George Conway Joins Others in Calling for Michael Bloomberg to Buy Fox News – Newsweek

I’m Jewish but I love watching Christmas movies. So maybe this is just a Christmas wish but if Michael Bloomberg buys Fox News that would be a miracle.

I have misgivings about his candidacy for president. He’s everything that’s those Trump voters hate. Plus the giant elephant in the room is that he’s Jewish. I still remember those white supremacist marching in Charlottesville saying “Jews will not replace us.” Since proud boys and white Arians are told not to masturbate they also don’t understand math. Choose makeup at best 1.7% of the American population. It’s going to be hard to replace everyone with just seven billion people. This hatred of Jews is so deep-seated that I worry. Look, I thought that I having a African American president would be impossible and yet we had Barack Obama. but the African-American population of the United States compromises between 22 and 27% of the population and they can go out and vote. despite what the Republicans will tell you about voting we can vote more than once. So yes I worry about a Bloomberg candidacy.

But if he buys Fox News I’m in.


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Eric Holder would be the right choice for the Democrats and for America

If there was only one piece of bad news that we got from Tuesday’s elections it was that the African American vote was suppressed. They didn’t have a reason to come out to vote and they did not. We need to have candidates that will spark their Joy.

If there’s ever been a boy scout in American politics is Eric Holder. Has the attorney general for President Obama he oversaw the Department of Justice that actually did Justice. We saw rights being bestowed upon people that have been forgotten, the trans community, native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, people of all religions and foremost the American people.

since leaving his job at the Department of Justice he’s been spearheading a drive to end gerrymandering in the US. He and President Obama have been working diligently to turn back the tide on gerrymandering even if it means the Democrats may lose some seats. Unless are congressional districts are drawn fairly people will loose faith in our system of government.

I hope it Atourney General holder does run because he is exactly the kind of man we need to heal our country.


Pompeo should quit and run for Senate or do his job at State – The Kansas City Star

I guess the thing one would hope for if one loses one’s job is that the person that replaces you is worse. Well Secretary of State tillerson got his wish. The new secretary of state Mike Pompeo makes tillerson look like an angel. My opinion of television is not very good. He has been raping our planet as the CEO of Exxon Mobil for decades. He’s a good friend of Putin and receive Putin’s highest honor. But Mike Pompeo is on a whole new level of bad.

You can read my post from yesterday for more insight on to how I feel about Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. But his home newspaper in Kansas it’s telling him to quit his job or run for second but not to both. He is spending more time in Kansas than anywhere else in the world. perhaps I need to explain to him that Secretary of State means foreign affairs not domestic ones. Mike Pompeo is a political animal in the extreme. He was a terrible congressman and even worst CIA director and a miserable Secretary of State. I hope this whole Ukraine scandal falls on him as he deserves it so.


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Rudy Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter, heard discussing need for cash and trashing Bidens – NBC News

SNL called giuliani’s weird Associates the two Shreks, but I think the Daily News got it right, they are the most idiotic Three Stooges ever.

And just one thing two help mr. Giuliani and his a lot of practice. There is a setting on smartphones that stop unwanted butt-calls. My Lord, when was the last time you got a butt-call?

If Trump and his henchmen were not so evil they could almost be entertaining.


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Trump’s looking for corruption: start here – Salon

This week on Rachel Maddow she did a piece about how Trump is trying to make the word corruption less powerful. Why would the president of the United States want to do that? You need not look much further than his family and the people he has appointed in his administration.

I just finished watching The Circus on Showtime. Most of it I had heard before but there was one thing that was very telling. during one of his rallies Trump kept screaming out where is Hunter, where is Hunter Biden? The camera then panned to a very very uncomfortable looking Eric Trump. I think he knows that his father is putting a bull’s-eye on his head and that of his siblings who work in Trump org.

Trump promised that he would drain the swamp oh, that’s almost beyond being laughable. I don’t think any science fiction writer could come up with a more Radioactive swamp and the one that Trump has created. Putting someone who sued the EPA hundreds of times as the head of the EPA. Putting the CEO of one of the biggest arms merchants in the US has our secretary of defense. Putting someone from Goldman Sachs as our Treasury secretary. Remember how he used to rail about the speeches that Hillary Clinton had given to Goldman Sachs and now he put Steve mnuchin in charge of our Treasury. Steve mnuchin who took his new wife on an all expenses paid by the taxpayer of course trip to visit fort Knox as if it was his personal gold. Odd choice for a honeymoon but then I’ve never been married.

If the American people don’t see this and vote him out of office then the American people deserve what they get and that’s the swampiest of governments just what Vladimir Putin wanted.


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The swamp also known as the Trump cabinet

Trump calls for Romney’s impeachment – TheHill

As he throws people under the bus from his own party in the end Trump’s Achilles heel will be the polls.

