Trump Foundation ordered to cease fundraising in New York – POLITICO

I think that Donald Trump will be very sorry that he ran for president. All of the misdeeds that he has been able to hide because of his private citizen status are now coming out. He has run the Trump Foundation as if it were his own slush fund. I have worked and nonprofits for 90% of my adult life. The things he has done through the Trump Foundation are illegal. When you are working in a non-profit every penny has to be shown to be used to fulfill the mission of the nonprofit. I don’t think that buying himself Tim Tebow helmet fulfills the mission statement if there is one of the Trump Foundation. Paying off legal settlements does not fulfill the mission statement of the Trump Foundation if there is one. Donald Trump will be very sorry that he ran for president.


The notice says the Trump Foundation has 15 days to file the appropriate paperwork under state law. | AP Photo

Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad – The Washington Post

Maybe one day when the Democrats have been in power for a very long time they will become underhanded. But for now the Republicans are Masters at cheating. Sending fundraising letters to foreign leaders is against federal election rules. Trump has the nerve to talk about Hillary’s emails when these emails are punishable by prison sentences. Republicans will say that some underling sent this and it was a mistake. And we the people are supposed to forget all about it. How embarrassing? To have members of parliament getting these emails in the middle of a crisis in their country. Donald Trump should not ever get near the White House. And is our duty As Americans to make sure that he doesn’t.


Elon Musk Helps California Rank No. 1 for Hillary Clinton Fundraising – Bloomberg Politics

It is ironic that if you look at the list of donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign from California you will see the people that Millennials admire the most. Bernie Sanders supporters will need to give up Facebook and Tesla Motors if they want to be really true to their cause.