Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower – NBC News

You have to give credit to the Republicans for an amazing amount of chutzpah for putting Jim Jordan a man who knew that boys were being molested in the showers that he was in charge of the first impeachment committee. Jim Jordan is the guy who doesn’t wear a jacket and spouts nothing but lies and propaganda to get as much airtime for himself as possible. I believe the Democrats have limited the amount of time this blowhard will get but still anytime he gets isn’t insulted 177 young men that were molested. Shame on the Republicans and shame on #GymJordan .


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Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics of Saudi regime, U.S. charges – NBC News

A couple of things here.

I guess I may have been one of the people that was spied on. I have been very very critical of the crown Prince MBS who ordered the murder of Washington Post reporter an American resident khashoggi. This murder was allegedly greenlit by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is indicative of why the United States of America should not be in bed with Saudi Arabia. they no longer hold oil over our heads so why are we still so close to a regime that murders and tortures there citizenry. One can be stoned by the Saudi regime for being gay. I always thought being stoned was people throwing rocks at you. Nope that’s not it. They dig a pit they put you in it and they slowly lower weights on top of you slowly crushing you to death. This is the government that we are friendly with.

Sure governments, even friendly ones, spy on each other. But using spies within an organization like Twitter to get information on Americans, individual American citizens is beyond the pale.


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Rep. Katie Hill decries ‘dirtiest gutter politics I’ve seen’ in fiery farewell speech – NBC News

Kenny Heslep, Katie Hills estranged ex-husband, is the epitome of what is wrong with men. He was quite happy when he was included in the menage a trois but one things went dark instead of doing the manly thing he released naked pictures of his wife and her partner to the most vile right wing so-called media organizations on the internet.

Let’s be clear here, if she were a man she would not have had to resign. the hypocrisy of all of this is mind-blowing. We have a man in the oval Office who cheated on every one of his wives, cheat on his current wife after she had a baby with a pornstar and a Playboy model but that seems okay because of course he’s a manly man. I think he’s anything but that. He’s the kind of man who uses sex in a transactional manner, I called them Johns.

One of Katie Hills constituents said it best in an interview: “I’d rather have my congressperson “F”ing someone rather than “F”ing their constituents.”

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Top special ops Marine who fought with Kurds blasts Trump move in Syria as betrayal – NBC News

Betrayal seems to be in Trump’s blood. What else can you say about Sergeant Bone Spurs?

The commander and chief says that his Vietnam was fought in studio 54. How can people like General McMaster work with someone like him? I know they thought they were trying to help the country, but really?

When it helps him Trump thinks that everything is disposable. Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman, that got him through the Republican convention Trump said that it worked for his campaign for a short time and was not all that instrumental.

Michael Colin, his longtime attorney and fixer, easily disposed of and put away in jail.

Rudy Giuliani, on Friday he said that Giuliani was a fine attorney but did not answer whether or not he was still his attorney.

And now the Kurds. Calling Trump Putin’s puppet is an insult to all puppets. He gave Syria to Putin for Putin’s birthday. Today the Kurds were forced to Ally themselves with the Syrian butcher Al Asad and Russia in order to keep their families alive. But the betrayal is even greater than what we are hearing in the media. Turns out that two months ago Trump promised the Kurdish leaders that he would have their backs and not to turn to anyone else because he would always be there and the United States would be there. And here we are, the United States is not there for them and are named in the world has been soiled. Tens of thousands of Isis fighters and their families are now being released to the world. And what has this godless? He says it’s in order to pull back our troops and yet he sent the same day five thousand more troops to Saudi Arabia! This is going to be his downfall. The American people have their day-to-day lives to worry about but they also worried about their children’s safety and don’t want another nightmare like September 11th 2001. The behavior of this President may bring one down on us and I hope to the universe and does not happen.

One last thing, if the Kurds looked more like Scandinavians I don’t think Trump would have betrayed them so easily. Another example of white supremacist terrorism.


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Chaos in Syria, Washington after Trump call with Erdogan unleashed Turkish military – NBC News

We should be thankful that we don’t hear the words Al Qaeda, Isis or the caliphate much anymore. And you know who we should be grateful to? Our allies and our incredible men and women in the military. In one fell swoop the current occupant of the White House made it clear that America’s word that it will be there for you is no longer operative. I heard diplomats say that America’s handshake used to mean something but in the ear of trump it is valueless. Who do you think is the happiest about this? Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

We promised the Kurds a Kurdish Homeland and they fought on our side and died alongside our people. Now that we have a president who is more aligned with dictators than he is with his own military or state department we have left them to their own resources. What other Ally is going to believe the United States anymore? by the way if you think we’re getting new allies like the Turks or the Russians you are wrong because they are run by the same transactional kind of rulers and dictators that we have in Washington right now.

Trump is destroying our government from the inside and there is no other way to look at it. And, unlike Marco Rubio, I don’t think he’s joking.

They should change the name of the White House to Dictators R Us.


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CIA’s top lawyer made ‘criminal referral’ on whistleblower’s complaint about Trump conduct – NBC News

I think we’re going to hear a lot about John Mitchell. He was the attorney general for Richard Nixon and I think that William Barr is taking a lot of pages from Mitchell’s handbook. The problem with taking pages from his hand book is that it led John Mitchell directly to jail, then stop at go and did not have a get-out-of-jail card.

When the CIA Inspector General puts in the hands of the justice department a criminal referral and it’s put in somebody’s top drawer and locked that’s against the law. There needs to be an investigation, the justice department must at least look at it to see whether or not there are any valid reasons to pursue it. We know how this attorney general works and he works only for president Trump.

