Foxconn: It’s Not Building Wisconsin Factory Despite getting $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers

President Trump during the campaign said that the United States would be tired of all the winning that he would bring to the country. I am tired but it’s not because of the winning it’s because of all the losing. We put money out to these corporations and then one after the other day back down but keep the money. how about the carrier plant that he talked so much about when he was in transition. or the Ford factory, there’s no point in my going on and on.

He’s a terrible deal maker and everyone knows it except for him. Maybe he does know it and maybe Seth Meyers has something when he does that sticks about the small voice of insecurity in Trump’s head.

All I know is I’m tired of losing.


What a difference a year-and-a-half makes. Screenshot from my Google feed.

California voters getting chance to fully legalize marijuana – LA Times

I would rather see the state collect taxes on marijuana rather than drug cartels making profits and killing people. Let the people decide.

Sebastian Rosales smokes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on April 20, for the annual 4/20 celebration, in what could be the final year that the recreational use of marijuana is illegal in California. (Haven Daley / Associated Press)

Riskiest Political Act of 2016? Protesting at Rallies for Donald Trump-NYTimes

I was switching channels and I saw this woman defending Donald Trump stirring the crowds up to beat up protesters. It turns out she was Donald Trump’s press secretary. It’s rare to see Chris Matthews speechless, but he was. I guess leadership is who you surround yourself with.
Excusing the inexcusable, I think it was about Nazi Germany and yet it ring so true today.


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