Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails – Southern Poverty Law Center

What a despicable human being. Calling him deplorable would be such a compliment. this hate-filled man has no business being anywhere close to the oval Office and yet he seems to be perched right in there like some sort of Nazi vulture. As I’m bringing this block to close this is the kind of crap that makes me not want to read the news. But somebody’s got to do it and I’m happy that the hatewatch at the Southern Poverty Law Center keeps an eye on this kind of hate-filled behavior by non-elected people who have too much power.

Stephen Miller you’re a disgrace to the human race.


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Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower – NBC News

You have to give credit to the Republicans for an amazing amount of chutzpah for putting Jim Jordan a man who knew that boys were being molested in the showers that he was in charge of the first impeachment committee. Jim Jordan is the guy who doesn’t wear a jacket and spouts nothing but lies and propaganda to get as much airtime for himself as possible. I believe the Democrats have limited the amount of time this blowhard will get but still anytime he gets isn’t insulted 177 young men that were molested. Shame on the Republicans and shame on #GymJordan .


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Donald Trump’s Name Removed From 2 Ice Skating Rinks in New York City – Town & country magazine

It’s got to hurt. Trump org discreetly removed Trump’s name from the ice skating rinks. Is Trump org so desperate for money that they’re worried about losing revenue from ice skating rinks? Two ice skating rinks?

Didn’t he pay the sign maker? The mind boggles at this story that was covered can be opening of tonight’s Saturday Night Live weekend update. sometimes when you hear stories on SNL you think all right ladies are not real. So I googled it and sure enough it’s real.

With Trump’s trying to sell his Washington hotel there goes another name off of building. By the time his presidency ends, and I hope soon, perhaps there will be no more Trump names on any buildings except in Turkey.

It’s mind-boggling.


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I not so discreetly obliterated Trump’s name on the ice skating rink picture. It made me very happy.

Top special ops Marine who fought with Kurds blasts Trump move in Syria as betrayal – NBC News

Betrayal seems to be in Trump’s blood. What else can you say about Sergeant Bone Spurs?

The commander and chief says that his Vietnam was fought in studio 54. How can people like General McMaster work with someone like him? I know they thought they were trying to help the country, but really?

When it helps him Trump thinks that everything is disposable. Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman, that got him through the Republican convention Trump said that it worked for his campaign for a short time and was not all that instrumental.

Michael Colin, his longtime attorney and fixer, easily disposed of and put away in jail.

Rudy Giuliani, on Friday he said that Giuliani was a fine attorney but did not answer whether or not he was still his attorney.

And now the Kurds. Calling Trump Putin’s puppet is an insult to all puppets. He gave Syria to Putin for Putin’s birthday. Today the Kurds were forced to Ally themselves with the Syrian butcher Al Asad and Russia in order to keep their families alive. But the betrayal is even greater than what we are hearing in the media. Turns out that two months ago Trump promised the Kurdish leaders that he would have their backs and not to turn to anyone else because he would always be there and the United States would be there. And here we are, the United States is not there for them and are named in the world has been soiled. Tens of thousands of Isis fighters and their families are now being released to the world. And what has this godless? He says it’s in order to pull back our troops and yet he sent the same day five thousand more troops to Saudi Arabia! This is going to be his downfall. The American people have their day-to-day lives to worry about but they also worried about their children’s safety and don’t want another nightmare like September 11th 2001. The behavior of this President may bring one down on us and I hope to the universe and does not happen.

One last thing, if the Kurds looked more like Scandinavians I don’t think Trump would have betrayed them so easily. Another example of white supremacist terrorism.