Maybe it’s my political bias but I remember Watergate a lot more than I remember President Clinton’s impeachment. Well, first well Watergate was going on I was in college and had time to follow it very closely whereas during the Clinton impeachment I had a full-time job and also ran one of the largest AIDS fundraisers in the country. My time was very much like my own. And perhaps that’s why I always refer back to Watergate has my template on how a president should not behave. That being said, what’s the current occupant of the White House is doing is outside anyone’s norms or or anyone’s experience with other presidents. Sure we’ve had corrupt presidents but this is corruption on a scale that has never been seen before. Our founding fathers, that the GOP seems so so in love with, had put in closet in our constitution specifically to make sure that foreign forces don’t have control over the president of the United States. They were worried that after the British lost in the Revolutionary War that the country would be divided into two parties, the English party and the French party. It didn’t work out like that. Our founding fathers did not want political parties but I think they should have thought a little bit more, it’s a human nature. It’s kind of like Lenin never considering that human greed would be the death of communism.

You know, this president has been yelling at the top of his lungs for the Democrats to grow a backbone. Well their backbone is fully formed and they are going after him and going for the jugular.


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Trump allies voice concerns about Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in Ukraine – NBC News

For somebody like me who doesn’t like President Trump Rudy Giuliani just makes my heart sing. Why in God’s name after all of the times this man has been on TV and has put his foot in his mouth if not other orifices they still tried him out each time there’s some sort of a crisis in the White House involving impeachment

The comedy shows have had a field day with Rudy Giuliani. He was never a great mayor of New York City and was fortunate, in a very tragic way, to be the mayor during 9/11. That was then this is now and now it’s time for him to go wherever loudmouth Republicans go to rest. He needs a nice home where his needs will be met. Just not home television every 5 minutes saying something stupider than he said 5 minutes before. He is not going to help this president and I think he may be the cause for the end of this presidency.

This is a White House that sent out its talking points about the Ukrainian phone call memo to the Democrats. After that they sent out another email to the Democrats asking them to ignore the original email. I keep saying this, but honestly, if this were being written buy a fiction novelist their editor would send it back saying it is too unbelievable.

Perhaps tomorrow will show Donald Trump that having acting everything’s is bad. Tomorrow the acting director of national intelligence will be I’m sure saying that he can’t say anything because the White House has ordered him that way but somebody should ask him about his hair piece oh, it’s horrible.


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Trump admits to discussing Biden in scrutinized talk with Ukrainian leader – NBC News

And the song begins…

First we heard “no collusion no collusion”

And now it’s “no quid pro quo”

His Maga hat-wearing supporters will think that he’s being a great statesman by using Latin in his statement. But in fact he’s already admitted to the crime. Why would he discuss Joe Biden eight times during a conversation with a foreign leader?

The silence coming from the Republican party on this is deafening. Where are they?

Trump is a mob boss running a corrupt organization bent on destroying this planet. he is counting on large donations from all the worst corporations on Earth so that he can get reelected. This is a man drunk on power. This is a man who thinks he can do anything in the oval Office. This is a man who has twisted norms so much that they’re no longer recognizable.

Don Corleone would be very proud.


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A shadow of himself. President Donald Trump arrives for a state dinner honoring the Australian Prime Minister at the White House on Sept. 20, 2019.

Zach Gibson / Getty Images

2 dead, several injured in shooting at crowded South Carolina bar – NBC News

Some rules to live by, and. to live longer.

Don’t go anywhere where liquor is served and you can bring guns.

Don’t go anywhere where they misspelled the word School in the name of the establishment.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’m making a joke of two people losing their lives. I am not. I am making a commentary on the fact that there are too many guns in our country and too many places where one can get wasted and bring a gun. Alcohol and guns is not a good mix. Have you ever watched a western ?

I just read that the NRA said that Congressman Beto O’Rourke was their best salesman for AR-15s. Let’s face it they are spitting in the wind right now. Colt the company that holds the patent for the AR-15 has decided no longer to build them for individual private use. The NRA is losing this battle quickly. I’m watching how public opinion is changing just as quickly as it changed for other issues that had been very controversial, like gay marriage.

I may be wrong, I hope not fear God, but I think this pendulum is about to swing really hard to the left. Even in entrenched Israeli politics Netanyahu was not able to scare the Israeli people into re-electing him. So I think that Trump knows this and that’s why the desperation of going to foreign leaders and basically blackmailing them into getting information on his opponent’s. His idiot or Court jester, Rudy Giuliani, goes to Ukraine and leans on the president of Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. Do you hear Democrats doing that? And why are Republicans not saying anything about it? Do they realize that the shoes going to be on the other foot soon and then they’re going to look even more hypocritical.

We need gun control just like Australia and New Zealand implemented. They haven’t had a mass shooting and there murder and suicide rates have gone down to historic lows. Come on America it’s time that we grow up and get rid of our gun toys.


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Attacks on crucial Saudi oil sites threaten to renew Gulf tensions – NBC News

If Trump and Kushner were not in bed with the Saudi Prince I would think that this may have been an attack orchestrated by the US. Overnight the United States became the largest reservoir of oil in the world. Prices of oil have gone up by 15% overnight. This is going to cripple the Saudi economy.

I don’t think that Iran had any reason to do an attack on the Saudis right now. The US was in talks to soften sanctions on Iran that Trump and post. Iran’s economy needs this influx of much-needed cash. But then of course Trump negotiates buy a tweet. It’s funny, for a man who campaigned saying that President Obama was too open about troop movements and the search, Trump seems to be an open book if you just follow him on Twitter. This is not a way for our government to be run but of course I think everybody in this country sees that. May we make it until 2021 and I hope he actually leaves office.


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