame on Rand Paul.


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At President Trump’s hotel in New York, revenue went up this spring — thanks to a visit from big-spending Saudis – The Washington Post

The emoluments Clause of the Constitution prohibits this. It even says princes of foreign countries in it. How much clearer can it be? Donald Trump Jr andnd his family is in violation of the Constitution of the United States and for that reason alone should be impeached.

the only reason we know anything about this is that Trump does not own the hotel but only runs it, and I understand very badly for investors. In a letter to these investors the general manager wrote jubilantly how although the Saudi Prince did not stay at the hotel the Entourage did and this gave them a boost of 13% in the first quarter, a quarter which has been in the last 3 years a losing quarter for this hotel.


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Trump International Hotel in Manhattan is the one remaining Trump-branded hotel in New York. (Houdek Vladimir/Associated Press)

Trump Foundation ordered to cease fundraising in New York – POLITICO

I think that Donald Trump will be very sorry that he ran for president. All of the misdeeds that he has been able to hide because of his private citizen status are now coming out. He has run the Trump Foundation as if it were his own slush fund. I have worked and nonprofits for 90% of my adult life. The things he has done through the Trump Foundation are illegal. When you are working in a non-profit every penny has to be shown to be used to fulfill the mission of the nonprofit. I don’t think that buying himself Tim Tebow helmet fulfills the mission statement if there is one of the Trump Foundation. Paying off legal settlements does not fulfill the mission statement of the Trump Foundation if there is one. Donald Trump will be very sorry that he ran for president.



The notice says the Trump Foundation has 15 days to file the appropriate paperwork under state law. | AP Photo

New York attorney general opens ‘inquiry’ into Trump Foundation – POLITICO

Let’s quickly go through what we know about the Trump Foundation. Four or five of their supposed donations never reached the intended non-profit totaling $141,000. Donald Trump bought himself a 6-foot portrait and a $14,000 Tim Tebow helmet with Foundation funds. The foundation gave the Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi $25,000 and surprisingly she done decided not to pursue her investigation of the Trump University scandal. Trump has not put a penny into the foundation since 2008. Trump takes money from other people and then gives it away as if it is his. Why would the New York attorney general want to do an inquiry when there should actually be an investigation?

The Clinton Foundation saves lives. The Trump Foundation gives out bribes.


Shady Donald Trump. Photo credit Getty Images

Hillary Clinton wins New York Democratic primary, where is Sanders?

It was reported by MSNBC that after hearing he had lost Bernie Sanders flew to Burlington in his private jet without his press contingent. This has never happened before. He met with a very small group of Burlington reporters on the tarmac and said that he needed to think and would have something to say about the race in the future.


Hillary Clinton wins New York Democratic primary and How I felt in 2008

This is that night in 2008 that I was miserable. I did not want to believe it but Hillary Clinton had lost her bid for the nomination to become the president of the United States. In that same spirit I am asking Bernie Sanders and his supporters to come to that realization and support the only person that will make our future great. The Supreme Court hangs in the balance so does the House and Senate. Much of the complexion of our country will be decided in the next four years and we cannot let a demagogue like Donald Trump do the deciding.
So it’s time to stop the fighting and the name calling and to unite behind the person that will make our country truly great. And that person is Hillary Clinton.


Daily News Editorial Board: Vote Hillary Clinton in N.Y. – NY Daily News

The New York daily news editorial board said it best:
Clinton’s proposals are shaped for the world in which we live, not the world in which we might wish to live. 
I cannot agree with them more.
I know it’s considered a tabloid, it is a Democratic party meaning tabloid which has a loud voice and how New Yorkers think.


Hillary Clinton maintains big leads in New York’s looming primaries – The Washington Post

Ok, I am for Hillary Clinton and therefore dropped Donald Trump from the headline in the story above. That being said these numbers are really really good for Hillary’s chances in New York and Pennsylvania. And let’s be honest if she wins those two states she will have a clear path to the nomination. At this point Bernie Sanders would need to get 68% of the total vote or delegates to become the nominee. I hope these numbers hold up. I’ve said this a million times, one week in politics is like a year in real life.


The Arab Americans Behind Bernie Sanders in New York-Israel News Haaretz.com

Isreal is sending a loud message to Jewish  Americans on who to vote for, and its not for Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. Ironic as Bernie Sanders is the first jewish-american that has a shot at being president. But it seems like he’s Palestinian roots go deep and that doesn’t go well with Israel and its people, and for good reason. Palestinians want the destruction of Israel. In the article comma Palestinian Sanders supporters are whipping up the crowd into a frenzy.

Photo credit AP

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