Facebook is a ‘living, breathing crime scene,’ says one former tech insider – NBC News

My friends, family and my regular readers know I’m no conspiracy theorist. But a conspiracy theorist works on evidence that is at best sketchy. Here we are in 2018 knowing that Facebook took ads against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign and was paid for these ads in Rubles. Rubles are the Russian currency and because of sanctions against Russia for its meddling and annexation of Crimea there are major restrictions about the use of that currency. Not being said I can understand how Facebook can look at us straight in the eyes and claim they had no idea this was from Russia.

Yes, Facebook is an active and living crime scene. I believe that it’s current PR campaign claiming that it plans to reduce the number of paid ads and increase the number of postings from friends and family is just a knee-jerk reaction to what they knew was going to be coming out in the media. This information is damning and we as Facebook, and former Facebook users, need to speak out to our Representatives about this. Yes Facebook has a quarter of the world’s population and its ecology but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be brought down.


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Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of make believe – Salon.com

The first interview I saw of her after becoming campaign chairman for Donald Trump was on Chris Matthews Hardball. The outrage from that interview has caused Chris Matthews ratings to plummet. Right out of the gate she started lying and hasn’t ever stop lying weather it’s July to make Donald Trump look good or to lie to make Hillary Clinton look bad. I know PR and PR makes people see the best of what the pr people AR promoting. It’s why the first thing someone does when he or she screws up is they hire a PR firm.

Miss Conway is not a PR person. She is a propagandist and one with an evil agenda. She knows she’s lying and she repeats it over and over again. It’s what has become the norm with politicians who are on the wrong side of an issue. I watched her say that Donald Trump does not insult people. Was she in a coma during the primaries? She says she’s not interested in talking about Hillary’s health, and yet she does so in a new window over and over. She’s a perfect match for Donald Trump and that cabal that he’s put together as a campaign. Lord, I look with Nostalgia at the days of Paul Manafort. Kellyanne Conway is a con man. She is the one who said there would be a softening of Trump’s immigration policies.  In fact there has been no softening or hardening. He is just repeating the policies that President Obama has been carrying out the last 8 years. Donald Trump is a con man and he hires con people around him. Maybe after the election they can start a circus.