SCOTUS punts in another fight over denial of services for same-sex wedding – POLITICO

Elections matter.

The right got it’s vote on the Supreme Court and now we’re watching our rights be chipped away at. First it will be the lgbtq Community, then it will be immigrants, then will be the African-American community and the Latino Community because the Supreme Court is going after communities that are either inherently this light by a large swath of the population or cannot fight for themselves. Shame on the Supreme Court. Shame on this White House. This is not America anymore this is Trump land and it’s disgusting.

Remember when Trump said that the lgbtq community would love him, well I guess that’s one of his 5800 lies since he’s been in office for the last 500 Days.


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The justices said they will not hear a case involving a Washington state florist, Barronelle Stutzman, who cited her religious beliefs in declining to provide floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Most Americans side with gays in religious freedom disputes: Reuters/Ipsos poll

This one if you scares the religious write the most. They have used this issue  to bring out the vote in the past . It will work in their primaries,  but independent voters don’t agree with them. Let’s face it the country is the split  is 30 percent republican 30 percent democrat and the most important 40 percent are the independents for those who don’t associate themselves with any party. Social issues are the Achilles heel of the Republican Party, and they know it.