Why (the hell) is offshore drilling again banned in Florida? {Well, it’s a red state} – washingtonpost.com

Destroying the planet seems to be on his agenda. He’s trying to destroy our government and its system. He’s trying to destroy our values. And foremost he seems hell-bent on destroying the

I live in California, I also lived most of my life in Florida. Honestly, California has much more touristic value Onnit Shoreline than Florida does. And yet California drilling has been opened but Florida seems to be special to this hypocritical president.

One by one Republicans like Daryl I said today have said they’re not running for reelection. There are not running for reelection because they won’t win. This President is digging himself into a hole that’s going to be incredibly difficult to get out of.


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Hand in this photograph appears much larger than it is in reality.

Whitman scorches Christie over Trump, prefers Hillary

To be very clear, I am watching her now on MSNBC and she supports John Kasich. But she says that if her choice was between donald Trump and Hillary Clinton she would vote for Hillary Clinton. She sees Donald Trump as a Nazi, and I don’t believe her criticism is too harsh.


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Report: Bridgegate indictments could come as early as next week | MSNBC

Although his polling amongst Republicans is in the lower single digits, Governor Chris Christie may point out the déficiences in the moral fabric of the Republican Party. Early reports say that he was involved from the onset with the bridge closings. These bridge closings were done to punish a mayor who did not support him in the gubernatorial election in New Jersey. This is how silly this is Governor Christie won in a landslide.