AT&T CEO says hiring Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was ‘a big mistake’ – NBC News

CEOs of Corporations as large as AT&T rarely and so publicly admit to doing wrong. This is textbook on how not to run your lobbying of a new Administration. Hiring Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed fixer had to be one of the stupidest things a company like AT&T could do.

When the history of how the Trump Administration fell, and it will be written, this will be one of the cornerstones that was pulled out from underneath this crumbling edifice.


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Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phones – NBC NEWS

The Trump Administration has not drained the swamp but they have brought in the Clowns.

Michael Kahn and Rudy Giuliani what an incredible pair to have as your personal attorneys. You would think that a self-described multi-billionaire could afford the best attorneys on the planet. I wonder how long this new White House attorney for the special counsel, the same attorney that worked on the Clinton impeachment, he’s going to last? Good attorneys don’t stay with bad clients.

Which brings me to the clowns, Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani. The FBI and the justice department run by Republicans would not put in a tap on a phone of the personal attorney of the president of the United States if there was not a very very good reason to do so. Even Rudy Giuliani and his television Fox News appearances has said that Michael Kahn was a fixer and that Rudy Giuliani and his past dubious legal career has also done the same kind of thing. Most attorneys that I know don’t consider themselves fixers, they are professionals who abide by a code of ethics. Something that is completely foreign to this White House.


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Michael Cohen, longtime personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, leaves the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on April 26, 2018.

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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen tries to silence adult-film star Stormy Daniels – NBC News

I post this story at my own Peril because WordPress considers any stories of this nature to be sexual content and makes it more difficult for them to theoretically Market my site. I don’t believe them so here I go they’re going to be one way or the other.

First let’s not forget that Michael corn is the same Michael cone that was in the interview on CNN when he kept saying “say what”. But since Trump is so cheap this is the best attorney he can get. Also he’s an attorney that learned his art under Roy Cohn a man whose place in hell is well-documented.

I keep hearing pundits on television saying that this affair is baked into the cake also known as Donald Trump. Well that’s okay if Donald Trump is a private individual but currently he is the occupant of the White House and he’s an embarrassment to the United States of America. I think his supporters are going to start falling off as they realize what he is doing to the reputation of America. He is unfit and will be removed from office.


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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney who says he would take a bullet for him. In this picture he looks like he already has.