CDC director resigns over financial conflicts including stock in tobacco, beer and soda companies – LA Times

Until 9/11 I worked for the TRUTH campaign which was the and is the teen anti-tobacco campaign for the United States. The CDC was our partner in making sure that young people did not start down the path of smoking cigarettes. It seems that 45 does not vet his appointees very well. Can you imagine what an uproar it would have been if the head of the CDC under President Obama had even thought of buying stocks and tobacco companies and the like. Did 45 and his minions not think that owning stock in tobacco, alcoholic beverages and soda companies would not be a conflict of interest for the head of the CDC? Well this is the same white house that has an eco-terrorist as the head of the EPA. I read today that this White House wants to reduce government spending on renewable energy resources by 72%.

These infractions that would have been a scandal in any other era are just a blip on the radar for this White House and America is suffering for it.


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Another appointee gone, from this junkheap we call a White House

Trump’s national field director quits amid major staff changes – The Washington Post

Donald J Trump is tasting what happens when you don’t do your homework. He hired a bunch of rank amateurs to run a national campaign. For somebody who claims he’s a winner he certainly has not done a good job of showing it so far. Tricky Trump is losing to lying Ted Cruz and he hates it. So events that started about three weeks ago when Corey Lewandowski assaulted a reporter has come to this. Ted Cruz has had Trump in the crosshairs at all of the state conventions and has taken away what trunk considered wins and turned them into defeats.