Email snafu reveals White House outreach to Obama and Clinton alumni – POLITICO

First we have a President who doesn’t want to use security protocols on his phones and refuses to tweet on anything that has any kind of security on it. He says it’s too inconvenient.

And now the irony of ironies, White House emails coming out. An email scandal involving Trump? Oh you must mean Hillary Clinton? Know it is Trump, and Karma is truly something else.


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When it comes to selling President Donald Trump’s Iran strategy and other foreign policy initiatives, the White House has been blasting out its talking points to an uncharacteristically inclusive list of foreign policy heavyweights. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements – NBC News

The irony of emails being an issue for this president cannot be overstated. He literally started a cottage industry railing about Hillary Clinton and her emails. Now we see that this president has been doing things with emails through other people for years. Yes he thought he was immune from email issues as he doesn’t use email. I wonder if is it because he doesn’t know how. In any case here we are with emails being at the center of a scandal. But not just any scandal. A scandal about a man having an affair with a adult film star shortly after his wife gave birth to their first child. Beyond that this is just a single instance in a stream of what seems to be Affair after affair. The Republicans truly are the party of family values.


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Screenshot from MSNBC of emails in question

Rachel Maddow explains what it took for Hillary Clinton to be in compliance with State Department email rules

Along with the news that I’m sure you’ve already heard saying that Hillary Clinton did not meet the requirements for email storage after she left office there is something that Rachel Maddow points out.
Here is how it works.
For every email that the Secretary of State since she was to print it and put it in a box. For every email that the Secretary of State received she was supposed to print it and put it in a box. As you can imagine this creates a lot of paper. In this photo Rachel shows the paper produced in 3 days of emails that were received and sent by her. And she is not the Secretary of State.


If you were asked to do this at your job you would say no. And you did not have to travel to  157 countries over the course of 4 years, unless John Kerry is reading this. The state department admits that it’s system is Antiquated and has actually produced 3000 boxes of unfiled emails to and from the various Secretary of States since 1997. Now I understand that these emails are not in any way sorted. There is no index and there’s no way to search through them. The state department says that by the end of this year they will have an off-the-shelf product that will back up the emails. But until that happens this weird system which only Rachel Maddow had the journalistic Integrity to report is what has caused all these issues for Hillary Clinton. They are fabricated issues and I hope more journalists take Rachel’s lead and tells the story The Way It Is.
A lot of people on television and in opinion pieces have said that Hillary Clinton has taken a blase attitude about this email situation. If I were in her shoes I would be so tired of this stupid rule of her having to print out every email she received and sent out I would to be rolling my eyes the way she does.

Hillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy. It won’t matter. Washington Post

Secretaries of State Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, to name a few, all have had personal email servers in their homes. It was standard practice until someone heard that Hillary Clinton did it and all the sudden it became a major crime. Even our current Secretary of Defense admitted last month that he had a email server at home and because of the brouhaha over Hillary Clinton’s servers he took his out. Witch hunts are witch hunts.