Interior spent $139K on Zinke office doors – POLITICO

Ryan Zinke was the governor of Montana. He was a terrible governor. Ryan Zinke is well-known for having written his horse on the first day he got to work at the Interior Department as its secretary. Ryan Zinke is terrible for the environment. But he seems to like his doors.

This is all happening under a republican Administration. President Obama could not change the knobs in his bathroom without having Congressional approval, okay I’m exaggerating but you get the point. And now we have these ridiculous costs like the 31,000 table chairs and Hutch for our sleeper Secretary of HUD. Or the EPA director who seems to think that he can only fly first class. He says that when he flies coach people are rude to him. Maybe it’s because he’s running the Environmental Protection Agency and while he was something in Oklahoma he sued the EPA over and over again. He vowed that he would destroy the EPA and he’s in charge of the EPA, so yes people are going to be rude to him because we all need to breathe, drink and even eat. I could go on and on and Congress is not saying a word. This Congress is silent to everything that this president has done and I’m talking about both sides.

On a completely different subject I find it unsightly to see Dianne Feinstein sitting next to 45 looking all happy that he’s saying the things she wants to hear. This was the second time he’s done it and the second time he has lied about his intentions. How Does It Go full me once, fool me twice… Democrats be the opposition party that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was! Yes I know you only have 49 volts and it takes 60 and all of that but it doesn’t mean that you have to go and kowtow to this man in the White House. Sorry for my rant.


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“The secretary was not aware of this contract but agrees that this is a lot of money for demo, install, materials, and labor,” Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift said in a statement. | Rick Bowmer/AP Photo

Rachel Maddow explains what it took for Hillary Clinton to be in compliance with State Department email rules

Along with the news that I’m sure you’ve already heard saying that Hillary Clinton did not meet the requirements for email storage after she left office there is something that Rachel Maddow points out.
Here is how it works.
For every email that the Secretary of State since she was to print it and put it in a box. For every email that the Secretary of State received she was supposed to print it and put it in a box. As you can imagine this creates a lot of paper. In this photo Rachel shows the paper produced in 3 days of emails that were received and sent by her. And she is not the Secretary of State.


If you were asked to do this at your job you would say no. And you did not have to travel to  157 countries over the course of 4 years, unless John Kerry is reading this. The state department admits that it’s system is Antiquated and has actually produced 3000 boxes of unfiled emails to and from the various Secretary of States since 1997. Now I understand that these emails are not in any way sorted. There is no index and there’s no way to search through them. The state department says that by the end of this year they will have an off-the-shelf product that will back up the emails. But until that happens this weird system which only Rachel Maddow had the journalistic Integrity to report is what has caused all these issues for Hillary Clinton. They are fabricated issues and I hope more journalists take Rachel’s lead and tells the story The Way It Is.
A lot of people on television and in opinion pieces have said that Hillary Clinton has taken a blase attitude about this email situation. If I were in her shoes I would be so tired of this stupid rule of her having to print out every email she received and sent out I would to be rolling my eyes the way she does.

State Dept. says it has no emails from ex-Clinton staffer – The Washington Post

This information comes from a court filing in a lawsuit that the RNC brought against the state department. It turns out that her age only sent her one email which said happy birthday Madam secretary. She did not reply directly instead asked that a staffer please respond. Of course Republican heads are blowing up everywhere about this.
Enough about the servers and the emails and let’s get on with getting her in the White House.


Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump –

Reportedly during one of his rare waking moments, Ben Carson is going to endorse Donald Trump. This is a Donald Trump that said he was a person with a pathological temper and that was a big problem and called him sleepy and low energy and yet this guy’s coming to crawl back at the Trump alter in Palm Beach Florida. Shame on him. By the way he claims to want to work on the education department in a trump Administration. I guess naps are coming back to school!


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