McCain’s inner circle planning on having Pence, not Trump, at funeral: report – TheHill

First and foremost I want to remember John McCain as the American hero he was. Captured in Vietnam and held for five years. He was offered a quick release by his captors because his father was an admiral but he said until his Conrad’s who had been captured were released as well he would not leave. He was tortured, beaten and brought to the edge of death more than once. I remember the day he came off the plane to a hero’s welcome. His body may have been broken but his Spirit was not.

To me John McCain has been fun enigma. His autobiography is called maverick and yet one here and against President Obama in 2008 he was anything but. He brought Sarah Palin to the four front and I believe that that has had a profound affect on our politics. He picked her the way Trump pics his nominees without knowing them. She was a long person for the job and she made a trump presidency more acceptable. So it’ll way I do blame cetera McCain for Trump.

Since Trump has been in office McCain has been a thorn in his side but an important votes like the tax plan he went along with the terrible ideals of this presidency. A tax plan that Republicans are walking back now because 1.5 trillion dollars would have easily paid for college for every single American who wants to go. And there would have been lots more left over from that. Instead we gave the rich a tax break and they are never going to spend the money. And the middle class has got a whopping $15 every two weeks in their paycheck!

In the end I wonder if Trump will be attending John McCain’s funeral. I hope not, he is a stain on our country and its institutions and should not be honored.


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Clinton Holds Clear Edge on Having Presidential Qualities – Gallup

Tonight on The Daily Show I was more scared than ever before on Halloween night. The show was the voted to depicting what our country would be in 2020 after 4 years of trump. This Gallup poll clearly illustrates that we need Hillary in the White House. Each one of these so-called Revelations about Hillary are nothing compared to what Donald Trump has been accused of. My God if Hillary had been accused of sexually molesting 12 people, in cahoots with the Russian government – rhaegar election, going on trial for fraud in Trump University and a foundation that only takes people’s money and bribes others with it, Hillary would already be in jail. Like Seth Meyers said tonight it’s as if during the OJ trial people focused on whether or not the white Broncos registrations are up to date. And that’s what we’ve come to with our media speculating away and not focusing on the real issues with Donald Trump and his inability to be president of the United States.



Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 – The Washington Post 

Just to put it into context this was recorded 8 months after he married his third wife the current mrs. Trump. He talks about trying to have sex with a married woman. He says he tried really hard. It’s really really disturbing to listen to this tape. This is the man who wants to be our leader. The president of United States is not just the commander-in-chief of our military he’s also our moral compass. Look at President Obama and what a great moral compass he has been for us. And now look at what Trump says. This tape does not make me feel that this was a one-time instance but it is a pattern with Donald Trump. I have no other words, other than I feel equal repulsion by the behavior of the reporter. Please click on the link below if you wish to listen to the whole tape.


The Latest: Trump regrets having to pay his companies – The Washington Post

It is ironic that a man who does not pay vendors he hires as a matter of course says that he needs to be meticulous about paying his own companies back for the use of the properties and planes and water and it goes on and on. I am sure he regrets this all the way to the bank.
Not presidential material, not now not ever.