Sanders: Trump ‘didn’t lie’ when he tweeted he never supported immigration bill he urged Republicans to pass – TheHill

Let’s face it, since the founding of our country presidents have been politicians. Politicians will say a lot of things to get themselves elected even though they know that there is no way that these things can actually be implemented. That being said this president does not fall within the realm of other presidents and their use of untruths.

This President uses lies the same way he uses air to breathe. He’ll say one thing on Tuesday and then completely opposite thing on Wednesday and then I that he ever said what he said on Tuesday. I don’t think that he understands the concept of recordings. You would think someone who threw the years active as his own fake PR person would understand that when something is recorded it can’t be played back and therefore is not fake news. But we have a president who doesn’t seem to understand much of anything.


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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders happily doing her job. Photo credit The Hill

Flight Records Illuminate Mystery of Trump’s Moscow Nights – Bloomberg


I am going to be 64 in a week and I am quite aware that the internet exists. I just went on Ancestry and found the ticket to the USS United States that I took in 1962 from New York to Paris. Does the president United States think that his flight records or some sort of secret? It proves how incompetent. He should be nowhere near the Oval Office.

He is a liar, and a bad one at that. He said he did not spend a single night in Moscow and now here it is. I’m with James Comey when he said that if I we were married my wife would never believe that I was with hookers in a Moscow hotel having them pee on the bed the the Obama’s slept on. What a terrible man. He holds such hatred for others. I feel so sorry for him And his soul.


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Donald Trump’s baffling explanation for violence at his campaign rallies-Wash Post

The king of liars is at it again. First he says that these great Americans are coming to his rally because they are angry and the anger is in the audience. And anger sometimes will show as physical action. And then says he doesn’t condone any of this. Don’t praise people and then act like you didn’t like what they did. You are complicit mr. Trump and shame on you.

During the CNN GOP Debate, frontrunner Donald Trump addressed the violence that broke out at his rally the day before. He said his supporters come with "tremendous passion and love for the country" and that some protesters are "bad dudes." (CNN)

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LIAR: Sarah Palin’s Abusive Kid Never Saw Combat, No PTSD

First she blamed her son’s PTSD on President Obama. Her son went into the military in 2006 and was discharged in 2007. I know that numbers and history are hard for Governor Palin to understand  but President Obama was not in office then. You add in that he never saw combat and that leaves only one reason why he behaved so badly and that’s poor parenting. So rather than blaming other people, Governor Palin you should be blaming yourself. All families have problems but you seem to be in a lot more problems than most of us.

Track Palin discharge documents from the military showing that he had no combat.