Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld exploring primary challenge against Trump – POLITICO

Historically Presidents that are challenged is a primary do not fare well.

What you up to this news is making my day. If Trump has to defend against the Republican it means that you’ll have to the Bates the shaman and spend lots of money to make sure he gets the nomination.

Thank you Bill Weld, you are a true Patriot.


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At the Libertarian Party’s 2016 convention, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he was a “Libertarian for life.” | Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook is a ‘living, breathing crime scene,’ says one former tech insider – NBC News

My friends, family and my regular readers know I’m no conspiracy theorist. But a conspiracy theorist works on evidence that is at best sketchy. Here we are in 2018 knowing that Facebook took ads against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign and was paid for these ads in Rubles. Rubles are the Russian currency and because of sanctions against Russia for its meddling and annexation of Crimea there are major restrictions about the use of that currency. Not being said I can understand how Facebook can look at us straight in the eyes and claim they had no idea this was from Russia.

Yes, Facebook is an active and living crime scene. I believe that it’s current PR campaign claiming that it plans to reduce the number of paid ads and increase the number of postings from friends and family is just a knee-jerk reaction to what they knew was going to be coming out in the media. This information is damning and we as Facebook, and former Facebook users, need to speak out to our Representatives about this. Yes Facebook has a quarter of the world’s population and its ecology but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be brought down.


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Dozens Of Former Federal Prosecutors Sign Open Letter Criticizing James Comey – Huffington Post

The FBI director has an agenda. Even in his so-called report exonerating Secretary Clinton he went on to criticize her 4 things which your normal routine happenings in the state department at the time. I know that the FBI director has a 10-year term but I hope that this will force this man to resign. He has darkened the FBI badge with his dishonor.


Former Models for Donald Trump’s Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules and Worked Illegally – Mother Jones

He may called the most honest Hillary Clinton crooked Hillary but Donald Trump is a crook. Not only did he have young girls, as young as 14, work illegally but what he did to them is unconscionable. He charged them $1,600 a month for a bunk shared in a room with 4 other girls. At the time the average furnished studio apartment in that part of Manhattan when for $1345 a month! One young lady who worked for him for two years and did some major fashion spreads and it up only earning the total of $8,000 after he took all his fees. Modeling agencies are in the business to make money but not to steal money from young and inexperienced girls. This is just one more Brick in the Wall that tells me that Donald Trump is a crook. Don the con.


Ex-Trump manager Corey Lewandowski begins CNN career by deflecting direct question – Chicago Tribune

CNN are a bunch of idiots. They hire a so-called political commentator who has signed and non disparaging agreement with Donald Trump. What kind of political commentator could it be other than being a hack for Donald Trump.
I will no longer be watching CNN.