Why does Trump’s hurricane map look different than others? – NBC News

If it were a different less hateful man, perhaps I could feel sorry for Donald Trump. He has put his foot in his mouth so much that the trending hashtag on Twitter is #TrumpGibberish.

It doesn’t seem that things that come naturally to all of us come naturally to Donald Trump. His inability to apologize or admit that he’s ever been wrong is rather Shakespearean. So now he pulls out a map that is obviously been doctored and does not match any other map from the multitude of hurricane simulations and projected paths. He made it up because he did not want to look stupid. now that he’s doubling down on it, I’m sure that Fox News is going to say that everything we heard from him last week and was in our heads. I hope it stays in our heads so that when we go out to vote in November of 2020 we get this Menace out of the White House.


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Trump and Clinton and their very different responses to the Orlando shootings – The Washington Post

The Washington Post makes a very good point in this article. Are we looking for a president who is bombastic or who will comfort us showing during times of crisis.
Jumping back into politics when the names of those who have died has not yet been released is heartless on the part of Donald Trump. I do not believe that the United States citizenry wants someone who doesn’t even think about those who have died and their families and those who have been wounded and their families and instead after one tweet jump right back into the campaign mode. Hillary by contrast spoke about the victims, the LGBT community and the need for sensible gun control. It’s now up to the media  to contrast between the two people and their  way of looking at world.

Found this poster of trump on A Street in downtown Los Angeles and it says it all

For Clinton, the general election is about married women. Starting in swing-state Virginia. Washington Post

This is an interesting demographic to go and try to recruit to Hillary’s campaign. They are engaged, they vote, and they care about the future for their children and Families. Donald Trump does not make you feel good about the future. His inconsistent policies and his complete lack of knowledge of how the world works is very obvious to those who are well educated. For example he thinks that if we want a more stable world we need a strong ambassador to the UN. That would be interesting except the UN has absolutely no power. Unless Donald Trump wants the US to cede its power to the general counsel something that would not be a good idea. Being a good businessman and being a good president have different skill sets. Now first of all I am not saying that Donald Trump is a good businessman. He keeps saying that he’s so successful because he has all of these shiny towers named after him. In fact many of those are just license agreements where he doesn’t own the buildings at all. Secondly the way one interacts and government and with foreign governments is completely different than the way one interacts in business. I think that we are going to turn red States blue all over the map in November. Hillary Clinton is going to be the 45th president of the United States if nothing drastic changes between now and November.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton meets staff and volunteers at her campaign field office in downtown Oakland, Calif., on Friday.(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)