Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld exploring primary challenge against Trump – POLITICO

Historically Presidents that are challenged is a primary do not fare well.

What you up to this news is making my day. If Trump has to defend against the Republican it means that you’ll have to the Bates the shaman and spend lots of money to make sure he gets the nomination.

Thank you Bill Weld, you are a true Patriot.


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At the Libertarian Party’s 2016 convention, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he was a “Libertarian for life.” | Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

Ron DeSantis Outed as Administrator of Racist, Conspiracy-Sharing Facebook Page – Miami New Times

Dog whistles are meant to be heard by A specific group. In the case of Ron DeSantis that group is racists. if you don’t believe that then you haven’t seen him in action. With the unexpected win by an African-American for the Democratic nomination for Florida governor Ron DeSantis has gone on the offencive. And his offencive is a objectionable. The governor of Florida like the president of the United States needs to be the leader of all the people not just those who vote for you. And yet that seems to be a recurring theme with the Republican Party. Do things for your base and ignore The rest of the country because they didn’t vote for you. That’s not how government was supposed to work and shame on the GOP for making it so.


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From a Facebook group that Ron DeSantis is the administrator of. Photo credit Miami New Times

North Carolina Governor Tries to Step Back From Bias Law – NYTimes

Way too little and way too late. If the governor of North Carolina thinks that he’s half measures are going to help his fate become whole again he is so wrong. The pressure will be kept on him and the legislature who voted in this terrible law that discriminates.


Mississippi OKs religious bill decried as anti-LGBT-CNN

As each of these Republican run States passed legislation that hurts LGBT populations they are proving that Republicans should not have power right now. Everyone now knows someone who is lgbtq and this legislation is unpopular Across the Nation. These governors justify these Draconian bills by saying they are protecting religion. Two problems one is that religion is not under assault. And two they are putting into law discrimination against a segment of the population. I believe this is going to come back and bite them and bite them very hard.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant

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Here Are the World’s 19 Most Disappointing Leaders – Fortune

I have to agree that they’re very much on point. There are a couple of people on this list that I like but just because I like them doesn’t mean they did a good job. But number one is the one that puts the most joy in my heart. I hope Rick Snyder gets recalled and arrested in either order.


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Maryland Gov Hogan(R) To Consider Voting For Someone Else If Trump Gets Nomination«CBS

I think we all know who that other person will be. He’s a shrewd politician with a 61% approval rating in Maryland. And this is one of the many people that have said this or members of the Republican Party. I congratulate him on his good sense.

Republican Governor Hogan of Maryland

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Michigan governor hires lawyers for Flint water issues – The Washington Post

Here we go again, another governor, usually the GOP, hiring attorneys. I wonder if he’s going to be like Rick Perry and the man that the state pay his legal fees. I hope that criminal charges are brought against this man and many of those in his staff that ignored the poisoning of a whole community because they were considered unimportant and the underclass.


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Michigan governor hires lawyers for Flint water issues

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Flint resident Brittani Felton watches out her front door as Waldorf & Sons Excavating digs up and changes the first lead service line on Thursday, March 3, 2016 in Flint, Mich. “It’s a shame. We’ve been paying for something we couldn’t use. Can’t drink it. Can’t wash with it,” Felton said. “I’m ecstatic they’re changing my pipes. This is something our community needs. Our children need it.” (Jake May/The Flint via AP) (Associated Press)

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