Poll: More Dems approve of McCain than Republicans after his death – TheHill

When I was a kid I used to read Superman comic books. Once in awhile Superman would end up in Bizarro world. Everything would be backwards. Does that sound familiar to what is happening today?

Senator McCain may be remembered as the last of the bipartisans. I did not agree with him on everything but I knew that he listens and wanted to try to come to some arrangement. The republicans in Congress now have one goal, to feed that insatiable thirst for more money so they can get reelected. Freshman Congressman arriving or told by their party that they need to forget about writing bills and instead they need to worry about running for congress again. The average Congressman spends 6 hours a day calling for donations to the very rich. I may be going out on the tension here but Senator McCain makes me want to get up on top of a hill and scream that we need reform in our politics. First and foremost we need to get big money out of politics, it’s what has created the swamp and it’s turning our whole country into one.


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‘Winter is coming’: Allies fear Trump isn’t prepared for gathering legal storm – The Washington Post

For those of us who watch the Game of Thrones we know what winter is coming means. Although in the White House case it’s not going to be white walkers but it’s going to be Democrats crawling all over this white house and finding out all of those crimes that have been committed during his presidency. Look I’m the first to admit I thought that Trump did not have a chance against Hillary Clinton, and yet here we are. So this blue wave that is supposed to go across the country electing Democrats to the house and set it seems wonderful but until November 7th I won’t be pleased. We need to volunteer, donate to candidates and most importantly make sure we and all our friends go out and vote on November 6th.


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With White House Counsel Donald McGahn’s impending departure, President Trump’s large and ever-changing legal team is thrown into turmoil once again. (Video: Jenny Starrs/Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

2 Weeks After Trump Blocked It, Democrats Release Rebuttal of G.O.P. Memo {and this White House is going to hate it} – The New York Times

I can say in one word what the release of this memo does, vindication.

Unlike the Republican Nunez memo, the Democratic memo lays out a clear case as to why the fisa court had the right and obligation to put a warrant on Carter page.

Carter page likes to make himself look like a bumbling idiot. I think he’s anything but that. He has spoken ill of the United States in Russia since 2013. He has repeatedly said that He is a conduit to Russia. And he had meetings with Russia after the candidate Trump said that he was one of his leading foreign policy advisors. Now, I’m not saying that this guy is a genius. The current occupant of the White House has a penchant on picking terrible people as his advisors. But I know that the Russians saw Carter page as a wonderful source of information for their intelligence services. They have been cultivating him throughout the Last 5 Years and we’re hoping that he would be one of their Prime Assets in the US.

Now that the Democratic memo has been released I can’t wait to hear this White House attack it, unfortunately it’s too well documented and has sources that are incontrovertible.


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Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California, pushed to release a memo from Democrats as a rebuttal to a Republican memo about the Russia investigation.CreditJ. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre accuses Democrats of exploiting Parkland shooting in speech – NBC News

Today the NRA is like a wounded animal. They see the power of the young people and they understand that the tide is turning and turning quickly. They will do anything to keep selling more guns. A lot of people think about the NRA has some sort of an organization of gun owners. In fact it’s the lobbying group for gun manufacturers. An interesting aspect of gun manufacturers is that they are the only, the only, manufacturer that is not liable for defects in the manufacturer of their products. If a gun explodes in your hand you can do anything about it they are protected by the law.

Yesterday Trump said that he would consider raising the age for purchasing an assault weapon, he also said that he would consider making it more difficult to buy one through better checks. He also floated the idea of arming teachers. Today the first three ideas are off the table and now all he wants to do is put more guns in the school. This is not acceptable. Teachers, and we’ve all had them, or not there to kill a student or an assailant there there to teach our kids. It seems that Trump is doing everything to destroy our schools. He put in an in-depth Secretary of Education, he is cut funding for schools and teachers now have to buy the supplies for their students with their own money. Or his Russian overlords demanding that he dumb down the United States.

Never again is the rallying Cry of the students and they will not except this so called compromise. It’s not a compromise it’s a complete surrender to the NRA’s demands. The NRA wants more guns because the NRA represents gun manufacturers and please never forget that.


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Just in case you thought that this was an impromptu session yesterday here are his notes.

And by the way do you think that President Obama had 44 embroided in his sleeve? Photo credits screenshot from Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC

House panel backs release of Democrats’ memo on FBI – POLITICO

I vote that the new hashtag should be #ReleaseTheTruth.

