Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will not run for president – POLITICO

I’ve been a resident of the city of Los Angeles for the last 18 years. so I seen a couple of mares come and go but not as good as Eric Garcetti. I have seen tangible changes in our city since he has become mayor. I think he would be a great president but I’m pleased that he’s remaining in Los Angeles as our mayor.

I watched Mayor Garcetti walk the picket lines and marches with our teachers and eventually he helped to broker the deal that ended the teacher strike and car are schools open and on a better path.


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Mayor Eric Garcetti, a fourth-generation Angeleno of Mexican-Italian-Jewish descent, had been edging toward a presidential run, using the midterm elections to launch a tightly choreographed play where he traveled the country | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

London’s newly-elected Muslim mayor says Trump ignorant about Islam – Videos – CBS News

There will always be exceptions. That has become the mantra for Donald Trump. Whether it’s tax increases or letting those he likes into the country. I hope the American people ask themselves who the hell is this man that we’re trying to put into the Oval Office? The new mayor of London hopes that Hillary Clinton trashes Donald Trump in the election. He said has never commented on foreign elections before, I guess there will always be exceptions.

Screenshot from CBS Evening News May 10th 2016

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins second term by an healthy margin

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s former chief of staff, is a great administrator. One term in office does not give him the opportunity to take on long term projects to fix the city. I think his second term is going to be a renaissance  for Chicago.