Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund – TheHill

I don’t wish harm on anyone. But I hope that the first responders who show up at Rand Paul’s home if it catches on fire have a long discussion as to whether or not there’s enough money in the budget to offset the cost of fighting his fire.first responders came to the World trade Center site without even a moment of hesitation about their well-being. And yet this supposed doctor doesn’t even want to give them the benefit of what they have earned in their service to our country.

Shame on Rand Paul.


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This Is The ‘Daily Show’ Interview Jon Stewart Regrets Most

I am and have been a Jon Stewart fan. Although since his announcement that he will be retiring he’s become a little bit to pick you in about subjects, although important, just not as funny. maybe he’s lowering the bar for his successor, I don’t know it could be just coincidence.

After 16 incredible years as the anchor of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has one big regret.