Has Jared Kushner Conspired to Defraud America? – The New York Times

I watch Rachel Maddow every night. When you watch someone every night you know when they are at a loss for understanding something. Several months ago she tried to understand why the United States had decided to put a blockade on Qatar. Qatar has been one of the best friends the United States has in the Middle East. There was no geopolitical reason for this. And she was completely at a loss for why the Trump Administration will decide to do this.

And now we have clarity.

Charles Kushner, Jared’s father, went to Qatar to ask for alone 4666 5th Avenue. 666 5th Avenue is an elephant sitting on top of the Kushner corporations shoulders. There is a mortgage that balloons in less than a year and the sum is 1.2 billion dollars! That’s billion with a B. Well said no to Charles Kushner and then the put the blockade up. Now we see a quid pro quo and there’s nothing that a prosecutor cherish this more in Prosecuting someone more than a quid pro quo in politics. This has been the fall of so many politicians.

It’s going to be hard for the White House to say that the president you nothing about it. If the president knew nothing about it what is he doing in the White House in the first place?


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Shades of The Omen…Jared Kushner, the president’s senior adviser, has conducted foreign policy without officially disclosing all the personal interests he may have been serving.CreditAlex Brandon/Associated Press

Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of make believe – Salon.com

The first interview I saw of her after becoming campaign chairman for Donald Trump was on Chris Matthews Hardball. The outrage from that interview has caused Chris Matthews ratings to plummet. Right out of the gate she started lying and hasn’t ever stop lying weather it’s July to make Donald Trump look good or to lie to make Hillary Clinton look bad. I know PR and PR makes people see the best of what the pr people AR promoting. It’s why the first thing someone does when he or she screws up is they hire a PR firm.

Miss Conway is not a PR person. She is a propagandist and one with an evil agenda. She knows she’s lying and she repeats it over and over again. It’s what has become the norm with politicians who are on the wrong side of an issue. I watched her say that Donald Trump does not insult people. Was she in a coma during the primaries? She says she’s not interested in talking about Hillary’s health, and yet she does so in a new window over and over. She’s a perfect match for Donald Trump and that cabal that he’s put together as a campaign. Lord, I look with Nostalgia at the days of Paul Manafort. Kellyanne Conway is a con man. She is the one who said there would be a softening of Trump’s immigration policies.  In fact there has been no softening or hardening. He is just repeating the policies that President Obama has been carrying out the last 8 years. Donald Trump is a con man and he hires con people around him. Maybe after the election they can start a circus.



NBC News has confirmed that Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick

A vice-presidential pick is someone that you’re going to have to spend at least until November with and hopefully 4 or 8 more years. A vice presidential pick has to be able to take over if you are unable to do your job as president. A vice-presidential pick should come from your heart. Hillary Clinton has made the decision that Tim Kaine is who she wants to run with and we should support her in every way in this decision. This is who is going to be her partner hopefully for the next 8 years and it needs to be someone she wants and not who would help her win or get her a state.

Congratulations to Tim Kaine and his family and on to the White House with the Clinton Kaine ticket

Fox News boss Roger Ailes ‘has resigned’ but network won’t confirm | Daily Mail Online

I hope the reports turned out to be true . This could not have happened to a more deserving man. He has single-handedly taken the fourth estate which was always there to make sure the other three branches of government did their job and turned it into nothing but Trash journalism looking for the highest ratings. I hope this is the beginning of the decline of Fox News because they don’t deserve the tagline “news” in their name.

40 million dollars for a man who has destroyed American Media, if not the media across the world for Generations. This tabloid journalism will eventually come to an end I hope, but until then it all rests on the fat shoulders of Roger Ailes.

Something else to mare the already despicable Republican National Convention crowning of Trump. I wonder if Fox News is being told not to make the announcement about Roger Ailes until after the convention so that there will be no distractions.



What Hillary Clinton has learned since 2008 – CNN

Bill Clinton has always said that if Hillary had not been a woman she would have been President before him. She has had eight years to look at the errors of 2008. She is smart and is not going to repeat them. She has a great organization around her and this well written CNN piece will make you feel better about the next 136 days.


In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead – Google News

Most pollsters will tell you that polls this early are basically an intellectual exercise and are meaningless. But when a poll asks about qualifications that’s a whole other story. Donald Trump can be scripted all the way to the debates and then, I think, his personality will make the scripts go out the window. Have you noticed he’s not going on the morning talk shows anymore? You can’t be scripted with a teleprompter in front of you when you’re asked the questions. Donald Trump doesn’t understand talking points and I hope he never does.


State Dept. says it has no emails from ex-Clinton staffer – The Washington Post

This information comes from a court filing in a lawsuit that the RNC brought against the state department. It turns out that her age only sent her one email which said happy birthday Madam secretary. She did not reply directly instead asked that a staffer please respond. Of course Republican heads are blowing up everywhere about this.
Enough about the servers and the emails and let’s get on with getting her in the White House.


Bernie Sanders Has Benefited More From Super PAC Money Than His Democratic Rivals

Bernie Sanders and his holier-than-thou view of the world is hypocritical. I am so fed up with listening to him say over and over again that he does not have super Pacs. First of all he does. Second of all candidates do not control their super Pacs. I could set up a Super PAC for Robert Dole who is 96 right now and raise money in the super pack but Robert Dole would have no say about it. That is what is so wrong with Citizens United and all of the black money that’s in our system right now. So Bernie Sanders stop criticizing other people because they can’t control what super Pacs do for them. It’s against the law.