Democrats expand battleground, target 101 GOP seats – NBC News

I consider myself a pragmatist. So 271 days before elections are to happen is not a place that I’d like to make predictions about. That being said I believe that the mood of the country is energized and looking to get back to some form of normality. This President and especially this party has gone bankrupt. What is happened to the party of Law & Order? We’ve been attacked in the most important part of our democracy, our elections, and the Republicans say and do nothing. This is very short-term because what’s happening with the Republicans today can easily happen with them regrets and some other election.

I have one more question for this Administration. Why have you not put into place the sanctions that voted on by over 500 members of Congress and signed by you ? Russia has a strange grip and control over this presidency and it is time for us in the resistance to go and make sure that everyone we know and every part of the country votes and votes the way they believe. I’m not telling people to vote one way or the other I’m just telling him to go out and vote because having only half of the population making these important decisions is not the way for the democracy to thrive.

I hope that the Democrats can reach this lofty goal and that the Senate goes into play because without the legislative branch behind the resistance we have lost.


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