Stormy Daniels, Trump and the power of telling the truth – NBC News

Stephanie Clifford also known as Stormy Daniels along with her attorney, Michael Avenatti, May well be the Catalyst that causes the Trump ship to sink. I wasn’t of this opinion right away. I thought Playboy model Karen McDougal was more believable in her interview with Anderson Cooper than was Stormy Daniels. But both women need to be given credit because dare truth was absolutely the truth. At the end of the day everything they both have said about their dealings with Trump have been corroborated by multiple individuals.

with Trump we’re dealing with an individual who thinks he and he alone is above the law. This was something that was clear from the time he tried to get out of going to Vietnam for the lame reason that he had bone spurs. And through his history as a failed developer he cheated his way through every business deal. He’s a cheat and got into the White House by cheating and now the American people know that. What to me was more important than anything that happened this week was the interview with the juror in the Paul manafort case that wanted Paul manafort to be innocent but said that he wasn’t and the evidence was overwhelming. She confessed to wear a make America great again hat to the courthouse. But she left her hat in the car and brought her citizenship into the courtroom. I believe this is giving a lot of people out there validation and the ability to walk away from Trump and his lies.


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The story of Stormy Daniels is in some ways the ultimate American affirmation of the underdog.Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call via AP file

Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen’s mystery client – NBC News

After all of the news about what Michael Cohen has done for his other two clients I have to wonder what Sean Hannity has had to pay 4 Michael Kong to fix. Michael Cohen is a fixer and not an attorney in the way that you and I think of an attorney. It’s more like an attorney in The Godfather. He threatens people and he does underhanded deals that hide information from the public. Case in point all of the non-disclosure agreements with people who have had relationships with the current occupant of the White House. Or the RNC Finance chair who had to have an abortion with a young lady he had sexual relations with. This is the classic Family Values party that the Republicans have been counting all these years. Affairs with pornstars and Playboy bunnies and abortions left and right.

Sean Hannity is not a reporter. Sean Hannity is a pundit who’s relationship with the truth what’s only when it’s convenient for him. But Fox News sells him as a reporter and let’s be honest here he is in the back pocket of the present occupant of the White House and as such should not be making news programming.

What has Sean Hannity paid Michael corn to hide? Affairs with Playboy bunnies or Pawn Stars? Abortions? This is the family values Republican Party of 2018 and they should be ashamed of themselves.


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NRA says violent radicals are behind the March For Our Lives – PolitiFact

Los Angeles March for our lives, © 2018

As you can tell from the pictures it was filled with violent political radicals, not.

If there are violent radicals in this fight it is truly the NRA.

You can click the link below and it will lead you to the fact checking of the claims by the NRA.

The NRA is full of lies and will do everything to hold their grip on power. They’re only grip on power is to have gun owners believing that we are out to get their guns. That’s not the intention here and it never has been. Sensible gun laws are necessary in any stable Society. Having background checks which can be gone around by going to a gun show is not having background checks. Not putting people who are on the no-fly list on background checks is not having background checks. Allowing military grade weapons on the streets of our country he’s not good policy. My first day in law school my constitutional law professor said something which I always will remember, he said a bad law makes all other laws weaker. Truth.

So yes I was at the March and it was a wonderful expression of love for our children and the future of our country. It was truly of March for our lives. I didn’t get to see the stage because I didn’t want to push in front of the young people who are really the ones putting this on and I was a supporter and almost an interloper so my picture show crowds but not the stage.

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Now I hear the pundits question whether or not we will be talking about this in 2 months I say what we talkin about it in two years, I say we talked about this for as long as it takes until this country is like Massachusetts. They have sensible gun laws and if we had the same laws across the country 27,000 people’s lives would be saved each year. That’s almost as many as died in car accidents and I bet you no one would be mad if we made laws that saved people in car accidents.

This was a great day, a historic day and one led by young people and I am so proud of them. They give me hope in a hopeless time. They give me joy in a joyless your last time. They speak truth when truth is spoken by our leaders.

