Whistleblower Offers To Answer Written Questions From House Republicans after Trump says the call was {Perfecto} – NPR

For those of us who dislike everything that Trump does I think there comes A negative with that. He is smarter than he looks. every day he got something to distract us whether putting Halloween candy on a little boy’s head or saying profanity today using the word “Perfecto”.

It’s funny that a man who started his campaign by saying that all Mexicans were rapist is using the Spanish word to describe his criminal actions, strong handing the president of Ukraine with denying him the missiles that he needs so badly to defend himself against Putin’s onslaught. By the way the power of the purse lies in Congress and this was fully funded by Congress and Republicans should be up in arms but they’re not.

almost a majority of Americans say they will not vote for this man for president under any circumstances in 2020. He knows that. He said he had internal polls about the swing States but I think the best pole we have is how Democrats did in the swing States in 2018. He looks like he’s got a lot of money behind them but it’s not fair right now. If you put together all the money that the Democrats and we talkin about at one point 22 candidates amassed it’s much larger than what he has. There is an advantage to not having primaries but he’s doing it by stifling candidates who deserve to have a primary against him. I believe at least two of the three Republicans who have declared themselves will run against them and one will run as a libertarian. Hopefully this will siphon off enough votes to make up for the Jill Stein candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

He will distract every day until the election but it’s our patriotic duty to not let him do this go out register to vote if you’re not already registered and make sure that you vote because this time around it’s going to be really important.


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Chuck Todd’s Biden-Ukraine Take Shows Press Learned Nothing From Trump 2016 – Esquire

It’s rare that a national news anchor quivers or shows emotion in his or her voice when on the air. The time that I remembered the best was when Matt Lauer first realize what was happening on September 11th hand how his voice changed. I was living in France at the time but when Walter Cronkite announced the death of President Kennedy you got the same emotion in the voice. Today was one of those days. Chuck Todd sounded alarmed. Look, I have not been one of his biggest fans of late but he did his job today.

Yesterday at the end of my last blog post I jokingly asked China to find the 20 minutes of missing transcript from the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. Who you that Trump would ask China today, right in front of everyone to hear, 4 dirt on Joe Biden. I guess the no collusion no collusion while truck is out the window and now they’re going for the no quid pro quo. He’s colluding in plain sight.

Turns out this is a republican thing. Nixon contacted the North Vietnamese, the country we were at war with before the 1968 election and told them that if they stopped negotiating with President Johnson he would give them a better deal when he became president. At the same time the Soviet Union approached Hubert Humphrey who ran against Nixon in 1968 but Humphrey, a Democrat, went right to the FBI the way you’re supposed to act when a foreign country tries to get you to collude with them.

more cracks in the armor are appearing today. Judge Napolitano stood outside of Fox News and went through all the reasons why what Trump has done is not only impeachable but he should be removed from office, that’s on Fox News!

I had to go back to my Netflix pablum of shows because I can’t at this point watch too much of this stuff without it’s affecting me. My poor cats gets scared when I start screaming at the television like a mad men. but when you see the president of the United States betraying everything that you truly believe in it’s hard.

At the end of the day, I believe that Trump and his cohorts are Miss judging the American electorate. His use of profanity has to have an effect on moms who don’t want their kids growing up with a foul mouth. we all use profanity but he’s the president of the United States and has to be held to a higher standard. Young people are going to go out and vote this time because I really believe that they see an earth falling apart around them and they are angry at my generation and those that came before them for ruining the planet. I have hope as we all must have because without hope there’s no point and waking up the next morning.


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Senator King Suggests At Least 20 Minutes Are Missing From Trump Ukraine Call Transcript – Newsweek

I can’t be the only person wondering why this White House that has surpassed Nixon in stonewalling would voluntarily release this transcript. it’s like a little kid who only shows you a part of the mess they made hoping that when you find the rest of it you won’t be as angry.

Senator Angus King, who is an independent that caucuses with the Democrats did something very intelligent. He had his staff read the transcript in a normal voice and after repeated tries all they could come up with was 10 minutes but the actual phone call was 30 minutes long. Where are the other 20 minutes?

The performance today in the white house by this president was appalling. His use of profanity and his dismissiveness with reporters is tarnishing the office of the presidency. This kind of behavior may be okay with his red-headed sycophants but Independence, not so much. Soccer moms, not so much. I think he’s completely Miss judging the situation.

And he shows his ignorance every time he brings up treason. Treason only works if we’re at War and that the person helped the enemy. We’re in a somewhat cold war with the Russian federation so the person closest to having committed treason is actually Trump. But then again this president’s uses people 2 prop himself up. He’s attacked people of color in Congress and Jews in Congress and he knows that his base eats it up because…

China if you’re listening, find the 20 minutes missing from this conversation and you will be rewarded by getting rid of this idiot and his tariffs.


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Screen capture from Newsweek

Five potential articles of impeachment from the Trump-Ukraine call – Slate

I don’t know a prosecutor that would just prosecute on the crimes of the day. Prosecutors will look at everything and do what you’ve heard on TV a lot, throw the book at them. Let’s not forget the 10 counts of obstruction of justice that Mueller laid out for the American people. 10 counts of obstruction of justice must not be forgotten.

As a side note, I hope that Trump does use Rudy Giuliani as his main attorney during the impeachment. Look I’m like everybody else, I like must see TV.