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Trump’s GOP Allies Are Livid at His Inaction on Turkey’s Assault on Kurds in Syria – The Daily Beast

I was fortunate to be in an AP English class at Miami Beach Senior High School called “The Absurdist Vision”. It was taught by a professor Moses who have been a professor at Harvard. I bring this up because all of the absurdist literature I read during that semester did not prepare me for the Trump presidency. I think the thing that did prepare me better was perhaps the Superman comics that I used to read when I was around 10. Very much like in Star Trek mirror universe, Superman would travel to bizarro world where everything was backwards. So I have to thank the Superman universe for at least giving me a little bit I’ve noticed as to what I was going to deal with when I was 65.

Trump knows that he’s done wrong by abandoning me the Kurdish troops. Trump knows that the Kurds fought valiantly side by side with American troops to clear that part of the world of the Isis caliphate. Trump knows got the Kurds currently have over 10,000 Isis fighters in captivity. Trump knows all this and so does the GOP that seem to be never ending supporters of his. Today he said that the Kurds never fought in Normandy!

Where did he get that?

In fact the courage were very busy during World War II mounting an operation known as 1943 Barzani revolt. This took place in what is known now as Iraq. This revolt took play stream most awards. I wonder who in the Trump administration told him about this? I’m sure as the days go by we will find out. But claiming that one group or another did not help us in some past war is not how things work. Germany is our Ally but they did not help us during World War II actually they were our foe.

Japan is our Ally and actually they did not help us during World War II they were our foe.

Italy is our Ally but actually they did not help us in World War II they were our foe.

See how this works and perhaps somebody should explain this all to the current occupants of the White House because he has his head so up a part of his body, I’m not going to mention that it’s ridiculous. The Kurds have been our allies for the last 20 years that we’ve been at war in the middle East and to abandon them now because of the Turkish and Russian dictators demanding it from Trump is the same as genocide.

What happens to the Isis prisoners that the Kurds currently hold? This is not going to be a popular thing I’m going to say but I truly believe that Trump thinks that he can get out of his impeachment thing if we have a 911 like attack on the Homeland. Anyone who’s watched this transactional ass in the white house will I know that this is not outside of the realm of his scheming to keep himself in power.

I hope Lindsey Graham can sleep at night for his defense of the undefendable Trump.


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Chaos in Syria, Washington after Trump call with Erdogan unleashed Turkish military – NBC News

We should be thankful that we don’t hear the words Al Qaeda, Isis or the caliphate much anymore. And you know who we should be grateful to? Our allies and our incredible men and women in the military. In one fell swoop the current occupant of the White House made it clear that America’s word that it will be there for you is no longer operative. I heard diplomats say that America’s handshake used to mean something but in the ear of trump it is valueless. Who do you think is the happiest about this? Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

We promised the Kurds a Kurdish Homeland and they fought on our side and died alongside our people. Now that we have a president who is more aligned with dictators than he is with his own military or state department we have left them to their own resources. What other Ally is going to believe the United States anymore? by the way if you think we’re getting new allies like the Turks or the Russians you are wrong because they are run by the same transactional kind of rulers and dictators that we have in Washington right now.

Trump is destroying our government from the inside and there is no other way to look at it. And, unlike Marco Rubio, I don’t think he’s joking.

They should change the name of the White House to Dictators R Us.


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Mark Zuckerberg Says What He Thinks About Elizabeth Warren In Leaked Audio – HuffPost

You’ve heard the term mostly about banks that they are too big to fail. Well I think that Facebook is just playing too big. Too much power in the hands of one company run by someone who has their own agenda. Mark Zuckerberg Al controls Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, what’s up and many more ways that people are interacting today.

So now he sets his ire on Elizabeth Warren. This makes me think that he was complicit in allowing all those millions and millions of ads running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 on his platforms. He claims he knew nothing about it but as I’ve said on this Scythe more than once when you accept money in Russian currency where did you think the money came from?

In a couple of days I will mark my second year off of Facebook. I am healthier for it, lost lots of weight while not sitting in front of a screen all the time. I am saying her for it because I’m not assailed by people on social media that seem to forget that people at the other end are actually human beings. I was 63 when I deleted Facebook so I was kind of aware of who who are my friends, but 1 Jets drawn into the idea that all these people that call you their friends are truly your friend oh, they’re not. But most importantly I made my point to Facebook that the only way we as consumers can make a point to Facebook is by deleting our accounts.

