Trump himself wouldn’t be an American under his new immigration plan – Quartz

I guess Trump should kiss Melanie or Melania depending on how he wants to misspelled her name goodbye because not only is she here because a family ties but when she originally came she overstayed her visa. I want to bother you agency in the 80s and I know what H1 visas are like. you overstay your Visa you don’t come back in this country again.

I guess Barron Trump is an anchor baby.

It’s ridiculous to think that this President truly believes in what his advisors are shoving down our throats. whether it’s the war on Iran that John Bolton or Michael Bolton depending on how Trump recalls his name has been jonesing for is not only going to cause us to fall into a deep economic depression but we are also going to lose lots of wonderful people in our military.

Wars cost money, lots of money. And the new acting Secretary of defense, a Boeing executive, loves the fact that his company and most likely all the stock that he never got rid of when he became acting whatever is going to be a gold mine for him. I used to tell people that George W bush went to war in Iraq and then Lords taxes. It’s basically like you buying an expensive car and then quitting your job. You need an income to pay for these wars and these lower revenue numbers that we are now seeing because of this silly tax cut for the rich it’s going to be a huge problem for our economy.

President Obama negotiated a great deal with Iran and warmongers like Bolton want to wipe it away and start the bloodshed.

I’m all for this new immigration plan if it means that Trump and all of his family move back to wherever they came from.


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The President just called the CEO of Apple ‘Tim Apple’ – The Verge

Whatever you want to call it, the president’s faculties are starting to look suspicious. He calls his National Security advisor John Bolton Michael Bolton, he missed writes his own wife’s name and calls her Melanie, he couldn’t even remember his chief of staff’s name General John Kelly. So calling the CEO of Apple whose name is pretty well known by everyone in the world Tim Apple is not just insulting but disturbing.


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John Bolton chaired anti-Muslim think tank – NBC News

What can you say about a man who’s been wrong about every single foreign policy decision he has been a part of? He should not be in government.

Now we find out that he was in charge of a think-tank, using that word very loosely, that was warning of a jihadist takeover of the world. He attacked people and leaders that are very close to the United States. I wonder how this is going to disrupt what’s President of France is called the special relationship he has with this president. John Bolton, AKA weird mustache, has criticized and blatantly a 10th President of France for his so-called liberal views on islamist. Let’s be truthful about matters, present of my phone has not been a friend of the islamist. President macron realizes that France is on the verge of becoming plurality Muslim country. President has his own problems at home and for a John Bolton she just make these kind of pronouncements is not only insulting to our friends abroad but completely inappropriate.

He wants to destroy the Iran deal. The around heel is what’s keeping a ran and the rest of the Middle East from becoming a nuclear arms race that will lead to the destruction of the world and I’m not being overblown about this. Can you imagine Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, yeah man, Orien having nuclear weapons along with Israel? Yes that’s scary but that’s what John Bolton is trying to do

Let’s call a spade a spade, John Bolton is a war hawk. John Bolton wants us to go to war at all costs. John Bolton is in the ear of the President telling him a war would raise his profile amongst the American people and make the Russian investigation go away. It did not work for Nixon it will not work for 45.


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National security adviser John Bolton, second from left, listens to President Donald Trump, far right, speak during a working lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump’ s private Mar-a-Lago club on April 18.Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP