Senator King Suggests At Least 20 Minutes Are Missing From Trump Ukraine Call Transcript – Newsweek

I can’t be the only person wondering why this White House that has surpassed Nixon in stonewalling would voluntarily release this transcript. it’s like a little kid who only shows you a part of the mess they made hoping that when you find the rest of it you won’t be as angry.

Senator Angus King, who is an independent that caucuses with the Democrats did something very intelligent. He had his staff read the transcript in a normal voice and after repeated tries all they could come up with was 10 minutes but the actual phone call was 30 minutes long. Where are the other 20 minutes?

The performance today in the white house by this president was appalling. His use of profanity and his dismissiveness with reporters is tarnishing the office of the presidency. This kind of behavior may be okay with his red-headed sycophants but Independence, not so much. Soccer moms, not so much. I think he’s completely Miss judging the situation.

And he shows his ignorance every time he brings up treason. Treason only works if we’re at War and that the person helped the enemy. We’re in a somewhat cold war with the Russian federation so the person closest to having committed treason is actually Trump. But then again this president’s uses people 2 prop himself up. He’s attacked people of color in Congress and Jews in Congress and he knows that his base eats it up because…

China if you’re listening, find the 20 minutes missing from this conversation and you will be rewarded by getting rid of this idiot and his tariffs.


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Screen capture from Newsweek

Treasonous Trump Asks Russia to Hack Hillary’s Missing Emails – The Daily Beast

Donald Trump and his Antics are becoming dangerous for our national security. He is encouraging one of our foes to hack internal american email servers. Is this how he plans to run are foreign affairs by saying “hey Russia if you’re listening”. The FBI needs to start an investigation into treacherous Trump. When asked treasonous Trump said that he did not want Putin to stay out of the election. He said he wanted any help he could get from Putin.