There they go again, why the media is bashing Hillary again

I got up this morning to what is good news for the Clinton campaign but is being painted as bad news. She is leading by nine points in the polls. Yet the commentators make it sound like Trump is doing better. Then they go and get extreme right-wing individuals to talk about Hillary in the most reprehensible of terms. One yahoo congressperson from Arizona said that if Hillary became president she would destroy the Constitution. He said she would appoint judges who’s rulings would tear babies limb by limb in abortions. He then went on and explained he meant little girls would be torn limb by limb. He said that women, all women America, understand what he is saying. All women in America understand that he’s trying to decide how they will deal with their own bodies. All women in America understand why the Republicans are saying what they’re saying about Hillary. All women in America understand what Trump said on that bus. All women in America understand there’s a glass ceiling. So now the media has a problem on its hands. Hillary has a sizeable lead and they have 30 days to sell commercials are there 24 hour news Cycles. Ratings are not going to be so high if the election is in the bag for one or the other. I’m sure that they were shocked by the fact the ratings for the Sunday debate were down by over 20 points from the debate  the week before. The ratings are falling for the debates not because of Hillary but because people cannot stand watching Donald Trump anymore. He no longer is entertaining, he is now frightening. And the news media needs to take their responsibilities and stop trying to manipulate the outcome of this election. I woke up this morning and all I could think about was ” there they go again”. The nbc/wall Street Journal poll that was taken since Sunday has such a small number of people that the margin of error is huge. And they’re acting like this to point change is some sort of great victory for Donald Trump and his horrendous and weird Behavior at the debate. The headline reads NBC news/wall Street Journal poll Trump gets light Boost from the bay performance that wasn’t a performance that was disgusting.


Hillary wins the first presidential debate against the snorting Donald Trump

Donald Trump was rambling most of the time. He lied about half the time his mouth was moving. He interrupted her, something that Americans don’t like. And now let’s talk about this morning which seemed to be some sort of a lie detector because it seems that each time he snorted he lied. He snorted a lot tonight. He evaded the question about Russia because I believe he owes a lot of money to the Russian oligarchy. My favorite of his Whoppers was that nuclear disaster is a bigger threat than what he called the global warming which is in fact incorrect terminology the term should be climate change. He evaded questions about not paying people what they would do. I saw the story about the company that I’ve been building wooden crates for 3 generations.  Donald Trump hired them to build the boxes where are the slot machines the rest of the pond. He never paid them and the company went under and it killed the patriarch of the family. Donald Trump is that kind of man.

I would like to play poker with Donald Trump. He has a tell. Each time he was about to lie he snorted.

Donald had demonstrable more makeup on then Hillary Clinton. He was also a lighter shade than his normal orange hue. Perhaps he’s adjusting has winter is coming.

I wish that the moderator had asked Donald Trump to just show us the letter from the IRS stating that he’s under audit. That would reveal nothing about his finances but it would reveal that he may be lying about the audit.

And let’s talk about stamina. He actually became incoherent towards the end. He was fidgeting and look like an 8 year old who had not done their homework. He made no sense when he was talking about nuclear weapons and then went into a completely different subject and one that’s much more trivial Rosie O’Donnell.

Henry Clinton was forceful and gave concrete plans on how to make America a better place. Building on what we have done over the last 8 years. This is not a time for us to be changing course but instead we need to move on her plans and really make America great. We don’t need to make America great again America is a great place. People all over the world wish they could be in America. 

And in the end Donald Trump has sold himself as a winner and his supporters and I wonder if its supporters saw a winner tonight. I know I didn’t.

Donald Trump is not the leader this country needs Hillary Clinton is.


Hillary’s Pneumonia: The Media’s Lowest Moment – Huffington Post

The media’s lowest point is and has been its treatment of Hillary Clinton throughout Hart Public life. This is just one more episode. I have not heard one of their so-called doctors say anything about the effects of antibiotics on a person’s system. I am so tired of this one-sided trumpeting for Trump that it’s becoming hard to watch anything on television that has to do with the news. Even the local stations are tainted. Thank goodness for shows like am Joy and The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Instead of bellyaching today I made a donation to Hillary’s campaign. I heard that you do the same. Please go to and donate even $5 to the campaign to show that we’re with her because she’s with us.


Hillary Clinton: ‘Don’t let a friend vote Trump’ – The Washington Post

Donald Trump fears being boring. Being boring is exactly what Donald Trump is trying to put over the American people. Hillary Clinton is so correct in saying this is not Donald Trump the old one will come rushing back at you. So her play not to let a friend vote for Trump Rings loudly with me. Temperament is not some fine I think we can measure. It’s something we see in other people. And I hope the American people see that Donald Trump does not even remotely have the temperament to be president of the United States. Do you really think that when he has some disagreement with a foreign leader he will go to his script or will he start tweeting away like he does right now. The man is scary and he should be nowhere near the White House or the nuclear codes.

His economic plan that he announced today is a disastrous one for our nation. It would give people like him a 1.7 Million Dollar on average tax cut. We cannot afford tax cuts for the rich. Look what happened to Kansas. The rich need to pay their fair share and unlike other countries there’s only one America. Where are these people going to flee to? There’s only one America and let’s keep it that way.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks after touring 3 Daughters Brewery, in St. Petersburg, Fla., Monday, Aug. 8, 2016.(Andrew Harnik/Associated Press)

Treasonous Trump Asks Russia to Hack Hillary’s Missing Emails – The Daily Beast

Donald Trump and his Antics are becoming dangerous for our national security. He is encouraging one of our foes to hack internal american email servers. Is this how he plans to run are foreign affairs by saying “hey Russia if you’re listening”. The FBI needs to start an investigation into treacherous Trump. When asked treasonous Trump said that he did not want Putin to stay out of the election. He said he wanted any help he could get from Putin.


Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton – NYT

Sure Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire, the owner of a large media Empire, someone who ran has a Republican and then an independent for public office. Most importantly Michael Bloomberg is used by moderates as a man of the people. Remember he’s the guy who wanted to ban the sugary super-sized obesity creating sodas at fast food joints. He cares and he cares a lot and this is unprecedented. It’s very rare that a party will give someone from outside the party uprimetime speaking slot. Wednesday is the same day that Vice President Biden and President Obama will be speaking. This is how much the Hillary Clinton campaign understands how important his endorsement is. I believe that Independence will also understand how important his endorsement of Hillary Clinton is.


NBC News has confirmed that Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick

A vice-presidential pick is someone that you’re going to have to spend at least until November with and hopefully 4 or 8 more years. A vice presidential pick has to be able to take over if you are unable to do your job as president. A vice-presidential pick should come from your heart. Hillary Clinton has made the decision that Tim Kaine is who she wants to run with and we should support her in every way in this decision. This is who is going to be her partner hopefully for the next 8 years and it needs to be someone she wants and not who would help her win or get her a state.

Congratulations to Tim Kaine and his family and on to the White House with the Clinton Kaine ticket