Trump stumbles after surge in polls – The Hill

I was just hearing analysis on television that said basically Americans have decided who they want to vote for and they are not listening to the bad stuff of the other person. I don’t believe that. There are lot of people that are still unsure as to who they will vote for in November. And I think it’s why the polls fluctuate as much as they do. It’s been a bad week for Trump and I believe the polls were reflected. This article from The Hill goes through all of the negatives that have plagued the Trump campaign. His advisors want him to go back to being Xanax Trump. But then there are his surrogates. His son two weeks out a picture of himself with what he called the deplorable including Pepe the Frog the albrights dog whistle illustration. And then he said that if Republicans did what the Democrats did they would be warming up the ovens. He says that this was done without thinking about how it may affect Jews because his friends are all Jewish and he has Jewish Family. But I believe it reflects what he hears on a day-to-day basis in the campaign. You don’t say things like that unless you hear them and then they become normal and then you repeat them. Donald Trump had a bad week I hope he has another bad 8 weeks.


Hillary Clinton maintains big leads in New York’s looming primaries – The Washington Post

Ok, I am for Hillary Clinton and therefore dropped Donald Trump from the headline in the story above. That being said these numbers are really really good for Hillary’s chances in New York and Pennsylvania. And let’s be honest if she wins those two states she will have a clear path to the nomination. At this point Bernie Sanders would need to get 68% of the total vote or delegates to become the nominee. I hope these numbers hold up. I’ve said this a million times, one week in politics is like a year in real life.