Ex-Trump Supporter: I Was ‘Really An Idiot’ to Think He’d Be a Good President – Newsweek

Have you ever bought something once you got home you realized you had been conned? Buyer’s remorse? I guess that’s what a lot of people who for some reason had a weird dislike for Hillary Clinton are feeling after two-and-a-half years of this presidency.

What’s surprising is the number of people willing to say this in public. MSNBC is littered with people including some of their anchors who were Republicans that I yelled at while they served under different in administrations who are now either Independents or straight up Democrats. I don’t think it’s just Trump. I think if you throw into the mix Mitch McConnell and the hypocrisy of a lot of leaders in Congress like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz you see why people are having their come to Jesus moment.

Trump is a con man. What’s so funnythe word con man that Trump hates so much is becoming synonymous with him on Google searches. Good for yourself, do Trump con man as a search and see what happens.

Today Trump pulled back from the brink of war with Iran. I think he finally realized that he has calmed himself into the presidency and I don’t think he wants that job anymore. Maybe that’s why he is making so many errors including all of these undisciplined interviews across what he called fake news media networks.

Is the Republican party Doom to be on the junk pile of History? Can’t say that. Americans have very short memories case in point is how they are looking with nostalgia upon George HW Bush and his presidency even though he took us into an unnecessary war and was the cause of a near world depression. You put him next to Trump and he looks great.

I’m hoping that this man is not re-elected but until I watch him leave the White House I won’t believe anything about what people are prognosticating.


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Trump himself wouldn’t be an American under his new immigration plan – Quartz

I guess Trump should kiss Melanie or Melania depending on how he wants to misspelled her name goodbye because not only is she here because a family ties but when she originally came she overstayed her visa. I want to bother you agency in the 80s and I know what H1 visas are like. you overstay your Visa you don’t come back in this country again.

I guess Barron Trump is an anchor baby.

It’s ridiculous to think that this President truly believes in what his advisors are shoving down our throats. whether it’s the war on Iran that John Bolton or Michael Bolton depending on how Trump recalls his name has been jonesing for is not only going to cause us to fall into a deep economic depression but we are also going to lose lots of wonderful people in our military.

Wars cost money, lots of money. And the new acting Secretary of defense, a Boeing executive, loves the fact that his company and most likely all the stock that he never got rid of when he became acting whatever is going to be a gold mine for him. I used to tell people that George W bush went to war in Iraq and then Lords taxes. It’s basically like you buying an expensive car and then quitting your job. You need an income to pay for these wars and these lower revenue numbers that we are now seeing because of this silly tax cut for the rich it’s going to be a huge problem for our economy.

President Obama negotiated a great deal with Iran and warmongers like Bolton want to wipe it away and start the bloodshed.

I’m all for this new immigration plan if it means that Trump and all of his family move back to wherever they came from.


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House Speaker Paul Ryan urges Trump to reverse himself on planned tariffs – Los Angeles Times

Paul Ryan is a political creature. Paul Ryan will stab anyone in the back who doesn’t conform to his way of thinking about the world. Paul Ryan has just broken with the white house, but has he? Will be interesting to see what happens when the Europeans, Canadians, and the rest of the world start levying tariffs on Harley-Davidson accompany in Paul Ryan’s District. Perhaps that’s why he spoke up because he is one of the most self-interested individuals I have ever seen in politics. He scares me and he is very close to being president if both Trump and Pence leave office.


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Former Trump adviser called himself adviser to Kremlin in 2013 letter: Time | TheHill

In the picture below, it’s not a trick of Photoshop or some green screen that Carter Page and standing in front of, he is standing in front of a Kremlin sponsored event in Moscow where Carter Page spoke ill of the United States. He is been on the radar of our counterintelligence agencies for years now. And well he should be. So all this hoopla about his fisa warrant being illegal is nothing but a bunch of hot air. It’s just red meat that they’re throwing to the 29% that still believe in 45. Carter page is not some goofball as he would like us to think in his interviews and wearing that silly hat. Carter Page is a PhD and is smarter than he wants you to think. This man is not a friend of United States and should be looked upon with the same size one looks upon a traitor. In this case he’s a traitor to the ruble because he is bought and paid for by the Kremlin.

So when Fat Nixon thinks that he can hide behind Devin Nunes and his memo he is so wrong. Even the memo says that in its last line George Papadopoulos was the reason for the fisa warrant and it had nothing to do with the Steele dossier.

This White House from the campaign to the transition to its current makeup is bought and paid for by the Kremlin. Why else would 45 not impose the sanctions that over 500 members of Congress voted for. Just to give you an idea there’s a total of 535 members of Congress. The Congressman Dana Rohrabachers of the world who also are paid for by the Kremlin voted against it but very few others did.

Foreign countries are referring to 45 as Putin’s poodle wow what a difference from what we were under President Obama.


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This picture from Russian propaganda arm Sputnik tells more than a thousand words could. There is Carter Page betraying his country.

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting | TIME

What kind of man sends out a tweet congratulating himself after a mass murder? Certainly not a man who should be the president of the United States. Does this imbecile not realize that Sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, and family members and general are mourning the loss of their kin.
Is this the kind of man that we want to comfort US during these kind of terrible times in our country? Is this the kind of man we want as our commander in chief?


Donald Trump Hearts Chris Christie, Buys Himself a Share of Bridgegate – The Daily Beast

There’s a headline that makes me smile. The Dismal Duo of trump and Christie May sink together under the waters of Bridgegate.
The judges ruled that the unindicted co-conspirators which includes government officials and elected ones will be released. I wonder whose name is going to be on that list. Maybe Trump’s possible VP. In either case this made my day.

I could not fit all of Chris Christie in the frame of the picture