In the wake of the shutdown, Pelosi’s public support grows – MSNBC

The best thing that’s happened to the present occupant of the White House lately has been Governor Ralph Northam.

That’s being said let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi. The shade that he caved would be such an understatement. He puts a country or through 35 days of uncertainty for nothing. He got the same exact if not worse deal that’s he would have had if the government had not shut down. He is the worst negotiator ever. this is the man who got mad at President Obama when he announced that we were going to do a measure to pull out from Iraq he said Trump tweets that we’re going to pull out of Syria completely and take half of our troops out of Afghanistan. Oh yes Mr. President that’s exactly the stealth approach you had been talking about. Announce to our hose especially Isis everything we’re going to be doing so they can make their plans for takeover. You’re making your boss Putin very happy because he’s wanted full reign over the middle East forever and now you’re giving it to him. I wonder what he’s blackmailing you with to get that.

Nancy Pelosi rocks and Trump sucks.


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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi answers questions during her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 8, 2016 in Washington, D.C.
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Tim Kaine made Mike Pence defend the indefensible tonight in the vice presidential debate

As I thought and predicted would happen the talking heads on television are saying that Mike Pence won the debate. In fact he did no such thing. He refused to even bring up Donald Trump’s tax returns. More importantly he lied when he said that he did not say that Putin was a better leader than President Obama. Putin is a dictator President Obama is the president of a free country just that differential makes him a better leader period hell as far as I’m concerned George W Bush was a better president than Putin because he led a free country. His dog mouth about abortion and not letting a woman have the right to choose was repulsive to me. Mike Pence has made a travesty of Rights of individuals in Indiana. He’s the governor that signed the first anti-gay bill that legitimized discrimination because of your religious beliefs. Mike Pence was running for president in 2020 and not for vice president in 2016. He called the Clinton Foundation a money-laundering operation. And praise Trump Foundation which buys helmets and portraits for Trump. Sure you’re going to hear the plan then say that Mike Pence won tonight’s debate. Their corporate overlords need this race to be more even because they want their ratings. Hillary pulling away with it is not good business for corporations like Comcast or Viacom.

In the end all that Mike Pence did was defend the indefensible and to me that’s not the sign of a leader that’s the sign of someone who’s been bought and paid for.