President Trump cracked an ‘awkward’ joke about Melania [Video] – Yahoo News

Let’s face it America, we have a man as the President of the United States who doesn’t understand how to be a human being. From the treatment of his wife to the abuse of the 29 women that have come out and accuse them of sexual harassment or worst, to how he is held the office of presidency he does not deserve to be in that spot. Yes he won the electoral college but he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes out of 100 million cast.

Almost daily we hear about this President paying women off for his behavior. From Michael avenatti being on television daily talking about Stormy Daniels to the close to 30 women that have accused this President of sexual misconduct this must be a very hard time for the First Lady. Remember that these allegations of misconduct happens while his wife was pregnant with their current youngest child Baron. This must be a soul-crushing. For the First Lady. The only reasons that she has not left him his either her respect for the office of the presidency or her belief that this is best for their child. And any case she deserves a medal.


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‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Comment Is a Dangerous Joke – The Daily Beast

Just like that dress that no one could tell what color it was or agree upon it, Donald Trump is that dress. But we can’t have a president that people are ambiguous about what he is saying. That’s how wars start and that’s how one of his blunders could have incredibly grave consequences. So when you think of Donald Trump and what he says think about that dress that no one could tell what color it was and you’ve got two things in common. Except that dress never asked you to vote for it.


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