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Facebook bans ads from The Epoch Times after huge pro-Trump buy – NBC News

You gotta love Facebook, they always stop taking advertising from people that spend millions of dollars with them the people have spent millions of dollars with them. Once again a creepy organization lead by conspiracy theorist and a cult block ads on Facebook…

Sound familiar, it should. It’s 2016 all over again. Russians bought ads on Facebook paid in the Russian currency and then it took years for Facebook to disavow any knowledge of their actions. Facebook is a corrupt money-hungry organization that is hell-bent on taking over how we pick our leaders and get our news.

During the last season of the CBS show Elementary the villain was the head of in this case a search engine, the biggest search engine in the world, and he used his knowledge to decide who would be committing a crime and he had them assassinated. I know it sounds like science fiction but in fact when the detectives try to bring him down no one would do it because he controlled who information about politicians and what information they got. Sound familiar…

that’s exactly where Zuckerberg has put us with Facebook. And it’s not just us it’s the whole world now that Facebook has 2.5 billion users. for almost 2 years now I have not been a user of Facebook and I’ve got to say it’s like not having a working phone line. It’s not easy. Organizations rely on Facebook for everything including your rsvping for events and for videos from places like CBS that only show videos about Star Trek-Discovery on Facebook! They have their own channel, CBS All Access, yet they use Facebook.

So it does not surprise me that after the fact Facebook decides that they did wrong and stop taking ads from the Epoch Times, a right-wing organization run by a cult. You would think they would look into who they take ads from but again they are money hungry.


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The Epoch Times has spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than anyone other than the Trump campaign itself in the last six months

Chelsea Stahl / NBC News; Getty Images

Not Even ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ From NRA—Just Boasts About Its Legislative Wins – The Daily Beast

First we declared Al Qaeda a terrorist organization. Then we declared the Taliban a terrorist organization and later we declared Isis a terrorist organization. And if you want to add to the rhetoric our current president also calls Iran a terrorist organization.

isn’t it about time that we declare the national rifle association a terrorist organization. It is by all counts why there are so many guns in our country. It is why we have 1300 people dead from mass shootings this year. It’s why we have almost 300 mass shootings this year when the next closest country has three!

video games are not the problem and making new ridiculous laws to put people away becausethey are suspected of having mental health issues. It’s a stomach and it starts with the NRA. When the NRA started in the 60s it was a gun safety organization and now it’s a gun distribution and glorification association.

they’re not even giving lip service to thoughts and prayers anymore and instead are just boasting about the fact that they have been able to pass 10 laws recently that have made guns easier to get. Gunman in Dayton, not Toledo, Ohio had 100 magazine rounds on his assault rifle! Are you telling me that hunters need a hundred magazine rounds?

The NRA is a terrorist organization.


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Three NRA board members resign from organization – TheHill

The NRA is a terrorist organization. Therefore it’s for members are terrorists so those who are resigning as far as I’m concerned are nothing but rats jumping off of the sinking NRA ship.

They have sucked every bit of money out of their membership and now they are fleeing like vermin. this was the first time that after a mass shooting Wayne LaPierre did not come out from his crypt to tell us that it’s not time for gun control or common sense gun reform. It’s never time for them because they live off of blood money.

anyone who supports the NRA is a terrorist including the current occupant of the White House who seem to be quite mom about the fact that his rhetoric caused another mass shooting. If it had been a Muslim or person of color he would have been on his Twitter soapbox screaming away but instead he kept quiet.

the sooner the NRA disappears the better this country will be. All I’m sure there will be some other organization that will take its place because there is always somebody out to make another dollar off of the blood of individuals but it’s going to be rebuilding itself from the ground up and hopefully we will have the gumption, as Americans, to finally do what New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the Free World has done; make sure that guns stay out of the hands of people who should not have them.


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Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund – TheHill

I don’t wish harm on anyone. But I hope that the first responders who show up at Rand Paul’s home if it catches on fire have a long discussion as to whether or not there’s enough money in the budget to offset the cost of fighting his fire.first responders came to the World trade Center site without even a moment of hesitation about their well-being. And yet this supposed doctor doesn’t even want to give them the benefit of what they have earned in their service to our country.

Shame on Rand Paul.


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Google removes conversion therapy app from Play Store – The Verge

Honestly when I saw the report yesterday that Google had not removed this hateful app from its ecosystem I was very very disappointed. I thought that Google’s motto was Do no harm. I went to the Google play Store and reported the app for the many violations that it commits. It turns out Google did listen to the lgbtqi community and did the right thing. At the end of the day hatred of others it’s not something that as humans we should strive for. Instead being welcoming to everyone is how humanity will prosper.

I find it so ironic that when one of these anti-gay individuals finds out that they have a son or daughter that is gay there way of looking at things turn around. you would think that these people that espoused religious beliefs would understand that we are all God’s children. so thank you Google for doing the right thing, albeit a little late.


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Democrats want answers from DeVos over handling of Education inspector general – CNNPolitics

This is what happens when an incompetent person buys their way into an important and vital Department. I truly believe that the Republicans want to dumb down the general population. They have cut school funding as if it’s more fat and yet we need our schools to be stellar. We need to compete with Germany and France and China and what we are doing is a crime to this generation.

I don’t know about you but I remember how I went to school and the the bands that were placed on me regarding learning an instrument, a language, broadening my scope of education. Is civics even taught in school anymore? My Lord I was in Texas and I had a full year of Texas history in 6th grade. this is criminal and the Republicans are the criminals.

So Betsy DeVos is faced with having to return money ordered by court because for-profit schools were overcharging students. She tried everything not to return this money which was rightfully the students. She needs to go but so does Trump.


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Under duress and forced Betsy DeVos finally returns the money taken from the students. Screenshot from CNN politics.