Mueller probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration: ABC News EXCLUSIVE

Follow the money, that’s the Mantra of prosecutors when they’re looking at Rico cases. Well when you have the Trump crime family in the white house we have a giant RICO case.

26 million dollars of the Inaugural Committee funds went to the first ladies friend who then became a member of her staff. Money came from Saudi Arabia who wants to become a nuclear power. Money came from all different sources including Russia to the inaugural and where did the money go?

Speaking of the money where did all the money go that was paid to Michael Cohen? Why would he need to take a second mortgage on his in-laws house when he had all this money coming in? It’s a big mystery.

Never mind, it’s not a mystery they are Crooks.


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Hillary Clinton: ‘Don’t let a friend vote Trump’ – The Washington Post

Donald Trump fears being boring. Being boring is exactly what Donald Trump is trying to put over the American people. Hillary Clinton is so correct in saying this is not Donald Trump the old one will come rushing back at you. So her play not to let a friend vote for Trump Rings loudly with me. Temperament is not some fine I think we can measure. It’s something we see in other people. And I hope the American people see that Donald Trump does not even remotely have the temperament to be president of the United States. Do you really think that when he has some disagreement with a foreign leader he will go to his script or will he start tweeting away like he does right now. The man is scary and he should be nowhere near the White House or the nuclear codes.

His economic plan that he announced today is a disastrous one for our nation. It would give people like him a 1.7 Million Dollar on average tax cut. We cannot afford tax cuts for the rich. Look what happened to Kansas. The rich need to pay their fair share and unlike other countries there’s only one America. Where are these people going to flee to? There’s only one America and let’s keep it that way.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks after touring 3 Daughters Brewery, in St. Petersburg, Fla., Monday, Aug. 8, 2016.(Andrew Harnik/Associated Press)

Hey Democrats, Marco Rubio is your friend: Rubio’s bid to keep his delegates guarantees a ruinous GOP convention –

Really, Marco Rubio the democrat’s friend? Marco Rubio has one friend and that’s Marco Rubio. He is running for vice president and knows that he can broker his delegates and to that nomination. It’ll be interesting to see how after the circular firing squad that this primary has been if one of the nominees pick him his vice president. I doubt it.


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