Bravo to the young people that organized this wonderful event.

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ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about Calif. immigrant arrests – The Washington Post

I have been on this planet almost 64 years. I have seen lots and lots of administrations come and go. But I’ve never seen one that lies to the American people this way. It’s continuous it’s never-ending and it comes from every branch of the administration. I am so tired of hearing about the lies that this White House puts out every day through its so-called press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And now has a resident of California I am absolutely Furious about the fact that they’ve been lying about undocumented criminals in our state. This has prompted the resignation of their spokesperson at ICE because he could not keep putting out these lies. Enough is enough this is a treasonous Administration that counts house to Russia and now we need to get rid of them. I have not said the impeachment word in my blog yet but I’m ready to say that now.


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These are the kind of people that Trump appoints to his administration. ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan is seen at the agency’s Washington headquarters in 2017. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post file)

15 Years of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights – The Daily Beast

Michael Daly, the author of this article, was a crime reporter for the last 30 years in New York City. When he heard during the primary heard that Donald Trump said he had lost hundreds of friends on 9/11, he was a bit perplexed. All the wakes and funerals that he had been to he had never heard Donald Trump’s name in reference to a friendship or even an acquaintance ship of any of the deceased. When Donald Trump ran for president Michael Daly called the Trump campaign and asked if they could provide one name of one of Donald Trump’s friends who have passed away on 9/11. Of all the despicable things that Donald Trump has said, and there are so many of those, this may be the most egregious. To lie about knowing people who have passed away in the greatest tragedy that has hit the American mainland is beyond despicable. So 15 years later we have two candidates running for president. One who is New York senator work with New York City in a bipartisan matter to rebuild the city and help its First Responders and the victims of this terrible crime. The other Donald Trump is a real estate developer who seems to care more about making himself look bigger than the truth.  In my mind it’s an easy decision on whom to back.

There is one thing one does not do and that’s lying about people who died on that day. I hope you will click on the link below and read Mr. Daly’s article in commemoration of 9/11.



Fact check: Trump’s attack on Clinton’s character – USA TODAY

For the last few weeks I have been using the hashtag Trump lies matter, in this article Trump lies revealed.
Everything he said about Hillary in his “Crooked Hillary ” speech is a lie. Step by step USA Today takes Trump apart. Everything he said about Hillary was a lie, pants on fire lie,
Donald Trump wants to repeat Lies over and over again until they become the truth. We must make sure that our friends and family know that these are lies and articles like this one and USA Today is great ammunition for us.


Warren Buffett, in Annual Letter, Rejects Candidates’ Message of U.S. Decline –

All semblance of political discourse on the Republican Party presidential campaign circuit has disappeared. They never mentioned the economy and if they do they do so in a nebulous way that says America is not ours anymore. Their dog whistle politics has come to an end as I believe the American people are coming to their senses about what’s happening. Donald Trump will not ever be the president of the United States.


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Jeb Bush says he misspoke when he characterized himself as Hispanic

This takes flip flopping to the next level. Maybe next he’ll have been on the plane with Brian Williams when it crashed in Iraq. I know my background and I am proud of my heritage. I would never say that I were Hispanic in order to garner favor.
There is a trend with Republican presidential nominees. Senatof McCain called his own autobiography “Maverick” and when he ran for President he was anything but. I don’t have a super computer or I would give you all the examples of shifting sands in the political views of Governor Romney. But a few examples to pop up, he was for and signed the bill for Romneycare in Massachusetts but was against the Affordable Care Act. He was the first governor to sign marriage equality at, yet inexplicably here he devolved and was against marriage equality. Like I said there’s a pattern. It used to be first they were for it than they were against it. I guess now Jeb Bush was first Hispanic and now he’s not. Barbara Bush said it best, we have had enough Bushes in the White House. And as far as I am concerned the onl bushes that should be the White House to be in the gardens.