Elizabeth Warren in Los Angeles

On a day…The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the King of Israel.

The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the King of Israel.

On a day that the sitting president of the United States said that he was the second coming of God.

On a day that the president of the United States said that Jews were disloyal.

On a day when 37 psychiatrist came out to say that the sitting president of the United States is mentally ill.

I got to spend an hour with a breath of fresh air
The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the king of Israel.

On a day that the sitting president of the United States said that he was the second coming of God.

On a day that the president of the United States said that Jews were disloyal.

On a day when 37 psychiatrist came out to say that the sitting president of the United States is mentally ill.

I got to spend an hour with a breath of fresh air, Elizabeth Warren.

It was a hot and humid day in Los Angeles and yet I would estimate 4 to 5,000 people showed up at The shrine auditorium to see Senator Elizabeth Warren. When we got there at the line when around the building. The crowd was the first and filled with beautiful children. People were talking about politics, people were hopeful.

I’ve been to several of these things over the years and usually you have to listen to a lot of speakers before the main speaker comes out but this time it was different. We had one speaker and spoke both in English and Spanish and then she introduced Elizabeth Warren.

I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a woman but Elizabeth Warren made a point of introducing herself to us as a human being. I really came there to hear her policies and she did hit on some of them but it was mostly about her upbringing, her mom and how she got to this point in our life. She’s a fascinating woman and it was illuminating.

I don’t know why Democratic candidates of late are insistent on giving us all of these anecdotes about other people. I truly want to hear their plan and Elizabeth Warren is one of those people that I was hoping to hear more about a plan and less about our family life but I guess there’s a very long time ahead before the actual votes are counted and she will have her time to make her plans in person.

I wasn’t there as a Warren supporter, I will be supporting whomever the eventual nominee of the Democratic party. I was there because I wanted to find out more about Elizabeth Warren and see the person in real life
I wasn’t there as a Warren supporter, I will be supporting whomever the eventual nominee of the Democratic party. I was there because I wanted to find out more about Elizabeth Warren and see the person in real life

Being an event planner a couple of things need to be fixed. First there should have been a big screen television for those of us in the back to be able to see. We had positions close to the stage but gave them up so that others could be closed or who needed to sit. So it was difficult to see her from our vantage point. I don’t think they thought they would have that big a crowd because the Press Deus was pretty close up front which left very little room in front of it. And being on a riser it basically blocked out the view for the audience in the back. These are things that will be fixed. they were great at getting all of our details so they could follow up with us I’m sure for fundraising and further support.

Did she make me a Warren supporter? Not yet but she certainly made it easier for me to support her if she becomes the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

On a day where the current occupant of the White House put out crazy, this was a breath of fresh air so needed here in Los Angeles.


LA needs a better earthquake early warning alert – Curbed LA

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. I’m from Miami obviously a place that doesn’t have a lot of earthquakes. I have had be My Shake app on my phone which uses the sensors in your cell phone to give an early warning of an upcoming earthquake. Basically the idea is if all the phones in a given area starts shaking at the same time that’s an earthquake. It’s available on both iPhone and Android devices. all that being said I did not know that Los Angeles had its own alert system. turns out a half a million people did in the Los Angeles area and had it loaded up on their phones. The problem was that the threshold set to send out a warning was higher than what would have caused an early warning to the Los Angeles area on the 4th and 5th of July. look today I got six Amber alerts while driving so I understand why the city wanted to make sure that people did not get a lot of warnings about 4.0 earthquakes and below. Getting a lot of warnings makes people uninstall the app.

On the 4th I found out about the Los Angeles warning system and I installed it on my phone. They have been updating it every few hours since I installed it. I’m sure they’re tweaking it to make sure that what happened on the 4th and 5th of July 2019 is not repeated in the future. Earthquakes are weird, they’re not like hurricanes, something I’m very used to, they give him a warning and we don’t know that they’re coming so having an early-warning even 30 seconds would make life in an earthquake-prone area just a bit easier.

Hurricane Andrew in Miami on a Sunday in the middle of the night. On Saturday night I called a friend of mine and told him that we weren’t going out to the clubs at night instead we were going to go grocery shopping. He thought I was absolutely out of my mind. I spent $375 that they on food which was in today’s dollars maybe $1,000 worth. Turns out it was a great call because I had 10 friend stay with me for two weeks after the hurricane and we had food. so be assured that I have an earthquake preparedness kit here in my apartment. I have enough water, food and most importantly cat food to last a couple of weeks. I live in a new building and it’s rated at a 9.1 earthquake resistance but nothing is perfect. I also have earthquake insurance which is really inexpensive and anyone who does not have it should consider getting it now. It’s a state-run insurance that in my case cost about $100 a year. I just made $25,000 in coverage and also importantly $2,500 in expenses if I can’t live in my apartment after the earthquake. all this is just a way for me to be proactive and I hope that my readers Will follow My lead.


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Surface ruptures and offsets caused by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake are seen as the sun sets along State Route 178 between Ridgecrest and Trona California on June 6. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

6.4-magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California – NBC News

I live in a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles. I’m on the 11th floor and at about 10:36 a.m. things started shaking and they continued for what I estimate to be about a minute and a half. It’s funny that it could be felt more in downtown Los Angeles than in areas that were actually closer to the epicenter of the earthquake in the Mojave Desert.

