A Night at the Garden – Documentary

We live in the comfort of thinking that this kind of atrocity happens in other places. Yet in 1939, in New York City, in Madison Square Garden a pro-Nazi rally happened.

To me watching this documentary what is most chilling is that it looks just like one of the Trump make America great again rallies. We forget the roots of make America great again War in the civil War and then the renowned anti-semite Charles Lindbergh used it as his platform. Jews were dying, Gays were dying, and Americans were cheering.

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Screenshot from documentary Night at the Garden

Recidivism Watch: Trump’s claim attributing New York City crime decline to Giuliani’s policies – The Washington Post

Another pants on fire lie by Donald Trump. Facts seem to get in the way of his rhetoric. New York is currently enjoying one of the lowest crime rates in its history. Stop and frisk did nothing but divide the community. Donald Trump wants to divide us he’s done so from the first speech he made after coming down that ridiculous escalator.




Justin Trudeau first Canadian prime minister to attend Pride parade

I saw Hillary Clinton walking in New York Pride Parade in 2000 as First Lady. Now Justin Trudeau does the same thing in Canada. It’s amazing how the world has evolved in just my lifetime. When I came out if a gay bar opened with a door facing a street it was doomed to failure. Now I think we’ll see gay bars slowly disappearing has our self inposed apartheid is coming to an end. Congratulations to Secretary of State Clinton for taking that important step in acknowledging the gay community and to Justin Trudeau and the Canadian people for making the right choice. Now let’s hope the American people make the right choice with Hillary Clinton in the White House.


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Statue of Liberty being evacuated

NBC News has confirmed that the Statue of Liberty is being evacuated. There are no details as to why this evacuation is happening. And you to the high winds in the area helicopters are unable to fly near the Statue of Liberty right now.