When the Watergate hearings started, Nixon had an approval rating of 47%. Within three months of the first hearing his approval ratings were down to 21% and that’s when the Republicans started jumping ship and he realized that he needed to resign or he would be kicked out of office.

The other thing I don’t understand is Trump claims that he is the great decider. So why did he let Rick Perry, someone he beat out in the primaries for the nomination, convince him to make the call to Ukraine. It makes no sense.

so now he’s thrown Pence under the bus, Rick Perry under the bus, called for Romney’s impeachment, I think that’s what one calls presidential harassment where the president is the one doing harassment.

The cracks are forming already and soon you will see Republicans jumping the ship that is quickly taking on water and sinking very much like the Titanic.

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Trump Is Dangerously Unstable—and It’s Almost Too Late for an Impeachment – Newsweek

The past couple of weeks have been I think the most disturbing ones of the current administration. Between Sharpie gate and the firing of John Bolton or as the president likes a column Michael Bolton, or the fact that the Trump administration stifled the FBI investigating Brett Kavanaugh this all adds up to a breakdown of government. Today Corey Lewandowski thumbed his nose at the house judiciary committee. It’s getting old to play the what if Obama did game. I was just talking to one of my best friends John and we were half laughing about the fact that Sean Spicer appeared in the same outfit that Rick Perry did on Dancing with the Stars. I asked them how come there have been no former Obama administration officials on Dancing with the Stars and he correctly said they don’t need to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the public. I guess if you dance like a fool on Dancing with the Stars you get to become the person in charge of our nuclear Arsenal.

For a man who doesn’t pay his attorneys Trump sure has a bunch of good ones right now. They have done everything possible to Stonewall investigation from Congress. I am tired of hearing pundits on television complaining about the Democrats and how slow they’ve been on the impeachment front. I know time has lost its meaning chewing this Trump era but let’s not forget that the Democrats have had control of the house only 8 months ! You listen to these people and makes it sound that the Democrats have been around with the subpoena power forever. 9 months ago the head of judiciary committee wasn’t Republican and the head of the intelligence committee who is now suing a fictitious cow, Devin Nunez was the head of the intelligence committee. Let’s not forget that time seems to have lost its way during the Trump era.

Yes he’s dangerous and yes I think the American people know it and I truly believe that they will come out and vote I’m out of office. Whether or not he leaves office it’s something and I fear keeps me up at night, he seems to have the military in his back pocket like most dictators and how he has the justice department and the judges and slowly like a creeping virus he’s been able to embed himself, with the help of Moscow Mitch, into the fabric of our government in a way no other president has been able to do.

I fear for our democracy.

I fear for our country.


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Trump’s Use of Pentagon Money for Border Wall Threatens Defense – Bloomberg

I am a firm believer in a non-dystopian future. Maybe that’s because I was raised on the likes of Star Trek. My parents always had a glass-half-full attitude about life and the future. I inherited that and for that I cannot be any more grateful to them. I say this because I am of the belief that sometime, and not too distant future, maybe 5 to 10 years from now, we will find out why Trump, and the Republican party fail under the grips of the Russians. On paper it makes absolutely no sense. Well Trump is a grifter so he’ll follow the money but the GOP? They have abandoned America first for this strange mish-mosh of fake nationalism coupled with oligarch threads running through them. Case in point they give a giant tax cut to the rich and leave the poor in our nation wanting for even more. Cutting back food stamps is there first step in cutting back on the deficit that they grew because of the tax cut to the rich. They will go after Medicare, medical or Medicaid depending on where you are and of course the Affordable Care act. Why does a party that is in theory voted in by people so anti people? I think the answer to that conundrum will come.

watching Trump divert billions of dollars from our military including construction at West Point, training AR military on use of advanced missile technology, Building bases throughout the world so that we can maintain a balance against Russia and China all seems to be the opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for and yet here we are.


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A clear and present danger to the defense budget.

Photographer: Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Trump says he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor for valor during war – POLITICO

Quick question to my readers. Do you know anyone who has gotten the medal of valor from the United States of America for draft dodging before?

My mom and dad lost a child before I was born and I was very precious to them. My time to serve our country in Vietnam came and although they would have dreaded seeing me go they would have let me go to Vietnam because that was what Americans do. My draft number was very high up and I was never called that’s completely different from what happened during Trump’s time to serve our country.

His father is a racist to come to a doctor that said he had a bone spur. We have never seen any evidence of this being true. He is a draft Dodger, end of discussion.

The medal of Honor is given to those who have served our country and to joke about it and tell people who are getting their medal how he should have given himself one is so disrespectful that every veteran even those who voted for Trump should be screaming blasphemy.


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