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To say that it’s too early to understand how the field in 2020 is going to and up is a great understatement. Even later in the game then the article States we were completely wrong about who everyone thought would be either the nominee or the president. We don’t have a president Giuliani or Jeb Bush or Fred Thompson for that matter. What we have is a President who defies what we see in the polls. I truly believe that some people are just plain embarrassed of supporting this man and will not tell posters. So the numbers mean very little right now. Joe Biden has the the recognition that no one else has. For those of us who follow politics closely most of the names are household once but for those who just sit back and let things fall as they may either it’s easy to say Joe Biden or they really have no opinion.


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Soon after Joe Biden entered the Presidential race, polls showed him to be far ahead of his Democratic competition, including Bernie Sanders. But Biden’s initial lead has dwindled.

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Santorum Can’t Name One Rubio Accomplishment in the Senate

My two favorite awkward moments of the last 24 hours have been obviously number one Rick Santorum’s inability to name a single accomplishments of Senator Marco Rubio whose party is controlling both the House and the Senate. Another tidbit on the campaign was yesterday. Jeb Bush made one of his policy statements in front of a group of supporters and there was an awkward silence at which point he said “please applaud  now”! Awkward, but then that’s been his campaign.


Special delivery: A video message from fans of Jeb Bush

I was watching Rachel Maddow tonight and her in disbelief that Jeb Bush had sent out by FedEx Overnight video players to potential New Hampshire voters. Video players now I’m not talking about sending out a DVD or, may I age, myself a VHS. We are talking about video players that went opened start telling you why you should vote for Jeb Bush. The man has spent more than almost everyone combined in the race for presidency except for Marco Rubio, I like to call him a wet behind the ear Marco. And for all of that money he is still in single digits in every single hole you can find. Maybe his new campaign should be Jeb! he knows how to spend money.


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Special delivery: A video message from fans of Jeb Bush

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By Ed O'Keefe January 18

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush talks with college professor Wendy Thomas during a campaign stop at Souhegan High School in Amherst, N.H., on Jan. 16. (Jim Cole/AP)

House GOP votes to block administration on immigration

What does shameful act. We are a country of immigrants, built by immigrants, fought for by immigrants.

Senator Marco Rubio always refers to himself as Hispanic because he believes that being Latino is below him. shame on him for thinking that way, shame on him for his family coming to the United States in 1956 and claiming to be a poor immigrant.

GOP hopefuls debate: Was Iraq a mistake?

Just a decade ago, people were using the turn if you break it it’s yours and you own it regarding iraq. Why is anyone debating whether or not getting to an unnecessary war was a good idea? The fact that did you see is the GOP presidential hopefuls debate this shows u-haul outside the mainstream they are. Sure, Hillary Clinton did vote for this war as a Senator, but she did so based on the poor and faulty intelligence  given to congress by be then Bush administration.
The Iraq war was a huge blunder, no debate needed.


Jeb Bush says he would have invaded Iraq

First last week he announced that he was going to be using his brother George W to be his main policy advisor on the Middle East. Now he is saying that he would send four thousand plus men and women to their deaths and spend trillions of dollars on a war that we now know has messed up the Middle East for decades . Bravo, he is really do a great job of losing votes. I guess oil is thicker than water in his family .

Photo from the Washington Post

Jeb Bush says he misspoke when he characterized himself as Hispanic

This takes flip flopping to the next level. Maybe next he’ll have been on the plane with Brian Williams when it crashed in Iraq. I know my background and I am proud of my heritage. I would never say that I were Hispanic in order to garner favor.
There is a trend with Republican presidential nominees. Senatof McCain called his own autobiography “Maverick” and when he ran for President he was anything but. I don’t have a super computer or I would give you all the examples of shifting sands in the political views of Governor Romney. But a few examples to pop up, he was for and signed the bill for Romneycare in Massachusetts but was against the Affordable Care Act. He was the first governor to sign marriage equality at, yet inexplicably here he devolved and was against marriage equality. Like I said there’s a pattern. It used to be first they were for it than they were against it. I guess now Jeb Bush was first Hispanic and now he’s not. Barbara Bush said it best, we have had enough Bushes in the White House. And as far as I am concerned the onl bushes that should be the White House to be in the gardens.


Poll: Bush now tops GOP field; Clinton runs ahead of all Republicans

Its way too early in the game. The saying is a week in politics is like a year in real life. I think Senator Rand Paul has been quiet through this whole mess that the Republican Party created in Indiana. I think his silence was a chess move and I think a good one. In my opinion he’s the one they may be the biggest threat to Hillary Clinton becoming President. But I am still very much ready for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton leads all potential opponents in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

The Washington Post
April 2. 2015
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush now leads the field of Republican candidates for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination, but former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoys a decided advantage over Bush and other potential GOP rivals in hypothetical general election matchups, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll
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