Fudge endorses Pelosi for speaker, dropping potential challenge – POLITICO

Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most effective people in the Democratic party. She was a great Speaker of the House.

I don’t want to say that people are sexist all the time but it seems that women get a bad rap compared to men. And that’s not fair. Perhaps it’s the vestige of the male ego worrying that they will no longer be in power. I think it’s the same mentality that put Trump into the White House where white people thought that people of color were taking over to their country. That doesn’t negate the fact, she work for it and deserves it and has earned it.


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Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had promised her an opportunity to work to protect voting rights. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

WIRED Endorses Optimism – WIRED

God I’m happy I have a subscription to WIRED. 

That being said, it’s amazing how the scientific Community is rallying for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. We need to step into the 21st century with gusto. And not go back to 19th century thinking. Yesterday Donald Trump praised the Industrial Revolution and forgot to mention the fact that it was a time of hardship for those who endure it. Wired Magazine has never endorsed a candidate before for president and yet they are endorsing Hillary because she is our future.

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Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton – POLITICO

Better late than never. With the Republican convention starting next week it was due time for Senator Sanders to endorse Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now let’s see how much he goes out on the campaign Trail for her. We need a really strong front to the Feats Donald Trump. I know what the polls are showing but it’s not going to be a cakewalk.



George HW Bush’s Nat’l Security Adviser Endorses Hillary Clinton

When I hear Brent Scowcroft name I don’t usually think very positively about it. He’s a republican who had been always very partisan. And for him to endorse Hillary is quite a coup for the Clinton campaign. This is indicative of the stresses in the Republican party’s infrastructure. I think we’re going to see a lot more cracks showing as we get closer to November.


Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow

” I am ready to endorse the person who’s the next president of the United States to the White House, Hillary Clinton” were the first words out of Elizabeth Warren on Rachel show tonight. She said a sentiment that I have said a million times, that Donald Trump can never be near the White House.
In the worst kept secret being revealed on the same day that a very well kept secret came out.  first President Obama releases a video tape endorsing Hillary Clinton comment then Joe Biden endorses Hillary Clinton and now Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party is United behind Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton after the Washington DC primary next Tuesday. At that point the the Democratic party will be United to defeat Donald Trump.
Now let’s look at the Republicans. There is a new term floating around SINO, or Supporters in name only.  That does not bode well for the GOP in November.
Wow, the Donald is having a BAD 5 weeks.


Auto workers union endorses Clinton | TheHill

The UAW whose members had their jobs saved by President Obama’s stimulus bill have no endorses Hillary Clinton. Dennis Williams, the president of the United Auto Workers, endorses Hillary Clinton today on Hardball with Chris Matthews. This is Major because they have a million organized workers and former workers who will go out and campaign heavily for Hillary Clinton. These are people that are not afraid to knock on doors and call until your candidate wins the White House. Congratulations secretary Clinton a well-deserved endorsement.


Donald Trump Tells NRA Hillary Clinton Wants to Let Violent Criminals Go Free – NYTIMES

In a speech full of lies, something we need to expect in the next five and a half months from Trump, he slams Hillary for her stance on gun control. He says that she is looking to overturn the Second Amendment. That is a bold face lie. But his line works for him as he got the endorsement of the NRA. But let’s be real here they endorsed McCain and Romney and their endorsements did very little


Sarah Palin will work to defeat Paul Ryan in primary for Donald Trump stance – CNNPolitics.com

I wonder if Donald Trump is using Sarah Palin to send a warning shot across Paul Ryan’s bow on today’s State of the Union? Or is Sarah Palin the Loose Cannon that we know her to be? In either case knowing Paul Ryan this is not going to make him happy. She said that she plans to work on defeating Paul Ryan and his upcoming August primary. I don’t think that she has the power to do so but Donald Trump may be able to do it if he puts his mind to it. She said she would Eric Cantor Paul Ryan. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Trump campaign response to this and if they endorse it. This is the most interesting election I’ve ever been alive for. The Republicans made their bed and now they got to sleep in that pigsty.

Screenshot from CNN's State of the Union