I don’t have numbers to back this up but I’m sure if you had asked Republicans after 911 if they trusted the FBI they would resoundly say yes at least 90% would say yes. In the latest poll only 39% of Republicans trust the FBI. That is the damage that this president has done to our country in the last 2 years. He has sown the mistrust throughout the government and has put unqualified individuals into positions of power and influence. You’ll be remembered, but he’ll be remembered like no other president has been in the past, a dark stain on the American historical line. The only Silver Lining, is that he has not influenced the Millennials and they are Our Hope For America to return to what it was before 45.


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The Democratic memo is expected to remain secret while Trump reviews it, but its lead author, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), has said it will provide a point-by-point rebuttal to the Republican version | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump reaches out to African Americans, says Democrats take black vote for granted – Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump reaches out to African-Americans 30 miles away from where African Americans live. He spoke to a mostly white audience and was so condescending that it was insulting. He said that African-American communities are suffering because there’s not enough police in them. I don’t think that’s the message that the African-American Community was looking for. With his poll numbers add 0% in most African American communities Donald Trump’s attempt at reaching out was really a way of cementing his wight little educated voters in his camp.

Comparing his records with African Americans two Hillary Clinton’s would be laughable. Hillary Clinton has worked with in the African American community since the time she got out of Law School. Her support of cross the community is because she never took them for granted. His words are insulting



Democrats approved platform draft with Sanders’ imprint – The Washington Post

I like the direction that the platform is taking. It’s a great compromise between Hillary workable Solutions and Bernie’s Pie in the Sky. This does not bind the nominee but it’s a guidepost for their policies.
I hope this is a step closer to the unity that the Democratic party must show in November to defeat Trump.


Senate Democrats end marathon filibuster, saying Republicans agree to gun control vote – The Washington Post

Taking a vote and agreed to vote for gun control are two completely different things. But let’s be hopeful that in the wake of the Orlando Massacre we will have a United voice and then the stupid gun laws. It makes sense that if someone is on the do not fly list they should also be on the No gun list. But then I’m using logic and that doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of the Republican Party.
As Senator Murphy of Connecticut has repeatedly said “We will no longer pray in silence and this time we’re going to act with our voices.”


Bernie Sanders had a plan for today. Democrats had another. – WashPost

Great reporting by The Washington Post. A behind the scenes of how today’s events unfolded. President Obama called Bernie Sanders on Sunday night and told him that he planned to endorse Hillary today. Senator Sanders asked that the President wait until after their meeting at the White House today. President Obama kept his word and a few minutes after Senator Sanders left the White House the video endorsement was released. The whole day was orchestrated as a show of Unity by the Democrats behind Hillary Clinton. With a couple of bumps along the road from Bernie Sanders we pretty much gave that show to the world. Bernie Sanders wants the chairmanship of the finance committee of the Senate. He knows he has to play ball with the Democrats and make sure that Hillary gets elected or those dreams go down the drain.
Donald Trump is not going to be easy adversary. He is coming and he cheats and he’s willing to say almost anything for power. So what we see today is a week and Donald Trump who although bloodied is certainly not out of the race. He’s going to get money from all over the corporate Republican universe and mount a fierce campaign against Hillary. Here in California, where Hillary is basically a shoo-in, commercials have already started trying to change her. Now it’s time for the media to do their job and make sure that the truth goes out and they don’t follow him like some lost puppy.


Hillary Clinton Is In, Bernie Sanders May Exit, and Democrats Seek Unity – NYTimes.com

It should in actuality say in the headline “Bernie Sanders should exit the race”. I believe that Bernie Sanders is a patriot. I don’t think he would have gone through the gruel of running for president if you were not. And as a patriot he understands the enormity of having Donald Trump as our president and what it would do to take our country backwards. Let’s hope that he listens to his inner angels and especially tomorrow to President Obama who I’m sure will urge him to pull out of the race and throw his support wholeheartedly towards Hillary Clinton. It’s not easy losing a campaign. Hell I ran for neighborhood Council and the whole election process was 2 months long and I was disappointed when I lost. But I didn’t ask for a recall, I just took the loss and thought about all the wonderful people that I had met during the campaign.
How many people in their sixties can say they stood in front of thousands and thousands of adoring young people yelling out their name. Bernie Sanders can say this and he should say it with his head held up high. So I hope that he will do the right thing and tomorrow after meeting with President Obama we’ll announce that he is suspending his campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Hillary Clinton, the winner of four states in Tuesday’s voting contests, addressed supporters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.