Did Trump Bribe Ukraine to Stop Cooperating With Mueller? – New York Magazine

I honestly believe that this white house does not understand that there is an internet, or even if they’re understanding of how information is processed in our Modern Age. Leaking dubious questions about the investigation by the special counsel from the White House is making George Washington spin in his grave. His White House is corrupt to the core. It corrupts everything it touches that’s why we see all of these cabinet secretaries leave in a walk of shame.

Robert Mueller investigation has been watertight. Why would he or his people leaked the questions they’re going to be asking the president? There’s nothing to gain on their part and why would they break such a tight seal that they’ve had on this investigation from the beginning.

Now you add this new allegation that the white house sold anti aircraft missiles to Ukraine to stop them from cooperating with the special counsel. Again do they not realize that there is an internet and that all transactions are recorded and we will see this eventually? I am so tired of the daily barrage of scandals coming out of this White House. I so wish to go back to the days of President Obama where we had a government that work for the people and not for themselves.

And just one more thing, he wrote his own letter regarding his health during the election. He made Hillary Clinton’s health and issue while he was lying about his own.

How low can he go? I don’t want to find out.


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It seems that every other word that comes out of this mouth is a lie.

Did Donald Trump Jr. Admit to Violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? – Lawfare

In my humble opinion Donald jr. is in violation of many laws governing elections, meeting with foreign or should I say Russian dignitaries, lying to Congress, and so these new allegations are not surprising and I believe he has done them.


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The proverbial apple does not fall far from the proverbial tree, in this case I think he chopped it down and lied about it.

Did Mitch McConnell miscalculate by blocking Supreme Court nominee? – Omaha.com

This is a great opinion piece but is also a good piece of journalism. Might take away from the piece is that even conservative Republicans are worried that if they do not vote on a nomination they will look like they’re not doing their job to their constituents. And now pressure is mounting on McConnell.

At this point in his life I believe Mitch McConnell thinks he's holding up 3 fingers

Obama says Hillary Clinton emails did not endanger national security

This story was covered on the CBS Evening News tonight and I saw President Obama actually say this. That being said it was hard finding any news reports about it. He said this in an interview with Fox News which of course in its reporting on their website accidentally forgot to mention that part of the interview. Calling themselves Fox News is such a misnomer.
I am very proud that President Obama said that the investigation would eventually need to no problems for Hillary Clinton.


Did Donald Trump drop out of presidential race? Watch April Fool’s prank video

It’s actually quite unbelievable to watch this video. Donald Trump calling himself out on all the outrageous and stupid things he has said and done in this campaign. I have to say I have about a 1% better opinion of him because of it.

Photo credit ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live

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