If you do a search at the bottom of my page for delete Facebook you’ll find the step by step instructions that are actually necessary to delete your Facebook account. They don’t make it easy for you and will tug at your heartstrings but it’s the only way you can tell them that how they’re running their company is unacceptable.

Trump and his cohorts have bought millions of dollars of advertising on Facebook because they know how effective it was in 2016. I hope that Facebook does not attack Elizabeth Warren or any of the other Democratic candidates for president.

One more point. have you noticed how Trump attacks Google and Twitter but seems to be hands-off on Facebook? Inquiring minds want to know why.


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Screen capture from The Huffington Post

Bizarre video of Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag while being seduced by Donald Trump resurfaces – The Independent

Just a little bit of a personal announcement, I got tickets to go to see Bill Maher live tomorrow. Is taping of real time should be very interesting.

On the subject of Bill Maher What he said about Rudy Giuliani and drag is too funny. he said Rudy in drag once is Halloween, twice it’s funny three times it’s a fetish.

This video was shot in 2000 wow Giuliani was supposedly America’s mayor. And now he has come full circle and is the clown that even Republicans are now moving away from.

Rudy giuliani’s last interview of the Atlantic is mesmerizing. He says how can the whistleblower be a hero when he is the hero in this story. A hero that Commits crimes for a sitting president is no hero in my eyes.

Giuliani is going to regret the day he met Donald Trump. Donald Trump destroys everything he touches and Giuliani is not immune.


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Trump allies voice concerns about Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in Ukraine – NBC News

For somebody like me who doesn’t like President Trump Rudy Giuliani just makes my heart sing. Why in God’s name after all of the times this man has been on TV and has put his foot in his mouth if not other orifices they still tried him out each time there’s some sort of a crisis in the White House involving impeachment

The comedy shows have had a field day with Rudy Giuliani. He was never a great mayor of New York City and was fortunate, in a very tragic way, to be the mayor during 9/11. That was then this is now and now it’s time for him to go wherever loudmouth Republicans go to rest. He needs a nice home where his needs will be met. Just not home television every 5 minutes saying something stupider than he said 5 minutes before. He is not going to help this president and I think he may be the cause for the end of this presidency.

This is a White House that sent out its talking points about the Ukrainian phone call memo to the Democrats. After that they sent out another email to the Democrats asking them to ignore the original email. I keep saying this, but honestly, if this were being written buy a fiction novelist their editor would send it back saying it is too unbelievable.

Perhaps tomorrow will show Donald Trump that having acting everything’s is bad. Tomorrow the acting director of national intelligence will be I’m sure saying that he can’t say anything because the White House has ordered him that way but somebody should ask him about his hair piece oh, it’s horrible.


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Trump admits to discussing Biden in scrutinized talk with Ukrainian leader – NBC News

And the song begins…

First we heard “no collusion no collusion”

And now it’s “no quid pro quo”

His Maga hat-wearing supporters will think that he’s being a great statesman by using Latin in his statement. But in fact he’s already admitted to the crime. Why would he discuss Joe Biden eight times during a conversation with a foreign leader?

The silence coming from the Republican party on this is deafening. Where are they?

Trump is a mob boss running a corrupt organization bent on destroying this planet. he is counting on large donations from all the worst corporations on Earth so that he can get reelected. This is a man drunk on power. This is a man who thinks he can do anything in the oval Office. This is a man who has twisted norms so much that they’re no longer recognizable.

Don Corleone would be very proud.


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A shadow of himself. President Donald Trump arrives for a state dinner honoring the Australian Prime Minister at the White House on Sept. 20, 2019.

Zach Gibson / Getty Images