My cat Guava was sitting next to me on my bed and I immediately decided that I would cover her with my body to shield her from any falling wall hangings. she was not all that happy about it but I think she understood what I was doing. my other cat went under the bed and I have a metal frame so I knew he was safe. My Vue is over downtown Los Angeles but I specifically look down at two pools. The building next door is a much larger building than mine and their pool is very crowded. people just scurried off of the pool as quickly as possible at I guess to check what had happened in their own apartments. They left everything behind which is rare.

I reported the quake to the “I felt it” site at the US geological Service.

I’ve called all of my friends and everybody is safe and for that I cannot be more grateful.


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Jussie Smollett Returns to ‘Empire’ Set After Posting Bail – Variety

This has not been a really illustrious time for the gay community. Here in Los Angeles we are rocked by two scandals involving high-profile gay leaders. The mayor of West Hollywood, John Duran, someone I consider a friend is under investigation for sexual harassment in the gay men’s chorus of Los Angeles. One of the butler’s that has been so instrumental in getting people elected with a progressive slats is also under investigation for two deaths that happened in his home under the circumstances that involved crystal meth. And now we have Jussie Smollett.

I am torn. Fox in the end what he has done is hurting everyone that has ever been the subject of a hate crime. Even the simple gear of being called faget on the street is in my opinion I hate crime. It’s on the same level as having the n-word thrown at an African-American. He used his celebrity to enrich himself. She already was in the cast of a successful show on Fox. He wasn’t happy with how much he got paid then that’s the job for his agent to resolve. Having said then a sag-aftra agents in the 80s I know exactly how this works and contracts need to be negotiated. But you ain’t what he did is inexcusable. I’m sorry he has hurt everyone who has ever been damaged by a hate crime.

He has played into the hands of the current occupants of the White House. Trump tweeted about this incident but seemed to completely ignore the fact that a white supremacist member of the coast guard wanted to kill Progressive media journalists. Trump says that the New York Times is the enemy of the people and he doesn’t understand that his words resonate with his cult like followers.


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Los Angeles Passes Law for New Businesses to Disclose Any Ties to NRA – Newsweek

I truly believe that living in Los Angeles is a privilege. When I moved here almost 20 years ago I was told that the city would eat me up. Instead the city has embraced me. Living in the city where people have the same mindset as you, for the most part, it’s magical.

So once again I’m so proud of our great City for standing up to the NRA. The NRA has become not only a purveyor of death and violence in our country but also a conduit of dirty money from foreign countries including Russia.

Can someone please explain to me why the NRA would be doing events in Russia. Russia does not allow gun ownership it never made sense.

Business in Los Angeles is also a privilege and if these companies wish to continue doing business here they need to start fussing up to how and why they are tied to the NRA.


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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will not run for president – POLITICO

I’ve been a resident of the city of Los Angeles for the last 18 years. so I seen a couple of mares come and go but not as good as Eric Garcetti. I have seen tangible changes in our city since he has become mayor. I think he would be a great president but I’m pleased that he’s remaining in Los Angeles as our mayor.

I watched Mayor Garcetti walk the picket lines and marches with our teachers and eventually he helped to broker the deal that ended the teacher strike and car are schools open and on a better path.


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Mayor Eric Garcetti, a fourth-generation Angeleno of Mexican-Italian-Jewish descent, had been edging toward a presidential run, using the midterm elections to launch a tightly choreographed play where he traveled the country | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

NRA says violent radicals are behind the March For Our Lives – PolitiFact

Los Angeles March for our lives, ©PolisciJunkee.com 2018

As you can tell from the pictures it was filled with violent political radicals, not.

If there are violent radicals in this fight it is truly the NRA.

You can click the link below and it will lead you to the fact checking of the claims by the NRA.

The NRA is full of lies and will do everything to hold their grip on power. They’re only grip on power is to have gun owners believing that we are out to get their guns. That’s not the intention here and it never has been. Sensible gun laws are necessary in any stable Society. Having background checks which can be gone around by going to a gun show is not having background checks. Not putting people who are on the no-fly list on background checks is not having background checks. Allowing military grade weapons on the streets of our country he’s not good policy. My first day in law school my constitutional law professor said something which I always will remember, he said a bad law makes all other laws weaker. Truth.

So yes I was at the March and it was a wonderful expression of love for our children and the future of our country. It was truly of March for our lives. I didn’t get to see the stage because I didn’t want to push in front of the young people who are really the ones putting this on and I was a supporter and almost an interloper so my picture show crowds but not the stage.

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Now I hear the pundits question whether or not we will be talking about this in 2 months I say what we talkin about it in two years, I say we talked about this for as long as it takes until this country is like Massachusetts. They have sensible gun laws and if we had the same laws across the country 27,000 people’s lives would be saved each year. That’s almost as many as died in car accidents and I bet you no one would be mad if we made laws that saved people in car accidents.

This was a great day, a historic day and one led by young people and I am so proud of them. They give me hope in a hopeless time. They give me joy in a joyless your last time. They speak truth when truth is spoken by our leaders.

Bravo to the young people that organized this wonderful event.

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Mild earthquake felt in downtown Los Angeles

At 1:04 a.m. on June 10th 2016 a mild earthquake took place. It lasted about 30 seconds. My building is built on rollers but the windows creaked and dishes rattled and my animals were freaked.
I subscribe to an earthquake notification service which then reported that the earthquake was felt across the region. Below is the map of the earthquake zone.