Trump Officials Prepare to Bypass Congress to Sell Weapons to Gulf Nations – NYT

Do you remember when do United States promoted democracy across the globe? It wasn’t that long ago, like in 2016. Now we have a government that praises dictators and welcomes them into the White House with open arms. Now we have a government that believes liars like Putin and Mohammed Bin we have a government that says there are good people on both sides when white nationalist kill someone in Charlottesville.

We are not used to selling arms, We are in the arms Dealer to the world. Of course we never had a former Boeing executive as the acting Secretary of Defense before. Selling arms to other countries has a process.and the process needs to go through Congress but this President and his administration believe they are above the law. let’s see how the spineless republicans in Congress hold up the power of their branch of government, I have very little faith they will.

So let’s all bask in the orb of Darkness that is descending upon a country under this Administration. The little boy that never grew up, Jared Kushner, is having his day. John Bolton knows that this is going to provoke Iran. So everybody’s having their cake and eating it too.


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Honestly, could you imagine if President Obama had participated in this cold like orb ceremony? Republicans in Congress has heads would all have exploded.

Saudi Arabia cuts off relations with Iran, recalls diplomats in dispute over execution – LA Times

The Saudi regime seems to be in a self destruct mode. First it floods the market with cheap oil. Then it attacks Yemen and a Viet Nam style quagmire for themselves. And then this weekend they execute 47 people hoping that’s one of those 47 would be noticed. But he was one of the beloved and demons and repercussions are being felt throughout the Middle East.

Iranian demonstrators in Tehran on Sunday chant slogans during a protest denouncing the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent opposition Shiite cleric, in Saudi Arabia.

(Vahid Salemi / Associated Press)

The United States is a drug, and we just got Iran and Cuba hooked

This will put Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama in the history books

When we signed the trade agreement with China, they got hooked.
When we signed NAFTA, Mexico got hooked.
When the Soviet Union started to talk to us, they got hooked.
Cuba and Iran  now join the league of nations that are hooked on United States of America.
The culture of the United States is infectious. It’s aspirational to the rest of the world. And I am so tired of the naysayers saying that America is in at sunset years. We have a satellite the size of a grand piano orbiting Pluto all made in the USA. General Motors is about to launch a car next year that will get 200 miles on one charge and with the tax incentives will cost to consumer only $20,000!
The reason the ayatollahs sign this agreement is simply because seven thirty eight percent of the population of Iran wanted this Agreement signed. Having a ran as a frienenemy is much better than having them has a full flight enemy They want peace, and so should our leaders. Leaders who push for war or just pushing to maintain their coffers full of money from the military industrial complex.

President Reagan’s Chief of Staff thinks that’s the nuclear deal with Iran needs to go into effect


I just watched James Baker the former chief of staff for President Reagan and I George HW Bush and as well as secretary of the Treasury. He spoke about the Quran agreement and said I’ll go not perfect it was better than any of the other alternatives on the table. Let’s say we say no to this deal. The Europeans, Chinese, and Russia will not go along with that. So that backs us into a corner. Iran gets the sanctions dropped by all of those countries. Money flows in, their ability to build more and more centrifuges and hire more and more scientist grows. They can sell cheap oil. When you put in all of those factors the only alternative to stopping around is that all out war. is the United States truly ready for all out war with another Middle East country? I know smart thinking people are not. Perhaps if I were Northrop Grumman I would love that but I don’t make bombs and don’t specially like them. Its time that we see the world through clear glasses and not the prism that’s the military industrial complex wants us to see. Prime Minister Netanyahu was terribly wrong about attacking Saddam Hussein. He testified in front of Congress  saying that bringing down Saddam Hussein would stabilize the region. Why are we listening to this man again? This is a deal that the world has agreed to and as the leader of the free world it is our duty to make sure that Iran follows every single step of inspections tearing down their nuclear infrastructure. We’re going to have inspectors in Iran 24 7 through the UN which has been very effective in the past at finding Iran’s hidden nuclear facilities. We have satellites that can see a golf ball anywhere in around, you think that we would not know if they’re building a nuclear facility?
This deal is not perfect, but for the first time in 30 years I watched people in Tehran waving American flags, and the President of the United States spoke almost unfettered to the Iranian people live on television. A detent with Iran will bring our values back into their society and change doesn’t happen overnight but detent with the Soviet Union eventually did bring down the Berlin Wall.