Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s mental health is now a “national and global emergency” – Salon

The old joke is “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV”.

Honestly I think do any of us need to be doctors or psychiatrist to see how Disturbed the present occupant of the White House is? I think the 59% who disapprove of trump also understand that he’s mentally ill. Calling him a narcissist is too easy. It goes deeper than that let’s think about a few of the signs. He’s lies over 10,000 times in public since taking office. His weird obsession with his daughter. The way he treats everyone from his cabinet members to the White House staff.  He destroys relationships whether it’s with his wives or with anyone within his inner circle. This is the guy that has the nuclear codes.

In his interview with George Stephanopoulos he said that the world doesn’t work that way and he’s right the world should not work with a man like him as president of the United States. The Secretary of States is called him a moron. His Chief of Staff told people he was an idiot. And this is what we have as the man leading our country. this is a scary time for America and all those people on the America first bandwagon need to get a hold of themselves and see what they have put in the White House.

Car sales are at recession levels. And they are always the canary in the coal mine. Next we’re going to start seeing unemployment start goingng up but will it be in time for the country to get rid of this scourge, I hope so.

It’s courageous people in the medical establishment to come out and say the things that this doctor has said but it needs to be said. 

My friends who are Trump supporters brush all of these kind of things away because in essence they like the fact that has a very rich people he has lowered their taxes. At Whose expense? One of those friends I had a friend who needed help in Florida and he asked me if I could help. I told him no. He was surprised because he lives in California. I explained in Florida there is no income tax, sales taxes are lowbut as each to be said. It’s funny, my friends who are Trump supporters brush all of these kind of things away because and that sucks they like the fact that as a very rich people he has Lord there taxes. Had who’s expense? Want of those friends had a friend who needed help in Florida and he asked me if I could help. I told him no. He was surprised because he lives in California. I explained and floor. They’re is no tax on the state, sales taxes are low and where did you think the money was going to come from. He had no answer and that’s the problem with the Republican Party, they have no answers.


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Dr. Bandy Lee; Donald Trump (AP/Yale/Salon)

Bill Clinton Boosts Democratic National Convention Night 2 Coverage – Variety

This is from the Associated Press:

RATINGS: Democrats had nearly 5 million more viewers Tuesday night than Republicans did for the corresponding night of their convention last week. That’s from the Nielsen company’s measurement of the six biggest commercial networks that showed the convention from 10 p.m. until its close. For a second straight night, CNN led the way with 5.93 million viewers, followed by NBC’s 5.28 million. After winning last week with the Republicans, Fox News was sixth and last.

The National Party conventions are infomercials. And the Democrats are winning the infomercial War. Let’s hope it translates into votes in November. Below is the article by variety about how Bill Clinton help boost the ratings on Tuesday night.



I took this picture before the California primary in late May in Inglewood California.

“John Oliver to The Repulican National Convention: Don’t Use Our Song [Last Week Tonight 7/25/2016]” – YouTube

The Republican National Convention was full of music. And most of it was not authorized by the musicians. John Oliver takes a look at the week that I call the “Travesty in Cleveland” and it’s musical low notes.


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Pam Bondi and Rick Scott will speak at GOP convention – Miami Herald

Oh how the once-mighty Republican Party Has Fallen. The Republican party of Donald Trump can’t even get media whores  to speak on primetime Network television. Some of the least popular people in the United States political scene will be speaking. That and a couple of has been football and basketball coaches. I am making plans not to watch the spectacle. Anna spectacle is exactly what it’s going to be.



George HW Bush’s Nat’l Security Adviser Endorses Hillary Clinton

When I hear Brent Scowcroft name I don’t usually think very positively about it. He’s a republican who had been always very partisan. And for him to endorse Hillary is quite a coup for the Clinton campaign. This is indicative of the stresses in the Republican party’s infrastructure. I think we’re going to see a lot more cracks showing as we get closer to November.


Sanders: ‘The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention’ – CNN

The caption at the top of the CNN article makes Bernie Sanders look more ridiculous than ever. It states that “Hillary Clinton will be clinching the Democratic nomination for president in the next few days”. And this man is talking about late July. Back a year ago when Bernie Sanders announce to run for president I had a good opinion of him. I have completely lost that opinion and now find them kind of reprehensible. Naming a Palestinian sympathizer to be put on the platform Committee of the Democratic National Convention was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’m sure you have your own moment when Bernie Sanders became untenable. Please feel free to share those in the comments section.


Trump’s national field director quits amid major staff changes – The Washington Post

Donald J Trump is tasting what happens when you don’t do your homework. He hired a bunch of rank amateurs to run a national campaign. For somebody who claims he’s a winner he certainly has not done a good job of showing it so far. Tricky Trump is losing to lying Ted Cruz and he hates it. So events that started about three weeks ago when Corey Lewandowski assaulted a reporter has come to this. Ted Cruz has had Trump in the crosshairs at all of the state conventions and has taken away what trunk considered wins and turned them into defeats.


Obama says Hillary Clinton emails did not endanger national security

This story was covered on the CBS Evening News tonight and I saw President Obama actually say this. That being said it was hard finding any news reports about it. He said this in an interview with Fox News which of course in its reporting on their website accidentally forgot to mention that part of the interview. Calling themselves Fox News is such a misnomer.
I am very proud that President Obama said that the investigation would eventually need to no problems for Hillary Clinton.


WH2008: Democrats National Polls by Date

On this day in 2008, President Obama was 3 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in the National polls. Compare that to today where Hillary Clinton is from 10 to 15 points ahead of Bernie Sanders depending on the poll.
A great place for Hillary Clinton to be right now.


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Ted Cruz tops GOP field for first time in new national poll – CNNPolitics.com

I wish this poll were correct. Unfortunately I’ve learned that these polls are sometimes outliers. A Democrat would have an easy task of beating a Cruz presidential candidate. First his personality is not one that makes you like him. Then you add in his extreme radical ideas and it creates a toxic mix of someone who is not meant to be President.


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