Facebook vs. Apple: Tech’s biggest cold war heats up — and gets personal – NBC News

I’ve never been part of the Apple ecosystem. I use Windows computers and Android phones. But in this case I am squarely in Tim Cook’s corner.

Tim Cook said that Apple sells Hardware not people’s data. Facebook not only sells people’s data but they are mercenary in their tactics. everything we’ve heard about Facebook and the last wheat makes it abundantly clear that it’s a bad player and needs to be thoroughly regulated it’s not broken into several smaller pieces. Mark Zuckerberg is the problem. He has ambitions to be President and is using his platform of 2.7 billion people to experiment on how to make his campaign work.

He said that Facebook was not aware of the Russians. But Facebook took payment in Russian currency for ads against Hillary Clinton. Who did he think that money was coming from? Mars?

November 11th 2017 was my D-day with Facebook. I left the platform and never looked back. I am a much happier person since I have not had Facebook in my life. grown accustomed to going to Instagram, another Facebook operation and when I saw it became too much a part of my life again I put the icon off of my desktop and have to go look for it in the myriad of icons in my app menu.

Regulation, regulation, regulation of Facebook!

I applaud Tim Cook an Apple for actually being mindful of their customer base. In the long run this is going to make apple stronger and more trusted in the eyes of everyday consumers.


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Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg EPA / Reuters

Donald Trump Jr. posted photo with kids gets blowback – Yahoo news

Every father and mother should be proud of their children. Every father and mother should have the right to be with their children if they have caused no harm to their children. so it’s not so much that the pictures of Ivanka at Donald jr. are disrespectful but it’s the fact that there are so heartless. This is an Administration that probably says it is going to separate families purely for their own political gain within there base.

Except for Native Americans we are all, all immigrants. Even you who think you came on the Mayflower are immigrants. Donald Trump and his family are immigrants or descended from them. Enough with this immigrant bashing. America is a country of immigrants, and without them we are nothing.


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Photo from Instagram, I hid the faces of the two young children, they are innocents and should not be part of this conversation.

Britain gets tough on Putin after nerve agent attack -– and the Trump White House punts – The Washington Post

Perhaps it would be best for this White House to move it daily briefings from Washington to the Kremlin. Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems hell-bent on marching lockstep with the propaganda put out by Putin and Trump. I heard yesterday in a MSNBC story about Putin and their hold on Trump that Putin has said in the past that he has information that would be harmful to Trump. He is blackmailing Trump and Trump is complicit in this. Trump should have never ever run for the presidency if he thought he could be blackmailed. Doing so is treason in my mind and in the mind of many legal Scholars.

I applaud Theresa May on Great Britain for standing up to Putin and his attack on their country. Now if we only had a President Who was actually able to say how Russia attacked us in 2016 and is doing so right now through our electoral system. It repulses me to think that this man in the White House does not want to do anything about such a threat to our democracy. But then again does he really like our democracy? He seems to like dictator is a lot better than the way we run our country.


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Cruz gets booed after he declines to endorse Trump during convention speech – POLITICO

I love how Republicans hold a grudge. I knew that Trump repeatedly calling him lying Ted Cruz was going to eventually cost Trump something. And today it was GOP party Unity. What an embarrassment. This is from the convention. From said this over and over again. So he gives Ted Cruz a prime-time speaking slot and Cruz insults him by not endorsing him. Shakespeare would be proud.



Bernie Sanders weakened and surrendering as he gets to California

If you watched The Rachel Maddow Show today you can stop reading. Although the link below may be interesting to you. The person in charge of online marketing for California said when he resigned that the campaign had decided to go in a different direction. The other direction I campaign can go is cable and television advertising. Yet the Sanders campaign has not bought any advertising in California. Mind you this is a campaign that has spent almost 60 million dollars and adds to win 20 primaries and caucuses vs. Hillary who spend 44 million and won 26 primaries and caucuses.
He has 60 staffers on the ground in a state of 44 million people. He says he’s going after Latinos but I think that’s a mistake because Latinos are afraid of Bernie Sanders losing to Donald Trump period and college students he can register them all and it won’t make a dent.

Bernie Sanders has shown no intention of giving up. And yet this points to something troubling. Is he out of money? And if he is how could he be with those $27 donations of his. Or has he seen the light but his rhetoric certainly doesn’t show that. This is going to be an interesting four weeks.

Screenshot from May 12th 2016 Rachel Maddow Show

The GOP Gets What It Deserves

If one were to believe his hype Donald J Trump invented America first. In fact a rampant anti-semite named Lindberg, yes the guy who flew across the ocean, started the movement in the 19 thirties to bolster Hitler’s regime and make sure that the United States would not go into war defending England and France. Lindbergh later said that he saw no reason why America should go and try to save Jews that were being massacred during the Holocaust. So America first is a slogan that Rings badly in my ears. And the more Trump says it the more he becomes the Neo-Nazi I know he is.

Photo credit Reuters

Maryland Gov Hogan(R) To Consider Voting For Someone Else If Trump Gets Nomination«CBS

I think we all know who that other person will be. He’s a shrewd politician with a 61% approval rating in Maryland. And this is one of the many people that have said this or members of the Republican Party. I congratulate him on his good sense.

Republican Governor Hogan of Maryland

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