‘Ashamed’ of Trump, Harvard Republican Club won’t endorse top GOP nominee for first time since 1888 – The Washington Post

From the picture in the Washington Post it looks like even potential Harvard students don’t like Trump. It must be really really difficult if you’re a republican especially our young one to have to turn your back on your party’s nominee. I’ve said this before but when I was in college in 1972 I supported George McGovern. I don’t know what I would have done if let’s say Barry Goldwater had been nominated by the Democrats. So I applaud the Harvard Republican Club and its members for their courageous stance. Love must always Trump hate and our nation. We’ve heard a lot about all right and the last two weeks but let’s call them what they are white supremacist.



I’m not sure who’s more uncomfortable in this picture. Donald Trump who looks like he’s never held up a child or the kids hoping they’re not going to be deported.

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton – NYT

Sure Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire, the owner of a large media Empire, someone who ran has a Republican and then an independent for public office. Most importantly Michael Bloomberg is used by moderates as a man of the people. Remember he’s the guy who wanted to ban the sugary super-sized obesity creating sodas at fast food joints. He cares and he cares a lot and this is unprecedented. It’s very rare that a party will give someone from outside the party uprimetime speaking slot. Wednesday is the same day that Vice President Biden and President Obama will be speaking. This is how much the Hillary Clinton campaign understands how important his endorsement is. I believe that Independence will also understand how important his endorsement of Hillary Clinton is.



Cruz gets booed after he declines to endorse Trump during convention speech – POLITICO

I love how Republicans hold a grudge. I knew that Trump repeatedly calling him lying Ted Cruz was going to eventually cost Trump something. And today it was GOP party Unity. What an embarrassment. This is from the convention. From said this over and over again. So he gives Ted Cruz a prime-time speaking slot and Cruz insults him by not endorsing him. Shakespeare would be proud.



Paul Ryan not ready to endorse Donald Trump -CNN

Paul Ryan, a media whore, is making sure to milk the most press coverage out of this kabuki dance that he is doing with Donald Trump. I have no doubt that Paul Ryan will eventually endorse Trump. Paul Ryan is also looking at his future. He wants to run in 2020 if Trump loses. And he does not want to be looked upon as one of the architects of what could be a Monumental failure with Trump as the head of the Republican ticket. Paul Ryan is being a politician and that’s what he excels at and that’s about it.